Charlie Kirk Has Another Shockingly Dumb Take

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Charlie Kirk isn’t known for his critical thinking skills, but he recently took his stupidity to a whole new level by correlating the …

22 responses to “Charlie Kirk Has Another Shockingly Dumb Take”

  1. @user-qn9tm8yp5b Avatar

    He's popping up everywhere. Can't stand the guy. His only talent is a quick wit and massive ego that allows him to dupe naive people. In a long form serious debate he wouldn't stand a chance.

  2. @laureendiephof939 Avatar

    Man oh man, where does this ignorant person come from? He is delusional. Real Sad!

  3. @barrylyndongurley Avatar

    Kirk has taken the fine art of charlatanism to a whole, new level of expressivity. This is genius level idiocy!

  4. @justicejones5025 Avatar

    I know quite a few "liberals" who have built outward, grow gardens, mow their lawns. These activities have not turned them into conservatives.

  5. @directmale7168 Avatar

    Kirk wouldn’t recognise a weed if it grew from his penthouse window box

  6. @rtornquist Avatar

    If you want to build outward instead of up, then think of a way for mass transportation to be effective everywhere.

  7. @terrygrant9140 Avatar

    John calling someone stupid is ironic.

  8. @ambercanter2356 Avatar

    He said there were studies. Did you even look into them? Of course not. The only impressionable ppl are your audience who just believe your attacks on others without you actually addressing the argument. Dumb.

  9. @jayandrew7524 Avatar

    It's so great that you guys are STILL having trouble with facts and common do you guys even have jobs.

  10. @ChrisTian-cb5my Avatar

    He's 100% correct on this

  11. @brettdavidson3866 Avatar

    Is Charlie Kirk A Special Person I Don't Ask to Be Mean but We Have too many High-Rise Buildings so there left?

  12. @brynleyjones3635 Avatar

    I don't think it's shockingly stupid if it's coming from him

  13. @amygdala51 Avatar

    I hate this punchable tiny-faced chode. This is the young, dynamic "star" the religious right has to offer– a shit-for-brains arrogant virgin who thinks he knows everything, but only spouts idiocy, general hatred and Republican talking points.

  14. @dormedinaDK Avatar

    Kirk is a complete Moron. He is a complete joke

  15. @chibangin007 Avatar

    honestly he is stupid! Beyond stupid
    . He never worked. What bs does he do anyone thing, kirk should pop his gaint.. all lies.

  16. @chibangin007 Avatar

    Kirk belongs in a mental hospital!

  17. @vivaldireal1741 Avatar

    Charlie Kirk is the guy who’s like “ANYONE THAT DISAGREES WITH ME IS A LEFTIST”

  18. @davidpar2 Avatar

    LOL you are such try hards, tyt 😆🤡😆🤡😆🤡😆🤡

  19. @Feefa99 Avatar

    since when conservatives even care about housing crisis?

  20. @Scevenex Avatar

    There's multiple factors in why cities have more liberal views.

    1) Cities are by nature the most productive, competitive places in the area. You have to make more money to survive there, and that generally means being more educated. Rural places like farms or small countryside towns have low costs of living and jobs which don't require much education such as farming or retail.
    2) You are more interconnected. You see people of all types doing all sorts of things, encounter people who speak different languages and have different cultures. They have stories of many places and experiences. In rural communities, you are around the same few people all the time, and they probably look and sound exactly like you and rarely are there outsiders.
    3) Education. It's more available and it's better than in small town communities.
    4) It's constantly changing and adapting. This scares away conservatives who, as shown by many studies, have personalities that are very afraid of the unknown and of change.

  21. @aaronhunyady Avatar

    It's actually true though. Conservatism is a result of isolation within a narrow social group. Once you get to know neighbors and acquaintances with diverse backgrounds, you won't be a conservative for long. Conservatives only win as long as they keep their constituents ignorant of the people their policies harm.

  22. @gabrielacruz7814 Avatar

    To be fair, he’s promoting owning a house rather than renting. This is great advice, and helps people a lot to accumulate wealth and is a phenomenal long-term investment. Renting you don’t get anything back for your money and only enriches landlords.

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