Charlie Kirk STUMPS Liberal, Pro-Choice College Student | 1 Corinthians 2:14

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The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he …

45 responses to “Charlie Kirk STUMPS Liberal, Pro-Choice College Student | 1 Corinthians 2:14”

  1. @Andrea-LovesYouStill Avatar

    Sometimes admitting you’re dumbfounded is the smartest thing you can say.

  2. @Roedeadeye Avatar

    I'm on your side when it comes to abortion but arguing against your god is one of the easiest arguments for any atheist or agnostic with two brain cells.

  3. @tz3218 Avatar

    Funny he say ‘mother’ as he’s describing the right to infanticide.

  4. @Dr.Right-sn2zv Avatar


  5. @owemylife Avatar

    How about when it moves out of its mothers basement?

  6. @tripsando5059 Avatar

    Šta bi bilo od tog demokrate/marksista, da je njegova majka odlučila da ga ne rodi! Da je majka abortirala?

  7. @Stephanlabize Avatar

    It's got nothing to do with God, my man…🤨

  8. @josephleonard1724 Avatar

    It's not a God argument. It's a science argument. Arguing on the grounds of because one religion says something vs another view is stupid because it's subjective. Charlie Kirk argues from science because it's objective

  9. @LapisBlock Avatar

    He says 26 weeks, but most abortions and it's something on planned parenthood's website, most abortions shouldn't be or won't be past 24 weeks sooooo

  10. @racheljustrachel2732 Avatar

    If you dont want a baby or be responsible for one. Dont have sex. Therefore you dont have an abortion. Men who are like this person you can tell us irresponsible. They just want the fun without responsibility.

  11. @racheljustrachel2732 Avatar


  12. @jenniferoutlaw1975 Avatar

    The student is admitting there is a baby by saying "the mother…"

  13. @samsolomon2696 Avatar

    You're dumbfounded 💯

  14. @HarryMarsee-fw9ot Avatar

    She did have the right to choose. She could have told her lover "Either use a condom or we are done here;" but, now she is FIGHTING for the right to risk uncontrolled bleeding; the right to be incapacitated for days, the right ti suffer pain while recovering, the right to have her conscious weighed doenn for DECADES rather than just tell the man, "You must wear a comdom".

    Am I the ONLY one who thinks that's STUPID? The guy ups and leaves. He's done, he has no further commitment, he has no further responsibilities.

    If I were a rambliing man I'd make sure to keep condoms on me at all times to ensure that I wouldn't be entrapped. Birth control is so easy and cheap. I dont even understand why women are fighting for the "right" to have an abortion??? Does that make any sense to anybody?

  15. @thomasodetinape4180 Avatar

    Cells, heartbeat, Brain= human

  16. @roisebongjerry3328 Avatar

    You are dumbfounded. If women can make decisions about that, then man should have decision about not paying child support. Because the money his gonna spend is not gonna be spent on his kids.

  17. @Yaaqov-yk9gt Avatar

    Notice how majority of these pro choice people have never had children

  18. @Yaaqov-yk9gt Avatar

    So by his logic killing the child 1 minute before dilation is moral. Morons

  19. @shootsbraw Avatar

    This has NOTHING to do with your god…

  20. @my_dog_ollie Avatar

    This debate is crazy. Women always say that men should not have an opinion….unless it is pro murder

  21. @michaelgranberg3468 Avatar

    He's happy he wasn't aborted.

  22. @raymorales2737 Avatar

    How does the sperm swim if they're not alive?

  23. @twistedivy7166 Avatar

    What if this guy's mom chose to abort him?!

  24. @bencavallero6776 Avatar

    When you have an opposing comment, it fails to post. That's suspicious as hell to me

  25. @Thutenhun Avatar

    The University system sends them out with fingers in ears, hands over eyes… all with the same, uniform views on subjects, same politics. You might as well send your kid into a cult for four years.

  26. @blickedxb Avatar

    It is a scientific fact that life begins at conception. It's disturbing how much the left likes to cherry pick from science…

  27. @kenfisher3373 Avatar

    Because these college "students" are complete dumbarses

  28. @Msfrevon Avatar

    Arguing against God? The Bible says that the breath of life, is when we become a living being.

  29. @ceciliajlopez8188 Avatar

    More like dumb-not founded😢 life is at conception❤

  30. @faschwank Avatar

    Don't try to outsmart college students. They know EVERYTHING!

  31. @ruthhadfield9726 Avatar

    the more i watch these arguments the more i see that there isnt actually a logic argument for abortion

  32. @frankgriffin6096 Avatar

    Nobody really cares what you believe curly head. When the sperm Hits the Sea the conception starts. That's a proven fact we all started that way. The baby's body is the baby's body not the mother's body.

  33. @silencehypocrites Avatar

    Stupid liberal circular logic

  34. @nbMaster-ex3xb Avatar

    Did this nigga fr just call Charlie god? Or is he saying god as in the morals I’m really hoping the second one😭

  35. @maryannvillarreal7341 Avatar

    Hmmmm ,…..that young man should ask his mom when he became a nobody to a somebody….and she tell him he didnt matter in the womb or a baby cuz even a birn baby doesn't experience memory after birth

  36. @user-yy9eo8mq1b Avatar

    If a woman willingly has sex, she's given consent to be pregnant.

  37. @delak7 Avatar

    Discussing morality with a liberal is as pointless as explaining basic biology to a brick wall. Both won’t get it, but at least the wall has a stronger moral compass than liberals.

  38. @MariusVayne85 Avatar

    So when the child still in the womb kicking or moving is not considered living being but a clump of cells? Even it is the clump of cells at 1st isn't that consider living being when it grows into a baby….

  39. @dawnmaze7129 Avatar

    please dont call a woman who is pregnant a mother. Mothers are women who carry and raise their children with love and do their best for them. Biological egg donors dont count.

  40. @1994wildchild Avatar

    "We're not going to anywhere if can't agree on when the being comes into existences" he destroyed his own argument and logic right there, because if the being doesn't exist then why is a procedure needed to stop its existance? These people always have circular reasoning, and its getting them nowhere but backwards

  41. @markbailey8272 Avatar

    You can run to God but you cannot run from Him

  42. @Nunyabusiness180 Avatar

    So you become a mother when you have a child. That statement alone says the fetus is a child and not a bunch of cells or else she wouldn’t be called a mother until the child was born. Liberals😂😂😂😂😂open mouth insert foot.😂😂

  43. @Ps91Is41 Avatar

    So educated, so much foolishness. True students will follow true science.

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