Dan Bongino | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 98

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Host of “The Dan Bongino Show”, former police officer, and secret service agent Dan Bongino has spent years uncovering the …

23 responses to “Dan Bongino | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 98”

  1. @oaktree6495 Avatar

    im gay and trans gender

  2. @timm2272 Avatar

    How come I was not able to find this episode on YouTube and had to Google it?? Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. @anthonybleakley1982 Avatar

    Dan totally called Twitter banning Trump.

  4. @anthonybleakley1982 Avatar

    Ben, care to update your thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg?

  5. @edoggizzle Avatar

    I love these 2 guys

  6. @Vindictus67 Avatar

    One of the most honest, thoughtful conversations that I've ever heard on this subject.
    Loaded with facts, insight, and to the point…

  7. @reboundish Avatar

    Wow! Great show! Need to do many Many MANY MORE LIKE THIS!!

  8. @xanthiamcdermott8500 Avatar

    All respect to Bongino and Shapiro 👍👍

  9. @p.s8950 Avatar

    I'm an "Old White Straight Dude" they won't let me have my own flag or parade so … I'm thinking maybe the only way to beat these idiot Left wokers, is to join them, get crazy and help them eat themselves from the inside. Looking for a better idea, please ?

  10. @anthonygilio3842 Avatar

    Prepare,vou te por do outro lado

  11. @robertherriges7282 Avatar

    Dan's prediction about Twitter banning Trump aged like fine wine.

  12. @michellefarahsundharam7572 Avatar

    This guy called the suspension of the President in Sep 2020!!! America needs to wake up! Praying for the United States of America! God Bless!

  13. @devilSlayerdm Avatar

    well Danny.. your calculations was wrong..Trump lost!

  14. @stayhere9628 Avatar

    I was kind of slow on the uptake.We are used to that with Conservatives, Ben.

  15. @stayhere9628 Avatar

    It should be an interesting conversation, but will not.

  16. @VASI_LIKI Avatar

    I love this man ….

  17. @janellknapp2344 Avatar

    Love both Bongino show and Sharpiro Show. Totally correct you guys are not competitive I listen to both of you equally. Thankful you are both available to listen too. Love from Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @zenyattamondatta7757 Avatar

    I can't wait for John Brennan to go down.

  19. @bztrd80 Avatar

    The day that "the Russians" will really start stirring some shit; nobody will believe that it is really happening.

  20. @bryanford1139 Avatar

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