Charlie Kirk Said The Quiet Part Out Loud. Why Are People Mad At Him?

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24 responses to “Charlie Kirk Said The Quiet Part Out Loud. Why Are People Mad At Him?”

  1. @hede_the_call Avatar

    Prior to 2016, a black person in a movie was… Just another character.
    Now, the automatic question is "were they a diversity hire?"

  2. @AliceCooperandJulieAndrews Avatar

    Nothing he said was racist!! Get over it! The people who call someone racist always take a particular comment out of context! They are quick to judge and point fingers but he/we are the racists!

  3. @robertstilson2901 Avatar


  4. @donquihote6023 Avatar

    They can't reason. If the policy is to Hire on other than Merit, and skill, a person should wonder regardless of Gender or Race. The World has gone crazy.

  5. @koroglurustem1722 Avatar

    You proved that you're just a partisan and you don't care about the truth. I am not saying that the left cares about the truth. But you showed that you don't care either.

  6. @ktlu416 Avatar

    I am an airline pilot, and I worked very hard for over 13 years to get to where I am. I am highly qualified, study hard, and continuously try to improve. It bothers me that there are people in the same position as me that didn’t have to put in the work and still don’t.

  7. @SebasTian58323 Avatar

    Basically, we now have a reason to doubt if any dei hires were hired due to their skill or because of who they were. Were they hired because they were the best for the job or were they hired to fill a quota and checkboxes?

  8. @tobywebb2112 Avatar

    The fact that you have to explain common sence to people that are on our fuggin side deeply worries me to my core.

  9. @scubasleeve3497 Avatar

    If the airline had not stated publicly that they will hire pilots based on race and not competence then this could be "racist". However, since they HAVE said this, this is just practical and logical, and NOT racist in any way.

  10. @user-wl6yd1gm3h Avatar

    The people pushing dei are the real racists. They believe people of color are unable to be successful without help. They are wrong. People of color are just as capable as anyone else.

  11. @Ashbringer85 Avatar

    Kirk is not racist, it's stupid.

  12. @timmiller1435 Avatar

    Just tell everyone he has autism

  13. @ILikeFreedomYo Avatar

    How is it racist to point out being troubled by racism? Its insane.

  14. @nathan3084 Avatar

    If I am in a situation where I am placing my life in someone else's hands, I want the best of the best. Don't care if I have to pay extra for it. My life means more to me than anyone else's life ever will. Couldn't care less if you are somehow half-man, half-woman and are every possibly skin tone simultaneously.

  15. @patchbro Avatar

    No one would wonder about the quality of a black or women pilot if the airlines did not say they are looking for pilots based on race or sex instead of competency

  16. @robithesir Avatar

    I'm a black guy and I've been thinking about this for months. DEI will make us a less trustworthy society. It's making it that in every situation where I see a white guy in a specific job, I instantly trust them more, which I hate, but it's the position we are in

  17. @jthrash9081 Avatar

    I disagree with what he said, I agree with what he meant.

  18. @Montorpedo Avatar

    As an American who has black skin. I don't think that's racist at all especially with this DEI and rushing qualifications for people that aren't qualified. I don't want an LGBT studies major flying me to Hawaii. In the same breath I also don't want a BLM terrorist behind the plane either. It's very scary to think this is the times were in.

  19. @Sweaty_Grandpa Avatar

    There they go again….The left creating racism one DEI hire at a time. Racism can NEVER die as long as the leftists are here stoking the embers of racism long past.

  20. @patrickm8894 Avatar

    Everyone and everything is racist.

  21. @sydneyfletcher5603 Avatar

    We need to stop prioritizing skin color over competence! We're all part of the human race!

  22. @andrewjackson5127 Avatar

    Kirk is correct. This is a continuation of the soft bigotry of low expectations. The most insidious form of racism so often practiced by the left. It's similar to the one where they say requiring ID for voting is racist because black people, whonnthey apparently think are stupid, don't know how to use the Internet or find the DMV. They are saying that black people cannot possibly be Pilots without special measures contained within DIE. It's the exact opposite of what you want to do to diversify your Workforce in the correct way. My guess is the absolute criminal condition of the inner-city schools, especially STEM, is one reason you don't have more black Pilots and you sure as hell need to fix that before you're going to get more and that's not up to the airline. You also have a left-wing media that every day tells black people that they're pieces of s**t and can't succeed in life because they're opressed which discourges them from seeking many career fields. The airline can't fix that with DIE. The left is keeping minorities down, they need to stop.

  23. @10onpump5 Avatar

    I’m all for diversifying, assuming people are qualified (especially to fly a fkn airplane?). The part that shocks me is they want to diversify non-white pilots while explicitly REDUCING the white pilot count? What? Why not develop a business model that increases supply and demand so much that you NEED all the pilots? Absolutely insane times to be alive. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in 200 years time to see what the history books say about us.

  24. @user-ct3mt2xm1x Avatar

    Wasn't there a black comedian who brought this up as well

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