“Deeply Concerning” – Clinton Appointed Judge Orders Trump to Pay $83.3M to E. Jean Carroll

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Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss the Breaking News that former President Donald …

26 responses to ““Deeply Concerning” – Clinton Appointed Judge Orders Trump to Pay $83.3M to E. Jean Carroll”

  1. @jamesgalbraith1742 Avatar
  2. @debbieharkness7661 Avatar

    EJ Carroll lawyer , and Judge worked in the same law office

  3. @debbieharkness7661 Avatar

    She watched a Law and Order and got the idea.

  4. @debbieharkness7661 Avatar

    Tara Reide for Biden's mom called Larry King show about Tara.

  5. @johnhudson3141 Avatar

    The bankrupt bum is going to have to cough up. All he had to do was keep his pie hole shut – but as usual he is so mentally deranged that is impossible 😂😢

  6. @marylisecraan Avatar

    Les Democrates sont des fous des cingles des corucous

  7. @reymartampus4411 Avatar

    My X is blowing up with this pro-Democrat and anti-trump noise. They actually were happy with E Jean Carroll receiving 83.3M despite obvious and apparent ingenuity.

    Goes to show–birds of the same feather flock together and they will flock against Trump by any means necessary. After him, they go after average Americans who they deem as MAGA cultists.

  8. @Laura-yd3ds Avatar

    She's a disgrace, to those who suffered from sexual abuse she needs to be jailed for false accusation perjury,

  9. @yyyyyy3282 Avatar

    Came here to see some good arguments but really disappointed. Everyone here is arguing like political pundits. This also reflects a big problem about America: can't debate on merits. Has to resort to political rhetoric. Just because the judge is appointed by Clinton doesn't it mean he can't be fair. Stories about the trial came out later how terrible Trump's lawyer handled the case. No wonder why he had to pay so much! There's no good points raised by the hosts about the trial itself. They spent a lot time talking about a different trial! They eventually realized what this trial is all about, but presented no good arguments. To certain extend, they are doing the same thing as kamala harris–resorted to culture war instead of refute the center of the issue, in this case, what part of this trial is unfair to Trump, using evidence from the trail. Argue like a lawyer.

  10. @mauricio622 Avatar

    Your boy has to pay 83.3 😂

  11. @GregBarfuss Avatar

    So basically what she said, by any means necessary, that means lying buying off judges any means.

  12. @juliefitzgerald6042 Avatar

    It is impossible to have an alibi if you don't have a date for the crime.

  13. @juliefitzgerald6042 Avatar

    Tara Reed has evidence against Biden.

  14. @bryancamposmaza4095 Avatar

    that's what happens when your counsel fakes being smart when she prefers being pretty

  15. @bugsvan Avatar

    I find this bizarre. They had to change the statute of limitations because it was DT. Then they didn't prove whether consensual or non-consebtual sex occured. But they are still able to conclude that DT responded inappropriately by cussing the person who accused him.

    I don't get it. If they didn't prove Rape, then the other charges can't apply.

  16. @360lifewithgee Avatar

    It’s open season on men it seems to be! Things need to change ASAP this is ridiculous!!

  17. @matmaggie1296 Avatar

    Justice finally, I couldn't be happier for this verdict.

  18. @stephennovak3503 Avatar

    the four dorks of stupidity.

  19. @stephennovak3503 Avatar

    what a joke, thee guys are so out of it, the case was dismissed because the prince settled with cash, it would have gone to trial otherwise, the judge had nothing to do with the dismissal.

  20. @Selina-xs1hm Avatar

    Anyone who votes for a Democrat at this point in history hates themselves !

  21. @chloeroberts6652 Avatar

    She won’t see a penny from the kangaroo courts

  22. @user-dv6ls7wx8z Avatar

    She was raped by her husband, but accused Trump to get more money.

  23. @ConfiscatedZyra Avatar

    she said she has the dress that she wore that day 30 years ago yet won't give it up for evidence. how strange….

  24. @youannbory7042 Avatar

    Everyone can be rich by this way very easy why not another a dozen wemem try the same tactic use the same lawyer the same judge oh yes why not???!!!and make up the story sounds better than that. Clinton the worse

  25. @os3984 Avatar

    This is going to hurt women who have really been assaulted. The more cases like this the less they're believed. That woman should be accused herself.

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