Crashed UFO Alien Encounter in Brazil – Joe Rogan

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32 responses to “Crashed UFO Alien Encounter in Brazil – Joe Rogan”

  1. @TheStoicMind Avatar

    Taken from JRE #1971 – Howie Mandel

  2. @latoyamatson6197 Avatar

    So basically when it's scared it's body emitts something to protect it.

  3. @vermithrx1744 Avatar

    You watched a bad documentary because they know what it was, a homeless mentally ill dirty man nicknamed Mudinho.

  4. @arthurSS100 Avatar

    The guy was an undercover cop patroling the region and came across the "alien" and even ran it over with his car accidentally, some say the creature got hurt. He put this being in the car and got scratched by it, three days after he died. The intriguing part of the stoty, for me at least, is that he was posthumously decorated for his service by the police, but he was a rookie in the force. Im from the same state of this incident and I can assure you, the police here dont give medals for shit. There is also another case here called the Claudio's sightings, thats even more complex, it involves the police too and is under investigation since 2015. The thing here in MG is tough

  5. @manmode360 Avatar

    Aliens STD 🥒💧

  6. @goodciro Avatar

    Brazilians got jre into ET de Varginha..

  7. @laboomy1000 Avatar

    So in 1996 there were no video cameras no regular cameras no news stations 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. @Yourroyalhighness-oh7kk Avatar

    😂😂😂 bullshit

  9. @jill3686 Avatar

    I've heard of that.

  10. @jakeroark7704 Avatar

    Hahaha 🤣 Joe's a moron hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  11. @ElijahLawrence-fs8jy Avatar

    That's what he gets for touching it stop touching everything

  12. @rapanuiorion9784 Avatar

    Do you guys know that when the military police Mr Marco Cherese came to his house to change his clothes after having delivered the alien his father asked what was going on he just answered by saying that he couldn’t talk about anything then but soon people would know about something which would change the whole world. Unfortunately he died soon after that and the Brazilian military together with the US government covered up the whole case.

  13. @McTaco Avatar

    Alien in Brazil- “Hey- that guy just stole my wallet!”

  14. @Lynnchev686 Avatar

    I wonder if they R the ones spraying CORONA down here

  15. @Darkevilish Avatar

    It's fake man use your mind don't just believe whatever you are being told.

  16. @Intel8Agent Avatar

    Joe's getting real desperate for material…😂

  17. @JayBobJayBob Avatar

    Now here’s another bloated face, Joe Rogan, talking his alien conspiracy BS. Is the bloated face due to the AI as in other clips?

  18. @Rob-vs8ye Avatar

    There is a really old video game based on this too. Weird game.

  19. @malajamesaaaa Avatar

    What do you gain by this knowledge? Who gets benefitted by what you say with your foul mouth?

  20. @AlphaBravo860PlaysFarlig-bl2bs Avatar


  21. @zagmire_flowers Avatar

    This should be made into a movie

  22. @Henry-Ludlow Avatar

    I love aliens 👽

  23. @josefbrych3900 Avatar
  24. @soflbchboi Avatar

    So where is the body today and where are the pics of this alien/foreign creature?

  25. @slacker-is5oq Avatar

    I was watching a documentary of Aliens in Brazil. There was a guy who saw something following him. He locked himself in hiss house then a be of light was shot into his house and hit him. Long story he then got blisters and his skin started to melt off him. Apparently it happened a few times

  26. @kirkarenga3016 Avatar

    Where can I find the video

  27. @timhensley3695 Avatar

    Maybe what God did to detour humans and Angels from reproducing again post flood.

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