Destiny on Ben Shapiro

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Video From ▻”Destiny on Debating Ben Shapiro, Toxic Wokeism and Getting Divorced” Full Episode Link …

7 responses to “Destiny on Ben Shapiro”

  1. @aronean Avatar

    I wish Trump was the dictator that the left thinks he was

  2. @Teus123 Avatar

    bro thinks he knows world politics lmaoo. he couldnt be further away from the truth.

  3. @christophervanasse9911 Avatar

    Left wing people talking about Donald trump is genuinely stomach churning at this point. TDS is so old and has genuinely driven the country into chaos for no reason.

  4. @scottm4975 Avatar

    I like destiny because he’s the best at presenting the most logical left position, and it’s still clearly ridiculous. So it makes it easier to know what’s actually right

  5. @tdfmtig Avatar

    I agree with most things Shapiro says but he’s a full fledged narcissist and a bit of a prick

  6. @food305 Avatar

    First comment ❤🎉🎉love the podcast… Especially 🥳Jack🙃

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