Charlie Kirk STANDS UP For The Second Amendment 👀🔥 #shorts

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46 responses to “Charlie Kirk STANDS UP For The Second Amendment 👀🔥 #shorts”

  1. @ziimbrotmg3981 Avatar

    I hate the car comparison, the purpouse of car is not killing its getting you from point A to B, the GUN was made and designed to kill that the only thing that its good for it doesnt have any other use

  2. @w0lfr0gue53 Avatar

    The incidents the anti-gun crowd cite almost exclusively involve illegal obtained guns.

  3. @woodsie315 Avatar

    I m glad someone finally said it. The 2A isn't about hunting or self defense, those are just fringe benefits.

  4. @antoniofreeman8264 Avatar

    Actually a good answer. I agree

  5. @user-nb8yt2il2r Avatar

    "So you believe that by making guns illegal, criminals are still going to get their hands on guns, correct?"
    Gee, lets think about it. Prohibiting alcohol didnt stop people from drinking alcohol, it just led to organized crime in the first place, along with the human cost of that. Prohibiting drugs didnt stop people from doing drugs, it just led to the creation of the cartels, and the human cost of that. Remember the ban on chip imports to china? Did it stop people from smuggling graphics cards in?

  6. @user-nb8yt2il2r Avatar

    Prohibition on alcohol led to the creation of the Mob, prohibition on drugs led to the creation of the cartels. Prohibition of guns leads to???

  7. @garydonner7303 Avatar
  8. @MWAclanGaming Avatar

    This guy really said if guns are illegal then criminals will still get guns illegally, duh how do you think everyone in the hood and Chicago have guns.

  9. @HondaGuy1988 Avatar

    Guns don’t kill people people kill people

  10. @Xyler94 Avatar

    Guys, the 2nd Amendment doesn't work against the US Government. Why would they be scared of you? Do you understand what going to war against your government would do?

    I can't believe you people actually think the 2nd will keep you safe… especially with how often you guys like to break the 1st…

  11. @oceanichelicopter4240 Avatar

    "guns are going to kill people so lets not even try to protect asnyone" – charlie kirk the guy as stupid as his haircut

  12. @Meinan4370 Avatar

    This can go to a lot of things smoking is more negative than good. But the costs of a black market and criminality of tobacco underground industry permeating in society and the cost to maintain the policing is not worth it. Better to have liberty than not.

  13. @peterfroese5868 Avatar

    Now if only there was as much oversight and regulation on guns in the US as there was on vehicles.

    Hey, you need to pass a written and practical exam to be able to own a gun. Oh and if you want an AR you need to take a longer training course, a more stringent exam, and take medical exams every few years to upkeep your license… yeah treating base gun ownership like a drivers license and more advanced stuff like a CDL would solve most of my complaints with gun regulation. Good analogy!

  14. @David-77 Avatar

    Drugs are illegal yet tons of children still die by them. Criminals dont gaf about laws, thats why theyre criminals

  15. @jordanashen3811 Avatar

    Has nobody head of the black market???

  16. @justinbausman7122 Avatar

    I love me an intelligent argument

  17. @TruthSeeker-uo5uf Avatar

    What's the Transportation Code define a Driver as?

  18. @austen9556 Avatar

    We glamorize gangbangin and then wonder where all the violence comes from white kids in Canada want to be crack dealers we need to put a stop to rap and gang culture and get women out of the work force so someone’s raising our kids

  19. @austen9556 Avatar

    The government really trying to make it illegal to die

  20. @austen9556 Avatar

    Well look at Canada something like 80% of firearm deaths are suicide and like 80% of firearm related crimes or something is committed by 3d printed guns I don’t know the exact stats but search it up for yourself
    I believe it was crimes in Toronto

  21. @freedomisntfree131 Avatar

    "Those who sacrifice Freedom for Security, deserve neither." – Ben Franklin

  22. @VhamonDaGoat Avatar

    Ain‘t no way bro is actually comparing deaths by accidents to deaths caused by some idiot using a gun 💀
    As a European I find it funny how y‘all are arguing about that stuff lol

  23. @user-kq7nk2oq5k Avatar

    America was fucked when they made that law lmao it’s to late to change it now

  24. @edplax1 Avatar

    Ok dummies listen up. Any machinist who has access to a lathe can make a working gun in about 20 minutes. Now the bad guy has a gun and you don't. Nope. I'm PRO 2ND.

  25. @willbekker5098 Avatar

    Why are the safest countries on earth also where civilian gun ownership and training is compulsory. Why do countries with extreme gun control also have horrible violent crime rates.

  26. @demertechofficial4044 Avatar

    I have a different stance. My country is extremely strict on firearm ownership (i myself am I firearms enthuisiast) and the process of legally acquiring a firearm can take over a year and lots of money and there are heavy restrictions, tests etc. only 6% of the population owns any sort of firearms. That being said we have the highest murder rates in the world. Just like prohibition in the state the black market grows and law abiding citizens are the knly people left without a means of self defence. Its like a sheep handing over it's horns because theyre scared of wolves.

  27. @Vdogg13 Avatar

    Guns are already illegal, for criminals. Criminals can get a gun easier than a legal purchaser. Democrats can not comprehend this.

  28. @samychabouh1238 Avatar

    Well said Charlie. The funny part is though in that comparison Charlie actually compared a privileged to a right. Driving isn’t protected in the constitution. The government is fully capable of taking away your privilege to drive but they aren’t allowed by the constitution to make the public surrender guns!

