Dan Bongino Freaks Out After Being Cancelled By NRATV

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Dan Bongino has been seemingly dropped by NRATV. What will the little guy do now? Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew …

35 responses to “Dan Bongino Freaks Out After Being Cancelled By NRATV”

  1. @whodoesntloveMikey Avatar

    He didn’t get cancelled by NRAtv ? Lmao.

  2. @theTeflonDon1 Avatar

    Lovely how supportive you guys were of censorship 3 years ago. I wonder if those sentiments are the same now.

  3. @jeffcavanaugh2395 Avatar
  4. @chrisgoebel1843 Avatar

    Fun to watch these Snowflakes!!! Let’s see, Bongino pod cast, part owner/investor Rumble and Parler!!
    Looks like he is doing well!!!

  5. @billporter846 Avatar

    Wow this was such a high powered report…..I fell asleep listening to the host who had to ask his producer all the questions because he cannot think for himself BORING.

  6. @matthewford5946 Avatar

    We know who Dan is who the heck are you guys?

  7. @pauljohnson3524 Avatar

    What a waste of time podcast this is….unless you need a nap!

  8. @christianaldrich206 Avatar

    Really peel the lemon really. That’s your questioning this way Dan Bon Gino is very popular now and I’ve never heard of the show except for going to look up Dan Bon Gino to see more of his good videos

  9. @coryCuc Avatar

    Dan Bongino is doing juuuuuust fine lol.

  10. @MrsMarks Avatar

    Dan Bongino has more integrity in his little finger than you clowns on this channel.
    We conservatives have our cups ready..
    TRUMP 2020

  11. @coppersulphate002 Avatar

    Unless I hear Dan Bongino say these things himself it is all he said she said shit

  12. @cyberdude721 Avatar

    liberals fooled by trick camera work LOL you tools

  13. @rogerbraun634 Avatar

    Who is this asshole talking. What a dumb f**k idiot.

  14. @hm7714 Avatar

    This guy Sam Sedler is the soyest soyboy ever. This guy couldn’t hold a cup of Bonginos sweat.

  15. @cyphermunk7258 Avatar

    3:35 SERIOUSLY! The peels! Why did he pee in it and then drink it!? What was the point! Who gives a fuck about an accurate lemonade recipe?

  16. @jojomakes Avatar

    It’s crazy how a guy like that was once a secret service agent under President Obama smh.

  17. @johnmontgomery9169 Avatar

    Why in the f*** did YouTube put you guys on my watchlist you are crap

  18. @TheSlybai Avatar


  19. @kathygarber9407 Avatar

    Your a couple of a$$holes! Bet you don't have the following #'s he does !😂🤣

  20. @dianestewart7917 Avatar

    It was a joke, fella!! Good lord.

  21. @paulmichael4811 Avatar

    Dan left NRA to pursue other opportunities. Liberal Jews hate God and love evil.

  22. @johnthomson8332 Avatar

    you are fake news, liberal scumbag liars

  23. @johnvanzyl2960 Avatar

    Laughable video devoid of facts, full of useless information. What a waste of time.

  24. @Morgan7. Avatar

    Fake News! He went to Fox. Jealous much?

  25. @ceemoney2069 Avatar

    Dan don't care he making big money

  26. @lindamcneilly7389 Avatar

    Maybe you could string a coherent sentence together.

  27. @deedee_31 Avatar

    we dont like this man he is an uncle tom for the idiot potus he is racist as well i thnk so maybe he’s not yet he defends out idiot pres

  28. @goldenmare2594 Avatar

    really..this best this channel got can offer… stay a trash channel…your comments about a NRA offer speak to you will do anything for dollars,,,amount offered is only issue

  29. @deb6616117 Avatar

    Dan bongino is a lot more popular than you sounds like to me you're a little bit jealous you got the green are there babe

  30. @ryanfitterer6456 Avatar

    You seem to know soooo much. Can't even pronounce his name.

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