Conservative Asks Charlie Kirk When He Can Start Killing Leftists

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20 responses to “Conservative Asks Charlie Kirk When He Can Start Killing Leftists”

  1. @thrasher.tv6282 Avatar

    but the democrats get to kill a bunch of people during when the mainstream media continues to tell America that racism is still present in our country. fun fact, the KKK and the confederacy of The Civil War were started by a group of democrats😮😮

  2. @asoncalledjoshua2210 Avatar

    Millions upon Millions upon Millions of Americans feel EXACTLY the same way as the guy asking the question.
    We are fed the fuck up and want our lives to be normal again and are tired of it all.


  3. @walterconcrete5017 Avatar

    An amazing product of Republican indoctrination. What do you hope to achieve with another Trump presidency?

  4. @travisfreeman7541 Avatar

    Wow guy is uneducated never watching crap content again.

  5. @consultroi Avatar

    So your schools havent mandated vaccines and shots in order to take part of public service education? We didnt have our employees rejected for refusing to show a medical card to get into government and public facilities for work? Both trump, bill gates and Biden havent profited substantially off of the suffering of people… oh and we didnt have taxation without representation where we prepaid every dose of shot at $23 plus send billions that went into political lobbyist pockets voting on state of emergency despite knowing now that we had natural remedies that worked just fine? Oh and covid relief bill definitely didnt send money to construction projects, political and military efforts overseas that had absolutely nothing to do with covid, but you're right.. you're a very educated host….

  6. @thirdmonkeyent_llc Avatar

    Kyle Kulinski says if your business says you have to get a vaccine to take it up with them. But advocate for minimum wages. Lol. He's too stupid to understand the irony there. Kyle will cry that people can't just quit their job if they don't like their pay, which they can, but when it comes to the vaccine, oh just take it up with them. Lol. Kyle, you are the most intellectually dishonest, arrogant political pundit I've ever seen or heard.

  7. @thirdmonkeyent_llc Avatar

    And funny how Kyle has no problem with Antifa and BLM burning down cities and looting and perpetrating mass amounts of violence for seven months all because a black guy overdosed in police custody.

  8. @leomate8301 Avatar

    LMAOOOO! The only good thing this Conservative asked Zionist Shill Kirk.

  9. @kinglouie2780 Avatar

    This page and/or person talking is a POS

  10. @jakedilbeck7107 Avatar

    may be disturbing but its an honest question, in the way things are going civil war is coming and many want to know when its time to stand up. that being said i dont want anyone to die, im just trying to explain what that man was probably more so trying to get at

  11. @jerkinmcdikus6603 Avatar

    Its not Disturbing it's reasonable to ask after the summer of love covid lockdowns forced vaccines billions sent to iran the open border

  12. @chrisdaniel1339 Avatar

    Maybe when he talks about "medical fascism" he is talking about the for-profit health systems in this country and even if a hospital says they are non-profit they are for profit the profits are just going to expanding their facilities, grabbing market share in a particular region, giving big bonuses to the C-suit and board members, and providing expensive medical care. The other part of this could be the medical insurance industry that loves to take your premiums, your co-pays, your co-insurance, and then when you really need to use your insurance does not cover your entire bill or even worse deny a procedure pre-approval your doctor sent to them and they denied the test(s) or imaging that you desperately need for the doctor to make a diagnosis. The person cannot afford to pay for the tests out of pocket so the person does not get the tests because their insurance wont pay and the persons disease process advances or in the case of cancer that was only in one organ of the body, waiting means it metastasizes through they lymph system to other major organs/ systems which is likely a death sentence for a lot of people.

  13. @timothyshirley5918 Avatar

    Without that soft mandate, the businesses would not require it

  14. @David-bn6lu Avatar

    What makes it a "disturbing question"?

  15. @TheUnknownSwan Avatar

    No one actually asked "when can we kill leftist's?"…just so you know.

  16. @theyoungdaee7155 Avatar
  17. @SlimShady-oc1qh Avatar

    Not sure who this guy is but I hope he called out BLM and antifa for their violence and the 30 some dead during the 2020 race riots.

  18. @leonharrison800 Avatar

    When do the kkk and Kirk defenders defend peace??? Comedy central

  19. @jasonhowland2903 Avatar

    I’m not hearing him say leftist. I’m hearing him say when do we stand up to the tyranny

  20. @MetalManiac1911 Avatar

    Based. That’ll be a great day

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