Dan Bongino Thinks Sam Seder Is A Socialist Because Glenn Greenwald Told Him So

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Right-winger Dan Bongino calls Sam Seder a socialist after misunderstanding Glenn Greenwald’s tweet. The Majority Report crew …

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  1. @rojochiringa Avatar

    Sam. You are a socialist. Everything you say, almost all, is in accord with socialists. May be Richard Wolf will explain to you what socialism is so you can find your self where you belong. I’m a communist by the way. Same family.

  2. @alin81-82 Avatar

    Dan Mangina? 😂 Just another 🤡

  3. @NoThatRyan Avatar

    Christ I hate it when conservatives like Greenwald pretend disallowing any private enterprise is part of socialism. Even in China and Soviet Russia private businesses exist/existed. Any educated socialist would ream a capitalist in a debate. Peterson refusing to debate Richard Wolff is a prime example.

  4. @KrimsonVagus Avatar
  5. @ryeguy7471 Avatar

    Can someone send Dan Bongerino back into the iceberg from where he came?

  6. @ValliW Avatar

    "You're a socialist? Why haven't you given away all your money and started living on the streets?" (Because in cuntservative land homeless people that have no mode of transportation and don't shower all hold down well paying jobs so they can give away their entire paycheck)
    You claim to be a capitalists. Why haven't you started a fortune 500 company that monopolizes 2/3 of the economy, under pay your employees, deny them benefits, deny them paid leave of any kind, the ability to unionize, and work them literally to death while keeping as much of the prophets for yourself as you can so you can buy politicians to cut your taxes and make sure no laws are ever passed to change the way you do business?

  7. @robertpitts671 Avatar

    Sam Seder is no socialist. He is a right wing Dem that said if you are ill from cancer or another disease now is not the time for M4A, even during a pandemic.
    Sam said get in line vote for pos Joe Biden because Sam hated Trump more than Sam hated Americans suffering without healthcare.
    Go get them Sam do not let the lies continue that you are a socialist. Sam needs to set the record straight he is a shitlib of the highest magnitude.
    Let's go Brandon!

  8. @michaeltorris5675 Avatar

    Dammit, Nomi totally stole my Dan Mangina idea. I’m sure everyone is thinking that though.

  9. @ajsoules1127 Avatar

    Seriously someone explain to Sam how to use the Mic. His sound is horrible he's to close to it

  10. @ericd9827 Avatar

    How low does your IQ have to be to see Bongino as an insightful political analyst.

  11. @TheTilitus Avatar

    Bongino is the kind of guy that needs a gun to feel safe arond his own shadow.

  12. @Czeckie Avatar

    i wish! sam's just a lib

  13. @warlockpaladin2261 Avatar

    How much in Rubles is this joker being paid?

  14. @kk-wo1jv Avatar

    I'm begging — please don't include stories about online mishegas in the lineup on days where Nomiki is on the show. She always reacts strongly and immediately with irrelevant comments that undercut the whole segment and often just aren't a good look. She does this frequently whenever Jimmy Dore comes up and she's on, and does it here by bringing up Greenwald's ideology (he's never claimed to be a socialist?) and his living situation (including, weirdly, his personal security arrangement which no reasonable person would see an issue with given the threats he and his husband have faced).

  15. @alanjackson4028 Avatar

    Uk media has convinced the public that elites go to state schools and men of the people go to Eton

  16. @robertkippes2333 Avatar

    Sam should be a socialist

  17. @WestVirginiaJames Avatar

    Gave this show an honest try. These people didn't say one useful thing this entire video. Sam Seder should remove himself from YouTube to help support the truth movement

  18. @chrisperez3614 Avatar

    Dan Bongino lives in my basement.

  19. @ottz2506 Avatar

    “These workers complain about society and working conditions yet they live in society” – Victorian Daniel Bongino probably.

    “These peasants complain about the nobles and landlords yet they live in a society” – Lord Daniel Bongino

    We could go as far as we can repeatedly exposing the fact that Bongino’s talking points would have placed him in the way of every single social and political fight led by the working class.

  20. @Aussie1964 Avatar

    Glenn Greenwald is a real journalist. S(c)am Seder is an establishment shit lib, and has nothing to add besides the usual woke crap and dunking on his YouTube rivals.

  21. @danielcuthbert961 Avatar

    Let's talk about the legitimacy of socialism, yes workers should force parasite business owners to convert their businesses into worker co ops

  22. @EYTPS Avatar

    This is why I don't align myself with the "capitalist", "socialist", and "communist" labels. The words mean too many different things to too many different people, and getting to practical policy matters, social and economic issues without using those words is what we should do if we want to get anywhere.

  23. @danmortenson5274 Avatar

    So what happened to the usta-be nice guy Glenn Greenwald? Just guessing, but I'll say it was "love." His turn of coat happened about the time he MOVED TO BRAZIL, TO LIVE WITH HIS BOYFRIEND, a rather dire move that at least should tell us he was head over heels. After that, we didn't hear much from him, but soon enough this abysmal new world-view of his reared its ugly head. So my guess is that his new boyfriend was a Reich Winger of some stripe, and, like my sister did with her ARW (Asinine Reich Wing) husband, he just hitched his wagon onto that new star… But of course, as this vid witnessed, he could no longer use LOGIC to defend his new stance… so that's out the winder too… He is FORCED, by the dominance of his need for "love" (Reich Wingers CANNOT love; that has to be supplied by their partners), to adopt this angle and that angle, and never to expect that all the angles will jive with one another. So, they don't.

  24. @Yinzerdude Avatar

    What happens when a dude only uses their testosterone to think.

  25. @katieshimer2688 Avatar

    Glenn would trounce sam any day. Sam msnbc contract having ass

  26. @rekonizakilamilkshake8421 Avatar

    I love Nomiki. Her input in this video in the first 7 minutes is priceless. Bangina ×2 and chuckling away.

  27. @MrDan11422 Avatar

    The Republican love to poison and twist what words mean. Stop playing with their definition of what socialism means. After all they support a dictator and unlike them. Trump loves lying in front of a camera.. History teaches as people will lie. If they called you a nose picker would you defend thier nonsense claim.
    After all does the word gay mean happy or homosexuality?
    Don't allow them to determine what a word means.

  28. @oliviamoore3426 Avatar


  29. @eaglesclaws8 Avatar

    Because the man that reads him the Bible tells him so…

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