Did I “Betray” Trump for Vivek Ramaswamy?!

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It’s MLK day, so let’s check in on how black America is doing. Plus, Trump goes after Vivek. And, a woman films herself being fired …

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  1. @CandaceOwensPodcast Avatar

    00:00 – Start
    01:01 – Happy MLK Day! Let’s check in on black America
    11:11 – Trump vs Vivek
    25:33 – Woman trauma dumps by filming herself getting fired
    31:04 – I read comments on Vivek and the Jewish tunnels in NYC

  2. @serenadarling4100 Avatar

    Ok, but can we all be real for just a second? Trump is almost 80 years old. There needs to be age limits at this point. It's been disheartening to watch most of our representatives deteriorate before our eyes. McConnell looked like he was having a stroke, Pelosi can barely make decisions, Biden doesn't even know what planet he's on….they should be in a nursing home, not running a country to the ground

  3. @bocrillz2488 Avatar

    Maybe… Maybe no, Either way no one's going to forget it.

  4. @robertjames5168 Avatar

    Nothing is sacred anymore!!

  5. @rushmull9702 Avatar

    They on same team,the winning team,her team ,my team ,AMEN

  6. @user-db6el7eb9p Avatar

    I would rather see you campaigning than Vivek

  7. @christarose6501 Avatar

    There is entitlement in every community

  8. @gregjohnson43 Avatar

    I really hope you get into politics. Vice President Owens?

  9. @gaileychambers8976 Avatar

    Thank you for your hard work Candace… 💜 💓 Trump 2024

  10. @Toni-id2pv Avatar

    And when we were doing good our cities were Bombmed and The drugs thrown in our Neighborhoods from the government

  11. @lorenamatus7953 Avatar

    Your awesome Candace. For many years I stopped watching TV for the reason I did not like what I was seeing on it. Same I was not into social media until recently. I ran into clips of you ,I was intrigued, now I'm hooked! I love that you are a strong intelligent woman thank you for a voice that needs to be represented.

  12. @trmn348 Avatar

    Love your work TKS

  13. @scottpugh9868 Avatar

    Sounds like she is only upset because she recognizes that Black's votes and interests are being reduced by the influx of mass immigration, instead of caring about the health of the country as a whole, and not whether it suits their color or not. It is true, one only care what they care about. Jonah did not care about his enemies in Nineveh of his country's future enemy, and so refused to teach and call them to repentance. Why? Because God would forgive them if they repent. And Jonah did not want them to repent, but be destroyed. So. It depends what's important to you…. Jonah's was his will or God's. What's ours? Just our color or the whole nation. She sounds like it's still only about black lives, and none other lives matter. However, she may eventually head that way to enlightenment.

  14. @WhitieWin Avatar

    Of course not. Candice is a real Lioness

  15. @josephhurst1117 Avatar

    Vivek is the governments version of trump. Hes a plant.

  16. @JohnWarner-jz1jx Avatar

    Vivek has no inner fortitude ,no personality.

  17. @ErnieWalton-ol5do Avatar

    The U.S. Supreme Court determined what a Natural-Born Citizen is in Venus and later again in Shanks v Dupont. In Minor v Happersett this court said unanimously that a "Natural-Born Citizen" is one born in the United States to Parents who are both U.S. Citizens themselves.love you but Vivek is not a natural born citizen required by the constitution to be potus or vp.

  18. @rachelorick2212 Avatar

    Its fine Viveck ended up licking Trumps boots, guess we will find out if hes a OPP…

  19. @stephcallaghan9490 Avatar

    Vivek needs to run WITH Trump and run next time, he's too unknown to jump in. He could be an attempt at the left to create division and split vote – anythings possible

  20. @cessiaclemons4209 Avatar

    that'd be a good turned out if all those illegal immigrants will see that DJT is out for the country and vote for him. Don't let Briben use them now for a vote

  21. @mistydawn7624 Avatar

    If that's the case, then how come there are videos out where Vivek is saying the exact same words that Obama used, the exact same speech, "who the heck is this skinny guy with a funny last name" and "if you have a broken car you don't turn over your keys to the same people that broke it again", and many more.
    It reminds me of the video showing the main stream media using the same script, for every news outlet. He sounds like a puppet reading the same debate speech written by the same people that wrote Obama's debate speech….. like a slap in the face and a "let's see if anyone recognizes the reheated speech" instead of doing his own thing.

  22. @iambaizo Avatar

    Being black in america nowdays means u can absolutely do anything without face any consequences bcoz people of be called what is so called racist so sad

  23. @gabzfouche5152 Avatar

    Systemic war on families

  24. @tracywynn7319 Avatar

    So disregard previous comment. Perhaps we can get 4 more of Trump than 8 of Vivek. Wouldn’t that drive libs crazy. I can hear the screams now

  25. @tracywynn7319 Avatar

    Since Trump will probably be the nominee (looks like they got the two man race they wanted) will you vote a Trump/Ramaswamy ticket? I was planning to vote for Vivak, but since that’s not an option I’m hoping he’ll be VP

  26. @katha3704 Avatar

    I am scared to see Vivek go into the White House and being blackmailed into doing god knows whoms will like so many before him

  27. @katha3704 Avatar

    "done a really great job managing my deals up untill the very end, that decided not to close last minute" yes, thats the problem. You entertain people that don't end up spending money with the business or you just aren't convincing enough to close deals. Find a job at the grocery store, there you don't have to convince anyone to buy stuff, everyone needs milk, bread, eggs and salt.

  28. @user-nr5vk7kb8i Avatar

    I love you Candace!! We share the same views on Vivek Ramaswamy . I wish he was still in the race for President. We need an absolute Over Achiever to reset America on every level . I have listened to his books and every speech he has given. His Brilliance is going to make some people uncomfortable. Change is Good and Necessary if we are to keep up with the rest of the World❤

  29. @jebo7697 Avatar

    MAGA is a subset political party. Within the present day, Republican party. All members identify as conservative, and the different types are MAGA, neo, RINO, and uni-party members. Examples are neo conservative Nikki Haley. RINO conservative Mitch McConnell. Uni-party conservative Lindsey Graham. President Trump stands alone as a MAGA conservative. None of these conservative types are calling out or identifying by name and departments the managrail class "Deep State" actors that are running the executive branch of government and destroying the USA. They will only name Biden when we the people know this feeble minded man isn't in charge of the created failed policies of this administration. Vivek Ramaswamy has been identified as a libertarian nationlist. The MAGA wing of the Republican party now has a second wing led by Vivek. Who has, identified by name, departments, and organizations that should be eliminated from government service. This 1776 present-day moment in history needs revolutionary leadership. Trump will be the Republican party nominee for president and when president. The uni-party will continue to run the government and make policies. The democrats will make concession, and we the people will think we won a victory by Trumps reelection. Know this the USA will still be a nation in decline. Real change comes with a real revolutionary leader like Vivek or someone willing to speak the truth, identify the failures, and call out by name the responsible person's.

  30. @theshonuff8956 Avatar

    Candace is on point. It AlLWAYS came down to FAMILY!

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