College Student Finds it “Unsettling” Charlie Exposes WOKE College Professors

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33 responses to “College Student Finds it “Unsettling” Charlie Exposes WOKE College Professors”

  1. @donnayork4533 Avatar

    Thought that "colors thought" is still free speech, and is, in fact, called TEACHING.

  2. @lesliematyas1921 Avatar

    the real problem is that this student wants to obey the prof;s statements without any real dicscussions .

  3. @riku2193 Avatar

    And then he said it's ok when we do it.

  4. @CopperNic1972 Avatar
  5. @lloron6 Avatar

    The most retarded type of conversation.

    "I belief in free speech but i think there is a problem in what you are saying so you should stop"

  6. @abehambino Avatar

    Knowing the biases of someone espousing to be an expert used to be called integrity in teaching. When we write papers, aren’t we told we need to take our sources’s biases into account? Why then would we not consider those of the one teaching? They are are source like any other and the sooner we stop treating them like gods just because it’s cool to praise how hard it is to be a teacher, the sooner people can actually start learning.

  7. @TL-dw4hp Avatar

    I have to start by saying I’m a fan.. the clickbait title is quite obvious though. I had to double take. Way to get the leftys to click and give it a view 😂. They see “student triggers Charlie” in red and click to watch. Guaranteed.

  8. @chrispile3878 Avatar

    The kid is wrong, and Charlie is right.

  9. @davidchoate512 Avatar

    This young lad is either naive or he’s suppressing free speech and is a fascist and propagandist. Trying to hide the truth.

  10. @davidchoate512 Avatar

    The democrats do not like it when their own game is played on them.

  11. @robertrobinson5608 Avatar

    why are all these morons talking about their feelings, get the hell over it boohoo

  12. @toocoolgames5700 Avatar

    Bruh that’s not any different then rate my professor lol

  13. @howardrichburg2398 Avatar

    His parents made and raised him. Are tney responsible for all the stupid things he does as an adult? NO!

  14. @superginrai8036 Avatar

    This kid has no idea how free speech works.

  15. @Durzo1259 Avatar

    This is perhaps the most astounding display of cognitive dissonance I've ever seen. A self-styled champion of free speech, who claims that making the truth known to the public is a bad thing because it might lead to people doing bad things.

  16. @jhonjay11 Avatar

    This guy is the DEFINITION of snowflake

  17. @vtencouchclimbr267 Avatar

    I hope one day he watches this and thinks about how contradictory and stupid he sounds

  18. @kenhiett5266 Avatar

    According to this guys flawed logic, we shouldn't critique anyone for anything.

  19. @Frank-se1il Avatar

    Yeah this guy is cool. Eventually he will get it and become conservative. He almost has it but he keeps asking the wrong questions.

  20. @jgray4234 Avatar

    Why would you want to be taught by a professor that is not teaching, but promoting their ideas, politics and views to poison and brainwash students? I would want a teacher that sticks to the subject being taught and not risk wasting my money on one who is likely to go away from what they are supposed to stick to in class. Those who are radical outside the class are a high risk and usually bringing it into the classroom. They have a an agenda and have become too free to push that.

  21. @gengarpokemon7731 Avatar

    when idiots are sooo wrong keep proving how stupid they are. at least he didn't resort to screaming and cursing

  22. @MrMcguire89 Avatar

    College is not somewhere you go to learn or express critical thought. It's overtly politized, and largely used for indoctrination purposes. Go to a trade school and learn something useful.

  23. @rickharris5485 Avatar

    This kid is smart enough to look back on this when he's grown and say "how dumb could I be?".

  24. @ericksantos4555 Avatar

    I was raised pretty liberal. As an adult, after carefully listening to those on the left, I found my views leaning towards the conservative side.

  25. @jadelee6555 Avatar

    Has this kid never heard of RateMyProfessor? That site essentially does the same thing, just without a political agenda.
    It's simply the shared experiences of students.

  26. @opsatr Avatar

    Good conversation.
    He just didn't realize how he was contradicting himself.
    I hope he sees this video and watches it a few times over. Maybe he'll get it in time.

  27. @richjohnson-im1qr Avatar

    they just dont know how to get out of their own way… "inciting violence"? really? clowns. enjoy the college debt bud!

  28. @jeffgannon5586 Avatar

    I was truly amazed the student kept it civil. I was equally amazed how closed his mind was when he was complaining that publishing statements made students not have an open mind with certain professors.

  29. @wilcross50 Avatar

    Shoulda listened to mccarthy

  30. @jerryperry5242 Avatar

    Although I disagreed with the student, it's good to see that for once, someone can actually have a calm and rationally discussion over political differences.

  31. @bertvsrob Avatar

    imagine being unsettled by anything ever ahahaha

  32. @ShamaDoolah Avatar

    We want the very best Professors to teach the future Adults in America, and these Professors are not the very best.

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