Charlie Kirk TERRIFIED Of “Woke Ketchup” | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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28 responses to “Charlie Kirk TERRIFIED Of “Woke Ketchup” | The Kyle Kulinski Show”

  1. @scotthullinger4684 Avatar

    Woke people are NOT sane.
    Sane people are terrified by EVERYTHING woke – as it should be.

  2. @listeinn Avatar

    People are making money by taking the weakest arguments of each other and "looking smart" ☯

  3. @thegator589 Avatar

    I hate living in this country. I truly honest to god hate it to the point that I’m suicidal…. This place is such a joke. I don’t even care if things have to be hard, I just want them to not be so fucking STUPID all the time, and Americans CANNOT stop being STUPID

  4. @NemoEtNihil Avatar

    Well, at least he has his conservative coffee.

  5. @miken.1705 Avatar

    Guys you have to understand the wokeifacation of ketchup it their last step of their master plan today your ketchup tomorrow your children…that or Charle Kirk is a dumbass

  6. @johnandrews2768 Avatar

    It's easy to laugh at Charlie Kirk but if you were confronted with a bottle of woke ketchup what you do?

  7. @mk23theman85 Avatar

    Has any republican ever just searched up what the term WOKE even means

  8. @vehnashur2771 Avatar

    Will Charlie explode if you remind him how much wokeness he has injested? How much woke has been transformed into body tissue….hold up transformed…..trans……formed…..will the woke food make him trans? This must terrify him.
    Ron Desantis .akes so much more sense now….

  9. @goldwolf0606 Avatar

    To dude used to put out good content, now he’s Charlie Kirk of the left.

  10. @mckproductions2385 Avatar

    It must be really nice to live with nothing else to do and no responsibilities other than to worry about projecting their sterile musings into a condiment.

  11. @josue.ortega Avatar

    1:26 a company that makes coffee, but homophobically 💀

  12. @perryjohnson6461 Avatar

    The Daily Wire made the chocolate brand in response to Hershey, not Nestle.

  13. @kalebaldwin5398 Avatar

    So, if he sees a bottle of “woke” ketchup, he’ll faint like Tony Soprano when he opened the cupboard and saw a box of Uncle Ben’s rice?

  14. @derpeth2101 Avatar

    Ketchup = red
    Communism = red

  15. @BartjeB289 Avatar

    Funny. It's funny because there are a ton of companies that have been cancelled by the left in the last few years for the same reasons. Both the (extreme) left and right are f'n stupid. Including Kyle.

  16. @Ihvnnm Avatar

    @4:00 I think there is plenty of Republicans who would be a-ok with slavery, there must be a "few" who would go "Huh, genius business strategy, maximum profits."

  17. @MrNiceguyofficial Avatar

    These republicans today.. "I cant set the VCR" "I cant open a bag of airilne peanuts" Im a freakin MORON! 😉

  18. @johnfollansbee1375 Avatar

    Kyle should debate charlie kirk again. Now a days it would be a historic bloodbath🤣

  19. @MWhaleK Avatar

    Attack of the woke tomatos!

  20. @SteveLionProducer Avatar

    In a free society.. ppl have the freedom to question and support whatever they want. The fact you made a segment about this 💀

  21. @joselora516 Avatar

    Coffee !!! So let's look at the company and let's look at who picks that coffee and let's look at the wages?
    Banana wars ?
    Coffee wars

  22. @sdsamara Avatar

    Wait til he finds out all the condiments are owned by the same corporate conglomerates that only care about money and don’t give a crap about conservative viewpoints 😅

  23. @naomibeery8098 Avatar

    I think you are wrong. I dont want to support companies that are supporting thing i dont go for. Its call choices. Everyone does this. You decide where to eat and buy your clothes. Boycott is something you probably do too!

  24. @DoubleHelixReviews Avatar

    Kyle can say all this but we all know he's still in bed with big seltzer.

  25. @SocialistStrike Avatar

    Kyle, why does this matter? We know these right wing pundits are the biggest snowflakes and the louder they cry, the more normal people back away. They truly don't matter.

    You should be stirring up your base to vote green, vote down ballot dems, and attend climate, medicare, antiwar, and pro-LGBT protests. You should be giving updates on the squad and other "progressive" dems who are fucking the base over.

  26. @jimstineman638 Avatar

    Your destroying America with hatred. STOP THE LIES AND HATE

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