  29. @rocketmaster8726 Avatar

    Putting in laws that say you need a licence to own a gun doesn’t conflict with the second amendment. With Laws in place you would still be able to legally own a gun if you go through the right steps and it would make it a million times easier to find the people who do commit gun related crimes because they would likely have a gun tied to their licence or you would know if they didn’t have a licence that the people who do have one, did nothing wrong. You don’t need protecting if there is mo danger and with laws in place it significantly reduces the danger. There is no downside to having these laws in place

  30. @grguy793 Avatar

    Behavior always chooses to pull the trigger on a gun.

  31. @Bobthebuilder850 Avatar

    Some drugs are illegal people still get them

  32. @MyTrickyTricks Avatar

    But when we try and get self driving vehicles, you no longer accept a single death in traffic. Check that one out.

  33. @chrisg4805 Avatar

    I don’t get why people always make the car analogy, cars can cause deaths but are made for transportation. Guns can cause deaths and were made for killing/harming.

  34. @mathewjames1935 Avatar

    Unfortunately. If a 2nd Civil war breaks out…there will be no will be a complete and utter shit show. Everyome ambushing ans betraying and spying on everyone..

  35. @enclaveleader6245 Avatar

    You take away one right one of our rights any of our rights can be taken away, including the first

  36. @enclaveleader6245 Avatar

    There is a reason why we have the second amendment and I’ll tell you why! It is because China Russia, North Korea in any hostile country fears us and doesn’t wanna attack us on the ground because we’re the most well armed country in America. It’s not the military you’re fighting against not just the military but the people People arms with shotguns rifles, pistols, AR, you name it. By a time the Democrats take away, our guns are right to bare arms. we lose that deterrent I’m not talking about nukes

  37. @cam6202 Avatar

    Yeah look at the UK, sure there are less firearm deaths but the stabings and bludgeonings make up for it. In Japan, Ireland and France there have been multiple mass stabbings. Every human should have the right to defend life and liberty, we need to work on the cause of the crime and not put a bandade and say we fixed it.

  38. @AndrewJTCooper-ks1ng Avatar

    Freedom comes with responsibility

  39. @scottmiller6955 Avatar

    So, to protect driving fatalities we have, speeding limits, age limits, and seat belt laws. We can do more to control gun usage without giving up our rights. Other countries have better answers (Canada). We should learn from them.

  40. @ronaldbien3673 Avatar
  41. @Zemanbeast Avatar

    Good thing drugs are illegal

  42. @andrewolfgang389 Avatar

    let's say this SLOWLY, i'll add emphasis where needed: "so you believe by making guns illegal, CRIMINALLLLLLSSSSSSS are still going to get their hands on guns, correct?"
    let's define: CRIMINAL – n. a person who has committed a crime. if possessing a gun is illegal, and a criminal commits crimes, why the FUCK would a criminal obey that law? this is why leftist thinking is absolutely stupid.

  43. @ryanf2988 Avatar
  44. @coreymerrill3257 Avatar

    Idk who needs to learn this , but gun use saves roughly 500,000-2,000,000 lives per year. The worst ever year for gun deaths saw less than 40,000…that's including self defense use , police shootings, accidents ,unintentional discharges and a few other categories combined . On top of that, every year 2.5 million +( or more, 2.5 million is low end) lives are saved by it being public knowledge that anyone could be armed. This is based on the ongoing Obama study to quantify guns and gun violence and surveys given to violent criminals in prison by the u.s. department of corrections . Millions of lives are saved yearly for a cost of thousands. If we look at criminal use alone , because that's what is touted most as the danger .it's about 18,000 lives lost in the worst year ever. We need to educate about guns more. We need to figure out meaningful punishments for violent criminals , we need to address mental health issues . In the mean time ,we could get rid of gun free zones and actually save lives by doing so. Tangible ,measurable lives saved ( Just one life saved is a success right?! Antigun people?! That's what you say about gun bans ) . Arming volunteer, trained faculty and staff in schools saves lives. You advertise the school has armed personnel but NOT WHO and NOT HOW MANY. The arms are to be concealed , the kids will never see them without an attack happening . Send some tax dollars to schools for armored panels and windows and doors. There is an entire industry that makes ballistic protection that does not look institutional . It could be desk tops and black boards and projector/ smart screens/dry erase boards with ballistic backing. This is stuff we can do now that will save lives. not just in speculation . The kids won't feel imprisoned, they won't be traumatized without parents seeing to it that they are. Faculty and staff can actually protect the kids . Anyone who doesn't want to protect the kids lives in a rare emergency should not be responsible for them anyway. We also have thousands of ex military and police who would happily become armed hall monitors , janitors , grounds keepers, onsite security teams for rapid response with rifles. Most of you antigun people don't seem to know why you don't like guns that you know nothing about . You just repeat what the news says or politicians rhetoric or repeating what the view said with no original , meaningful thought behind it. Education on guns and ammunition would show you just how much b.s. you are being fed without any idea it is wrong or made to spark your imaginations and direct them to negative extremes . You have no balance to what little information is correct. "Common sense " requires education on the topic in order for it to be grounded in reality. Such as, around half to just over half of the lives saved by gun use/ public knowledge of possible armament are children . We ARE saving kids . We ARE saving lives. We ARE increasing public safety . It's not if we do such and such and pass these new laws and villainize these people things may get better , we ARE ALREADY MAKING IT BETTER ! look at where we find the most issues. Look at when we have the most issues. It's almost always in gun control areas and gun crime is always at its worst under antigun administrations and immediately after they leave office. Clintons, Obama's ,now Biden's. All the worst for gun crimes and deaths ever recorded . It starts about a year into their holding office and lasts about a year, maybe two years beyond. The trends show in the gun violence graphs found in the CDC website and ATF website .

  45. @n0tzuck Avatar

    isn't it kinda sus to record someone's car or is it just me

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