Dan Bongino, Willie Robertson on Hollywood activism

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Duck and Buck Commander CEO Willie Robertson and NRATV contributor Dan Bongino react to Hollywood’s boycott of Georgia …

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  1. @eddiewood7573 Avatar

    I will predict that President Trump will be assassinated, Madonna as already stated that she wants to blow up the White House and nothing is done about that? Weird!

  2. @eddiewood7573 Avatar

    The actors, actresses and comedians forget it is the likes of the lay people that put them there in the first place

  3. @martitrue7480 Avatar

    Two of my favorite guys…

  4. @seasonofthewatchers1010 Avatar

    Three of the classiest men in the media💖

  5. @myohmy451 Avatar

    Love Dan Bongino, but get sick of hearing stories about fake news and Hollywood. For instance, over Thanksgiving, Who cares about Murphy Brown? Stop giving these idiots airtime virtue signaling and crying over the poor criminals and law breakers trying to enter our country without going through the legal process. This isn't respectable or worthy of news. Why not find some real news to report. If I want to see Candace Bergen, or hear the rest of the media slam or spew their ugly opinions of citizens like me, I'll watch their shows. I don't even want to watch FOX anymore, just a few exceptions, because you guys clearly think your viewers need to know or care what every other media venue believes. I do my best to find places where I don't have to see all the leftist propaganda. Report the news! Hollywood and CNN, MSNBC, etc, make most normal people sick and we have better things to do than listen to that garbage.

  6. @kennethoseghale3581 Avatar

    Dan bongino lies like a devil… So disgusting…

  7. @patzimmerman2319 Avatar

    "Duck Dynasty" was VERY good.

  8. @jamesstepp9982 Avatar

    I've been strongly AGAINST Hollyweird ever since Actors started pushing their opinions on American Politics. They live and work in a make believe world,making a living by being someone they're NOT,and displaying ultimate hypocrisy for things like protesting the Second Amendment while making movies in which they fire thousands of rounds killing people in the streets,or making movies in which they commit nearly every Sin mentioned in the Bible,and many that aren't,with NO expressed or implied repercussions,and trying to portray those Sins as GOOD,NORMAL things. That said,why on God's green earth should America believe a single thing they say? Why should THEIR political views carry ANY moral weight?

  9. @dvorahchesed Avatar

    Airbnb is anti-Semitic. They have declared that more than 200 Airbnb listings in Judea and Shomron, Israel will be removed from their listings because Jews do not have the right to live there. But, they list properties in many lands where Jews are forbidden from renting and seem to have no problems with many other so-called "occupied" lands in the world. Blatant anti-Semitism.

  10. @steve20118 Avatar

    Bongino is a 3 time loser running for a Congressional seat. Why is he allowed to comment on anything?

  11. @girlsrockurboyz Avatar

    the only thing coming out of hollywood is loose anal cavities and sequels and socialist queens.

  12. @DarthJay91 Avatar

    Neither of these people are experts on Hollywood.

  13. @mickeylara2111 Avatar

    The alligator will spit Sean Hannity out because he is full of fecal matter.

  14. @pamcooper5837 Avatar

    What is proving is that Democrats are pathetic.
    It's PATHETIC to see them dropping to infantile levels.
    Kinda reminds me of the kid who holds his breath until he gets his way . . .
    Btw, I LOVE infants when they actually ARE infants.

  15. @fleoblack Avatar

    Everything Trump touches dies! Fox example, name the last good Home Alone movie.

  16. @scrumsey Avatar

    I watch movies by waiting a year and checking out the DVD from the library. No money for Hollywood.

  17. @unitedamericans8587 Avatar

    Hollywood should pull out of Georgia ASAP!!!

  18. @charlotterussell2032 Avatar

    Ga does not want hollywood

  19. @goinxnginx Avatar

    Georgia is slowly gaining traction and will someday give Hollywood significant competition…thus the boycott. A boycott could backfire and give East coast actors a better chance at some gainful employment. Go ahead and boycott us, Hollywood. We really do not need you. In fact, we want you to stay away.

  20. @bennieharris7358 Avatar

    The Tyler Perry studio.

  21. @130alon Avatar

    What's Hollywood going to do; never buy peaches again????

  22. @donosodemaistre2764 Avatar

    Stacy Abrams looks like a tank. Why is she so massive?

  23. @Drewtazy Avatar

    Willie looks great! The beard is awesome.

  24. @ghostsofbenghazi2646 Avatar

    LOL, right, like any of these "celebrities" are even in demand these days. Just a bunch of liberal has-beens.

  25. @duanecotter1463 Avatar

    I am confused. You are racist if you put on blackface even in a movie, but I see so many Black women wearing Caucasian wigs.

  26. @kungfuman82 Avatar

    Why do these people think we care what they think? I've never understood that. Just because you can act doesn't mean we hang on your every word.

  27. @millerscorner2 Avatar

    It's sad that the Robinson's are now selling alcohol; that's not a good thing. I pray they stop it soon. God will not bless that. —- Bongino is a great guy and should run for office.

  28. @shawnegan6524 Avatar

    Also don't forget what else is in GA….ready? Drum roll….cnn HQ. Dumb question, ya think that there's a connection there? Maybe I'm just overthinking this. 🤔

  29. @jackhook4192 Avatar

    Dam that sign still hasn't burn yet.

  30. @ashleighnc8771 Avatar

    When the left boycotts something, I SEEK IT OUT!

  31. @robbierobinson7815 Avatar

    I was a member of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD for over 45 years. CONSERVATIVES ran SAG when I first joined and for years. Then LIBERALS CREPT IN AND EVENTUALLY TOTALLY RUINED THE UNION.

  32. @kelvinboyd7459 Avatar

    America loves the Robertsons. and the haters secretly Envy the Robertsons. is Louisiana family busted their ass and it worked out well for them congratulations and God bless you

  33. @michellewalbey8060 Avatar

    Your welcome I am trying sprade it All over

  34. @DisabusingTheLeft Avatar

    PLEASE boycott Georgia Hollywood!!! We don't need you here. We don't want your loony liberalism spreading over to this end of the country. Go ahead and finish destroying California and live with the socialist utopia you've developed out there.

  35. @4speed3pedals Avatar

    I have boycotted Hollywood and the NFL. I use my TV just for white noise so I can take a nap. The big 3 broadcasters have mindless programming.

  36. @t4texastomjohnnycat978 Avatar

    That sign up there would make excellent target practice.

  37. @gaylapruett4990 Avatar

    Hollywood Willie way out of your league I'd rather follow someone who follows GOD instead of some looser industry that cost you your soul common sence.Hollywood Lord told me to pray for enemies you are surely my enemy cause you work for satan so I hold you up to God in prayer what you do to anybody good or bad will come back on you

  38. @bbobz9606 Avatar

    She lost. This is what happens when children get trophy's for participation. They don't learn good sportsmanship. They don't learn how to lose.

  39. @thebookofheather1416 Avatar

    Proud Georgia girl here! Voted straight republican for the first time ever during this midterm election. So proud that we rejected Abrams and said yes to Kemp.

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