Dan Bongino: Democrats are telling working class 'let them eat cake'

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FOX News contributor Dan Bongino joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss the implications of the Biden administration’s climate agenda.

34 responses to “Dan Bongino: Democrats are telling working class 'let them eat cake'”

  1. @garybobst9107 Avatar

    Republicans are the party of the dirty peasants, Democrats are the 'enlightened rulers' that know what's best for you stupid peons.

  2. @ssmcfadyen8520 Avatar

    Love these 2 multi multi millionaires worry about everyone – capitalism killed it idiots

  3. @bonnieprather610 Avatar

    Bongino has the eyes of SATAN

  4. @bobjonsun4201 Avatar

    Dan Bongino will one day be President of the United States of America! I would love to see Trump/Bongino2024 White House!

  5. @patricksannella272 Avatar

    Fox turned off all comments and went to camp David I'm unsubing

  6. @tombryan1 Avatar

    Why is that black guy so angry?

  7. @spaceywilliams8637 Avatar


  8. @mamame5403 Avatar

    All money they giving to another countries. They think we are having "good ".

  9. @mamame5403 Avatar

    People , just a walking cells to our leaders … All they do is counting tax payers money. .its cold outside ..They all resting on Bahamas ..

  10. @danl.8167 Avatar

    "I despise people who go to the gutter on either the right or the left and hurl rocks at those in the center."

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

  11. @TheDaemons Avatar

    Dan is a chainsaw. Cutting through the BS

  12. @jlbjlb16055 Avatar

    More like let them eat ice cream

  13. @patricelauverjon2480 Avatar

    Eat cake and follow Science!

  14. @scrumpschkin9752 Avatar
  15. @JoeBobPerdue2.0 Avatar

    Democrats created The People of Wal-Mart website!! 😆 😆

  16. @travisfrostify Avatar

    you two are sellout idiots.

  17. @rogermccann2377 Avatar

    Bongino tells it like it is!

  18. @fakeconservatives309 Avatar
  19. @jeanettesinspirationaldesigns Avatar

    Are you really doing the give away on Facebook?

  20. @eltonscott300 Avatar

    Keep in mind the Democrats are in bed with China China is the one that came up with the COVID-19 pandemic and now the pandemic is getting worse how long do you think it’ll be before the Democrats say you have to believe like them in order to be vaccinated and they have the US Army behind him I’d like to point out to the US Army is that constitutional when do you turn off

  21. @hawkmorales Avatar

    Dan … How can I get in touch with you ..

  22. @markvert5341 Avatar

    All they want from the middle class is to go home, shut up and go to work and pay taxes so they can spend that hard earned money doing whatever they want. They dont want to hear from us, they don't care about anything but themselves.

  23. @gregorychoquette7632 Avatar

    The question I have is what is it gonna take for the American people to wake up?

  24. @annamartinez7004 Avatar

    No one can control climate it is mother natures role. Only God can control the weather. It is just their way of keeping us under their 👠 s. .

  25. @amandagarcia4087 Avatar

    Gotta love Dan. Says it how it is.

  26. @glong2720 Avatar

    While most don't care how about the finances of Canada's jobs on the pipeline. Time to consider alternatives. You are right Russia and China are laughing at us.

  27. @madelinebiekert3605 Avatar

    Think for a minute. The only reason they would impeach him is because he is the president. With the troop build up in DC I’m thinking it looks a like like a government over throw. Just saying the facts. Are we headed into something no one is talking about?

  28. @ProudPatriot007 Avatar

    Biden’s team says we’ll all be driving electric cars within 10 years. I’ve found evidence that we, “most of us won’t be driving NOTHING, cause we’ll only be ALLOWED to go about 1 mile away from home! I am serious, our future is slavery and, “we” are the slaves! Watch the video I saved under, What’s Really Happening.
    These people need to be stopped now!

  29. @contrarygirl Avatar

    Lol. Wow. Spewing this tripe on Scammity Hannitys' show too, clapping at you, Dan. Scumbag Sean is worth upwards of 250 million. You think he really gives AF about ANY working people, anywhere?

  30. @gregorysagegreene Avatar

    The Swamp just crawled back out of the Sewer.

    … Kerry, Romney, McConnell-y,
    Bidey, Hillary
    – something smells really bad.

  31. @nickssmirkingrevenge Avatar

    More like, "Let them eat tofu."

  32. @levrune4203 Avatar

    Dan is a God send Thank you for giving him the platform to be the voice of the people.Put him on the pay roll Fox.🇺🇸

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