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Short from Ep. 317 Dana White Responds To Donald Trump, Nelk Boys & Jake Paul Wear Maverick …


  1. @user-xb8vd2wu1p Avatar

    All of these are bought and paid for

  2. @buccnasty1126 Avatar

    Idk how the junkie is shitting on those kids. I haven't seen any pranks done by them that "went over the line" in a very long time so for him to say they are always 40 miles over the line his just ridiculous. Clear and open hating on Mike's part. Probably because he's been and always will be a Robin

  3. @jasonlatoski6298 Avatar

    Mike "I'm not saying I'm just simply saying" 😂😂😂

  4. @brucegelman5582 Avatar

    Dana White is a racist white supremacist

  5. @TAZgarage Avatar

    "Political figure"
    The fuckin former president

  6. @sunjaneumann6309 Avatar

    I love that Dana is defending Trump❤❤❤ finally someone with balls!

  7. @Michael-zi3kk Avatar

    I love Dana White he's so loyal and seems like such a great friend he's sticking up for his friend and he stating the truth

  8. @rakasiwiiqq Avatar

    C'MON Elon take over this youtube sh8hole.

  9. @steveo518 Avatar

    Mike is to Impaulsive what Ian is to Timcast.

  10. @59_xgx Avatar

    12:40 he still calls it “the china virus” 🤣🤣🤣

  11. @MrMugz Avatar

    “Controversial political figure”

    HE WAS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES😂 Y’all agreed to have him run your country 😂💀😂💀😂💀

  12. @zmc50 Avatar

    Dana is absolutely right he was our president and the best one we’ve ever had might I add

  13. @PEPLUVER1 Avatar

    There's not much difference between Trump and Alex Jones

  14. @Shhhoooooo Avatar

    I.paulsive fence ridi g

  15. @dickyhoey Avatar

    White is kinda stupid and trashy.

  16. @andrewlove1987 Avatar

    When will be people realize that a private business has the right to run their business as they see fit. The right to refuse service at any time for any reason barring race or sexual orientation. This is actually in line with values that once belonged to the Conservative Party. Keeping government out of regulating the private sector. No shirt no shoes no service. The government can not be given the authority to tell private business owners how to run their businesses. A website is not a public space that we have rights in. It belongs to a business. It doesn’t belong to the people.

  17. @jacktab5512 Avatar

    This is why I don't watch anything to do with Mike a Logan anymore. Woke puppets

  18. @nattacev9954 Avatar
  19. @dennisgarrison3537 Avatar

    The 45th president of the US is and always will be an embarrassment to the human condition.

  20. @wxrriorog3096 Avatar

    Huge Dana White W🗿

  21. @jdtv...9134 Avatar

    Invite Obama see if it gets taken down.

  22. @AyeAyeRon11 Avatar

    Mike said that shit from the heart and then he switched up like a hoe a$$ yes man when Dana pushed back….Fake a$$ coward. This is someone that some people surround themselves with as a choice.

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