Crowd HEADS FOR EXITS as Trump struggles to speak

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26 responses to “Crowd HEADS FOR EXITS as Trump struggles to speak”

  1. @whiteysolly6760 Avatar

    Well well, the Trump South Carolina rally was filled to capacity not to mention leaving thousands unable to get in which is the standard for all Trump rallies. At one of Biden’s speeches his handlers were forced to get media personal to occupy some of the many empty seats which is the standard for a Biden appearance

  2. @user-ru9xt6xb4y Avatar

    No crowds leave a Trump rally!

  3. @ankhpom9296 Avatar

    And his supporters keep screaming USA.

  4. @aureliaperaza1659 Avatar

    Take a good look at his SUPPORTERS! SAD

  5. @A5M5-hm9lk Avatar

    LOOK at ALL those empty seats!! Trump is a passing fad. We know it. He knows it. It HAS to be eating his wittle bitty ego alive. Psychics are predicting a stroke or other form of massive incapacitation event this spring. You can see it building.

  6. @erikborgerson8467 Avatar

    Yeah big difference. You're still old as dirt.

  7. @drummerboy1390 Avatar

    The guy getting thrown out at least gave us a view of the crowd, or lack of it. He must see those big gaps and empty seats in a tiny little arena. I know he’s terminally stupid, but he’s not blind. He’s like a washed up comedian watching the audiences getting smaller and smaller.

  8. @haubenmeisewillow-tit331 Avatar

    What did the poor guy do?
    Is this not a free country? With the right to speek? and to be heard???
    This is terrifying!

  9. @Waalkmeynard2504 Avatar

    As Nikki said, the caucus is rigged. His cohorts already prepared the ballots that Nikki's men were surprised.

  10. @BenyNebo Avatar

    Notice a long standing word as it's similar MAGA acronym. The people who wear the MAGA red hats are admitting to being megalomaniacs. Megalomania- having an unnaturally strong wish for power and control, or showing that, they think they are much more important and powerful than you really are megalomaniac dictators in most cases. Ref. Oxford dictionary. This is the biggest joke in latter-day politics. All the following of MAGA are psychologically unaware of being Made fools of and laughed at behind the doors of the Republican party. This phonomina is absolutely fascinating to watch. How to control people in an aged old way. Hitler learned this somehow and look at how the people close to him were talked into killing and murdering people they thought of as inferior and less than the Germans. For some it was being talked into it. For others it was a bullet in the head if they did not obey. I wander how close the threats of death, as a reward for not compliance, really is about to happen? With MAGA Republicans leaking out threats of civil war, I am guessing that, next step is already here. I personally view this new threat being issued by these type political components, as terroristic threats. I also believe these type comments openly expressed are an attempt to over throw our constitutional foundation that, the United States of America was built on. If these type remarks are not legally defined as insurrection now, they are one step away from it. So if you are a voicetress MAGA hat wearer, consider yourself a person who stands on rebellion against USA as it has been in past. If you want the truth. Go to Google Play store and download the book called "Mien Kampf." Learn how the MAGA leadership are manipulating you.

  11. @russtpecker10 Avatar

    Every where he goes he leaves a trail of slime

  12. @user-qn8li8vl7y Avatar

    Donald Trump were going to vote you out of our white house your nuts

  13. @user-qn8li8vl7y Avatar

    Wow trumps crowed is getting smaller shows hes really getting dummer everyday

  14. @user-qn8li8vl7y Avatar

    I hope lot more people exit from trps lies and stupid remarks on other people not right idiot

  15. @user-jt8lj5iz5o Avatar

    You're an idiots. They left because they are liberals and don't want to hear the truth. Trump always rocks his press conference's and I have never seen anyone that is a trump supporter leave any of his appearances. Hes supporters are loyal.

  16. @angelaconley3719 Avatar
  17. @janetkramer9415 Avatar

    He's exhausted from so much pressure for sins he didn't commit. He was not confused, exhausted.

  18. @estellavaiz1157 Avatar

    You can easily see this commentator is pushing his personal narrative, totally false,
    He tried over and over and OVER to diminish Trump, this is a bad reporting outlet.

  19. @rossbigger3830 Avatar

    Just look over Trump hes Just a retarded Republican that should say enough.

  20. @rossbigger3830 Avatar
  21. @dcagepcutta6488 Avatar

    Trump is a true narcissist. He says things and knows people are laughing at him and not with him. He smiles and convinces himself he’s funny and everyone is laughing with him.

  22. @biggthreeo Avatar

    Stop making old people as president

  23. @CliffNicholls-ck9mq Avatar

    Nobody is fooled. You sound ridiculous and stupid. What an idiot you are . Just stop the hatred on Trump. Sorry to disappoint you but Trump is going to win so bye bye little boy.

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