Dave Rubin Agrees With Candace Owens: “'I'm Praying the Gay Away.' Well, That's Not Offensive…”

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Dave Rubin says that he can never find a rude conservative and agrees with Candace Owens that it is okay to say “praying the …

49 responses to “Dave Rubin Agrees With Candace Owens: “'I'm Praying the Gay Away.' Well, That's Not Offensive…””

  1. @redmed10 Avatar

    But will conservatives bake a cake for you David.
    Has Rubin ever had a gay person on his show?

  2. @coyotefever105 Avatar

    Are you guys at the Majority Report always this weird?

  3. @Pops1again Avatar

    I dont believe Rubin should be propped up by conservatives or the right/correct movement!

    Dont sell out! Take the moral stance!

  4. @mrdarcy05191 Avatar

    Wow…you people are stupid.

  5. @anthonybrogan390 Avatar

    Candace Owens and Dave Rubins ate very similar, Candace Owens is the Republican Token Black woman, Dave Rubins is the token gay man.

  6. @user-jx7qf6zb9z Avatar

    When an overgrown mean girl gets famous and tries to hide it as “telling the truth”

  7. @lalexander1144 Avatar

    I'll pray for the presenters here. They are only okay with gays who are loud, with dyed hair, sexually ambiguous, prosmicuous and most of all – who buy into the liberal left-wing agenda.

  8. @telanotelano Avatar

    Dave Rubin is such a sell out. Candance was pretty much saying pray the gay away isn’t offensive while he clarified that he thinks they’re praying for his success. Bullshit if someone came up to him and his partner and just flat out said “I’ll pray for you” without saying anything else is the other person putting themself higher and pointing out someone’s sin. When conservatives clearly think they’re sinless. Candance is pretty much mocking him and he’s agreeing to it. Moron.

  9. @Imaduplicate Avatar

    You leftists are crazy. Just because someone loves something dorsnt make it ok. There are people who marry children and animals. There are people attracted to and in love with children and animals who dont want to be attracted to them. Are you going to say they should embrace it? What about the people who are attracted to torturing aninals but fight against that urge? Are you going to call them names for fighting that urge? I sure wouldnt, id suppirt them fighting that urge. I guess you guys think a human who has huge urges to torture animals should do it because its in their heart and deep within them.

  10. @ethanboen6980 Avatar

    I think these hosts are completely disconnected from Christianity. Because they completely missed it. And maybe because they don’t have God in their life they can’t see it ?

  11. @spantigre3190 Avatar

    Being quietly hated for being gay, is not better than being openly hated for being a piece of shit.

  12. @omarsanchez9709 Avatar

    Never said they prey your xtianity goes away.
    You made that sh. up.
    Listen to your own vid.

  13. @lizardbytheriver1567 Avatar

    "I'm praying the gay away, well that's not offensive" – Candace Owens.
    That is offensive. That is disgusting. There is nothing wrong with being Gay. There is no reason to pray Gayness away. If you are happy in your Gayness, in your Gay relationship, and with your Gay Household…. why tolerate people who want all that happiness gone.

    Dave, they are telling you, to your face, that they do not want you to be married to your husband or to have your children.

    Dave Rubin reminds me of an abused puppy. Keeps getting neglected or hit by its masters, but still professes undying loyalty and love to said masters.

  14. @melocreme69 Avatar

    1) these people are not conservatives, they're insane
    2) the notion that anyone on the left screams about things and wants him to "bow down" to them is ridiculous
    3) they need help

  15. @jimandlizhudson2501 Avatar

    Dave is living in a fantasy if he really thinks that these Republicans are on his side and don't see him as a child molester etc.

  16. @laurieberry162 Avatar

    I am questioning and unsure about my sexuality. I’m 55 and single. I have a boyfriend, but I think that I might be asexual. If that’s the case, we can get an and have a marriage counselor. I don’t think people understand me much. I love him. He is good.

  17. @whitneyv.8211 Avatar

    Pause it for one second!

  18. @CLM1789 Avatar

    min 9:00 – You are unlishing Dave Rubin unproportianally – not because of his opinions – but because he is an ungreatfull minority who does not accept the "savior" image of the left. You are mad that someone who is supposed to be greatfull for the left for "accepting" him, is not greatfull enough and dares to be a concervative – regardless of "all that the left has done to him"

    you never moke any right winger who is white and straight – because it is not the political opinion that is triggering you – but the combination of the political opinion with the status – – "how dare blacks and gays are not greatfull for the left, how dare they hold right wing political opinions" – you never dedicate so much energy and time to a white straight person who advocates the same things that dave does advocate for.

    It his lack of greatfullness that really peaces you off, not his opinios.

