Charlie Kirk PUTS AWAY Liberal Student Calling Him A “Fascist” πŸ‘€πŸ”₯

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23 responses to “Charlie Kirk PUTS AWAY Liberal Student Calling Him A “Fascist” πŸ‘€πŸ”₯”

  1. @robertross2390 Avatar
  2. @Wrexxxx Avatar

    Yay!! We’re fascists!!

  3. @januarydefrost1019 Avatar

    Liberals always step in their own dooky trying to prove a point they don’t have. They are everything they accuse others of.

  4. @SalFlores-tw4od Avatar

    Parents actually spend their hard earned money for these clowns to do nothing

  5. @ericrodriguez4146 Avatar

    Fascism:political and societal movement characterized a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, and forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural hierarchy, subordination of individual interests, for the perceived good of the nation or race. Contol!!!😀 😑 😠 🀬

  6. @nupski0078 Avatar

    Man bun calling shots, Charlie nailed it with who is more facist me or you trying to stop free speech. Fuck your feelings

  7. @Fiercetits Avatar

    It’s really sad these kids throw around terms they can’t define but so many of them just blindly believe it.

  8. @ipiercy Avatar

    Wait you’re not a fascist? But my friend said you were so I just believed him lmao

  9. @hwalker2797 Avatar

    Hitler is the definition of facism

  10. @michaelormond8511 Avatar

    I dont even know what that means and either do you so i dont care what you have to say because i know im not and that is what real truth is??? Thinkabout it ???

  11. @tb124.gaming Avatar

    Why are these young people keep using words that they have NO IDEA what they mean lol

  12. @ismayilarifoglu6226 Avatar

    This Lesbian male sounds like a fashist to me

  13. @cacaKILLS Avatar

    Dude over here identifying as a pinhead lol

  14. @jamesspencer1529 Avatar

    College kids need to learn about the world and stop parroting things they know nothing about.

  15. @dan6822 Avatar

    People REALLY need to learn what fascist means

  16. @shimori123 Avatar

    Idc words of a weak skin and bone diet male with a ponytail

  17. @MrMeowTheSecond Avatar

    No no I wanna hear his answer 🀣

  18. @electricman523 Avatar

    Ever notice how the anti-fascist liberals use fascism to get their way??

  19. @zacharyiler136 Avatar

    You'd think with all the money he borrowed to go to school he'd have learned the definition of words…..

  20. @IdentifyAsCorrect Avatar
  21. @dannyburke5765 Avatar

    The man bun says it all Shirley, just watch an old movie called wild in the streets.

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