Dan Bongino predicts possible Trump arrest will motivate base and could make him a 'martyr'

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21 responses to “Dan Bongino predicts possible Trump arrest will motivate base and could make him a 'martyr'”

  1. @dawnstclair9848 Avatar

    Eat french fries and soda all day, every day….We know why you are patanoid about being poisoned because of cheating, lying way you have lived your worthless life. Add more salt while you are at it! Couldnt be rid of you sooner and wont miss your racist, fascist, unethical selfish ways.

  2. @findthejoytg Avatar
  3. @MelindaMc Avatar

    Still do it. he is a nut.

  4. @Roscoe911 Avatar

    His base already seems fired up.. like always. The GOP and Trump need independents to be on board to win. Which they didn’t do in ‘18 and ‘20.

  5. @jeebuscrise4482 Avatar

    Eff this 1 term loser. 1 term, 1st to be criminally indicted, 2 impeachments, no wall, did take his salary, didn't lock Hillary or Hunter up while in office. Just let them off the hook. No wall. Left our troops to rot in Afghanistan while he played golf.

  6. @raviramaswamy6941 Avatar

    If Trump comes back, America will be destroyed. Good for the rest of the world. Carry on.

  7. @deelee4730 Avatar

    Can wait to see how many Dummies going to the Feds for Trump😅

  8. @firstnamefirstlastnamelast9004 Avatar

    No shit Sherlock. Trump for president 2024

  9. @Lion-dq9uj Avatar


  10. @xxmxxl4210 Avatar

    Part of plan. You'll understand later. Wait for it. NCSWIC

  11. @REDCOAT-jk9qs Avatar

    70 million pissed American patriots isn’t something I’d want to stand in the way of.
    God bless you mr trump and god bless America

  12. @bullet5141 Avatar

    Mess around and find out!

  13. @ketysparks1632 Avatar

    Bongino 😅😅😅😅

  14. @youngishturnip1boone904 Avatar

    he can be whatever he likes in prison

  15. @georgeversluis8442 Avatar

    Not possibly,
    Absolutely correct. Trump will use this to garner sympathy
    I will vote for Trump if that happens
    He can pardon himself

  16. @Otherside2020 Avatar

    Take FOX off the air NOW!!! Already inciting violence!!! Trump is going to prison for the crimes against our country! Stormy Danials fraud is only the beginning! Failure to get get on board with this will get you cancelled.

  17. @BRANDON-FJB Avatar

    Bongino is a RINO 🤡

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