  19. @mk23theman85 Avatar

    Dave rubin is just a sad individual

  20. @georg9705 Avatar

    You guys nailed it. I am mostly a center-right but I like how progressives like you guys rip anti-gay scums to pieces.
    Kudos to you.

  21. @shecklesmack9563 Avatar

    I’m sure his husband must be thrilled that he’s choosing his grift over his family.

  22. @patrickkilduff5272 Avatar

    why do we always have to rewind the video and watch the same part 20 times in a row?? play the damned video!

  23. @yocyber5711 Avatar

    Eh..I’m gonna say it. He gets “love” from conservatives cuz he’s white. I doubt every conservative knows who this guy is anyway. Hopefully he and his family don’t get any backlash or threats from those guys.

  24. @taopearl2976 Avatar

    Rubin is a step above Larry Craig.

  25. @davidjames2083 Avatar

    Quoting Rubin:"I think… I think broadly speaking conservatives have done a really nice job in the last couple of years of cleaning-up whatever those bad parts are." Oh Yeah! I've noticed that myself Dave! 😃😅🤣🤪

  26. @Maaroussia Avatar

    God loves you too, guys

  27. @user-cn8vj5rs5c Avatar

    Dave: Guys, I too dissaprove of this lifestyle. I am trying to pray it away.
    His conservative "allies": We said get into the chamber, de**nerate!

  28. @1719456 Avatar

    I am not sure if Dave & Candace are just self loathing individuals or if they are merely opportunists, with unusual credentials, seeking to be relevant as Right Wing ideologs. My gut tells me, they are both. Truthfully, I find Dave to be a sad, even pathetic individual. Candace, however, is a calculatingly evil person, with no redeeming qualities, using her race as a invitation to the MAGA party.

  29. @karenina4479 Avatar

    What would happen if the situation were reversed? Imagine? We don't have to, Christians are mocked ruthlessly and constantly. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence pole dancing on a crucifix comes to mind. But that's to be not only accepted but vaunted as advanced civilized behaviour.

  30. @robertzantay5923 Avatar

    He hasn’t been getting any love recently from the right wing nuts!

  31. @robertzantay5923 Avatar

    If you could pray stuff away do these two really think they would still exist?

  32. @justinhill4847 Avatar

    I don't know much about this Dave Rubin but he sounds like he's been brainwashed. He's never met a mean CONservative well come in down to the South and we'll introduce you to some.

  33. @bargdaffy1535 Avatar

    If you cannot find a rude conservative what the Hell is Jim Jordan?

  34. @shawnstone2892 Avatar

    Dave Rubin has been hanging around Caitlyn Jenner to much, and Candace Owens is a jackass.

  35. @Ben_Clark Avatar

    Didn’t Liberty ban interracial dating for a while ?

  36. @zeebest1004 Avatar

    The antebellum south was known for being polite – if you weren’t a slave!

  37. @zeebest1004 Avatar

    I used to say “good luck” to Xians and they would get offended saying, “I don’t need luck I got Cheesus!”🙄

  38. @meleaveacommentfoo Avatar

    He’d rather be kissed with a lie than slapped with truth. Sad

  39. @user-nh1lg7vg3g Avatar

    Im know new christian but i dont think how it works

  40. @TaxTheChurches. Avatar

    Liberty students are told ahead of time to be polite to all speakers. No way they would misbehave.

  41. @MrMrBiggles Avatar

    Im sure they will still be smiling when they throw your lifeless body in a ditch, Mr Rubin.😉 It's what they really want to do with everyone who is not them.

  42. @NOURINHO-rv5fk Avatar

    Why is he with his own enemy. I think that I am watching movie sleeping with the enemy.

  43. @KylePrime_1986 Avatar

    When someone tells him they're praying his gay goes away, that would imply they are praying his marriage falls apart. Not very nice.

  44. @roylcraft Avatar

    I'm praying for you means: "Your one sick mothr fckr, your going to hell I hope" …Same with: "Bless your heart" ….I think he knows now, ain't no love for you brother on that side. …………………..God republicans seem to get E V E R Y t H I N G, …..WRONG! ……………………………………2k + years believing in a Virgin birth

  45. @UberNoodle Avatar

    Soon he's gonna say that being gay is just a hobby or interesting pastime. Or maybe more of a habit.

  46. @lv67890 Avatar

    Conservative willing to break up his marriage and screw over his kids because he’s a total pick me boy.

  47. @riseofthesugars5312 Avatar

    People still take Rave Dubin seriously. Even Joe Rogan saw through his grift, and he sells horse tranquilizers to incels.

  48. @eugeneprovencio8125 Avatar

    Stay away from Florida Ron he loves you. Your easy and you’ll shake it for the right 😂😂😂

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