Charlie Kirk SLAMS Men Competing In Women's Sports

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24 responses to “Charlie Kirk SLAMS Men Competing In Women's Sports”

  1. @broadband1820 Avatar

    I'm so glad when I was a kid that my parents didn't poke one of my eyes out and cut my leg in half because I thought I was a pirate.

  2. @amieweymouth992 Avatar

    He’s a cheat! Yessssss

  3. @steveapelman1488 Avatar

    Joke about dog fight. Asking champ what kind of dog is that? Well, before the nose job and tail bobbing- it was an ALLIGATOR. Gators are not dogs, Men are not women.

  4. @allducts847 Avatar

    Let's give them a in-between category so they can compete amongst them as a "divergent" species just to stop the crap.

  5. @sharonnycum5414 Avatar

    They are all demons in training. Demoncrats.😅

  6. @repeat911 Avatar

    Everone has the right to live as they wish in their personal and private lives, however in public societal rules and norms should be followed.

  7. @sterlingarcher1962 Avatar

    That little girl's voice is deeper than one would expect.

  8. @MatthewDePasse-sm9qf Avatar

    This is a very disturbing situation. How anyone can see this transgender men competing against women is simply beyond comprehension. It’s obvious that they just want to destroy society.. that they just want to bend society to there will.

  9. @janepayneful Avatar

    Thank you for standing up for women Charlie Kirk ❤

  10. @lesterparrales3921 Avatar

    Not only that. Why is it that women who identify as men arent asking for the same right to compete in mens sports?

  11. @margcraven2976 Avatar

    These people have mentle problems people were fine if they want to dress up in the privacy of there own home but these are just idiots

  12. @DrnknMc Avatar

    Show us all, the number of women trans to men, that enter sports to dominate against men?

  13. @user-ef4uz7oc4s Avatar

    Satan is alive and well.

  14. @wolfhound1149 Avatar

    the left has always insisted that the 99 bow down to the one. that one person ( usually deranged) is more important than everyone else.

  15. @richardhuffman-oy8ng Avatar

    The Question SHOULD BE… Why do we allow People to change their sex!! Why do we allow people of the same sex get

  16. @MariusVayne85 Avatar

    Very simple fix…. Make trans category sports….
    Ohhhh… They did implement that but the trans organisation were piss

  17. @davyp2993 Avatar

    Tell it like it is, Bro,!

  18. @andriesvanderwalt1849 Avatar

    Why don't they just start a transgender sports category simple I tel you why because it's easier to beat woman as far as I'm concerned it's the same as wife beating enough said

  19. @user-vb7tj5pz1q Avatar

    Let’s start calling cats dogs and horses cows 😂😂😂😂😂

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