Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Whatever Podcast?! Charlie Kirk vs. Feminists & E-Girls! | Dating Talk #130

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Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Whatever Podcast! ▶️ Michael Knowles DESTROYS Whatever Podcast: …

47 responses to “Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Whatever Podcast?! Charlie Kirk vs. Feminists & E-Girls! | Dating Talk #130”

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    🕘 Timestamps:

    0:00 Introduction

    1:30 Guest Intros

    3:40 Relationship

    6:10 Charlie Kirk gushes about his new joy and dating solutions

    9:20 "Being in the industry has strengthened our relationship" 🚩

    13:10 What is love?

    16:40 The fear of love and happiness.

    18:00 The different types of love and how to reach self-sacrifice

    23:40 Girls have FOMO with celibacy

    25:20 Charlie Kirk grills on having kids in the industry

    27:40 She thinks his kids will be put under the same scrutiny?! 🔥

    29:00 "Politics does more damage than the industry" (DELUSIONAL)

    31:30 Adult content as a drug

    37:30 What is his job 🇺🇲

    38:00 Would you date someone who isn't similarly politically aligned?

    45:30 The political gap between genders

    51:00 Back to the original question

    54:10 Feminism discussion 🔥

    57:20 What is a woman? (Charlie baffled by her definition)

    1:01:10 Can you classify age as a mindset? Gender is?! 🔥🔥

    1:05:30 Detransitioning and gender-affirming care

    1:08:20 The Woke medical industry 🤢🔥

    1:14:20 Can you tell a female from a male?

    1:21:20 She doesn't agree that men have different skill sets?!

    1:24:00 Superchats (Conversation on instant gratification and dopamine)

    1:29:50 The logic of being a Only Fans creator

    1:33:50 Dating and Transgenderism

    1:38:20 "You aren't entitled to know your date's genitals" 🔥

    1:45:30 Name 10 books?! 🤣

    1:50:10 Would you date someone who's pro-life?

    1:52:10 When does life begin?

    2:05:00 "They don't want the responsibility" (Charlie Kirk grills her) ✅🔥

    2:07:50 The downsides of hookup culture and abortion

    2:20:30 She misrepresents his argument, he calls her out

    2:22:20 Reasons for an abortion? Should the father have a say?

    2:26:10 Animal rights + Patriarchy

    2:31:00 Wearing a cross during content creation

    2:35:20 Bye Charlie! (Transition period) 👋

    2:49:40 Matchmaking for pxie 💘

    3:03:30 What does single look like?? Does content creating hurt dating?

    3:09:50 The hottest redpill podcasters according to DatePsychology

    3:14:50 Are marriage-minded men attractive in 2024?

    3:18:00 Her viral body count video

    3:20:20 Her trans experience and hypotheticals 🤣

    3:31:10 Bedroom gaps between genders

    3:36:00 Percentage of men who got them off?

    3:40:30 TTS: Do you guys realize that feminism is a lie? (Patriarchy discussion)

    3:44:30 Dolts discuss men having more rights and the draft 🔥

    3:50:40 Was the patriarchy stronger 100 years ago…? (DELUSIONAL) ✅

    3:56:10 The draft should be abolished?!

    4:04:40 TTS: Do you think you will regret your choices? + Superchats disclaimer

    4:15:10 Sugar daddies 🍭

    4:17:00 "I love bankrupting men" (OnlyFans) 🚩

    4:26:40 Tweet reactions + Toxic masculinity

    4:31:00 Vulnerability discussion

    4:37:30 Crying man reaction 🎥

    4:45:50 First kisses

    4:53:00 She watches her scenes with her conservative boyfriend?! (Brixan Cooks)🔥

    5:07:00 Brixan poses a poll to the chat

    5:21:20 Tweet reactions cont.

    5:25:50 Why are girls attracted to bad guys?

    5:28:40 Feminist thinks men can evade child support 🔥

    5:35:40 She wants a grand gesture + man-hating tweets

    5:49:20 Male vs. Female crime 🔥🔥

    5:55:10 Rating 1-10 (Brixan cooks)

    6:03:00 "Are you a traditional woman?"

    6:08:30 Tiktok reaction 🎥

    6:13:40 Simping + Brixan's nonprofit

    6:26:10 Pre-show notes ☄

    6:33:20 Does body count matter?

    6:42:10 Feminists disagree with body count reality🔥

    7:07:00 Outro

  2. @dexmod355 Avatar

    Its just annoying that some of these girls THINK they're so smart when they can't even define a woman. Its like their arrogance thinking they know something they know nothing about.

  3. @CitizenWeez Avatar

    can you stop bringing erin on.. she has no respect, is extremely dishonest and disingenuous and can only seem to talk about politics.

  4. @riogrl324 Avatar

    What a dumb response 😂🤣😂 “at least you’re not doing it only for the money” WAT DA 😂🤣😂

  5. @riogrl324 Avatar

    “Progressive legislation” 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  6. @ShaneHolly Avatar

    holy shit this panel is delusional

  7. @olivia1577 Avatar

    Listening to this girl talk is making me lose brain cells by the second 🤦🏼‍♀️ this world is doomed lol

  8. @tanasedanni Avatar

    Why do you make shows with crazies? If you can't define a woman… you don't belong in society.

  9. @jaijackson1759 Avatar

    Can someone explain the girl in the back w helmet .

  10. @mlongo2583 Avatar

    what does it mean that i agree with what charlie says but spent the entire time staring at molly and thinking about the times i have seen and will see her get jizzed on

  11. @jenniferflanagan9558 Avatar

    I love Charlie but men like him need to begin to HEAVILY focus on the mindset of the young men of this generation. These young girls are so "tough" and determined to be independent because they have been abandoned and betrayed by the men who were supposed to love them. Did they choose wrong? Look, there's always going to be a percentage of shitty people in the dating pool. But when its the majority and that majority is the leader, what then will the following sex do? Im not making excuses for these women, but as men they are supposed to lead. If they stop consuming the OF and corn content in such MASSIVE amounts, they'll have more good women to choose from. And the women will have more GOOD MEN to better themselves FOR

  12. @sohkka Avatar

    The girl like "we both agree to have an open relationship and have sex with other people"
    Charlie: Would you be jealous if he ever had sex with other women?
    The girl: Yes

    Zero Degrees Intelligence

  13. @mesac13mizogaming24 Avatar

    Love is like a male covered par7. some7imes i7 grows and some7imes i7 shrinks. bu7 i7 never fails 7o pee.

  14. @kimlawrence7193 Avatar

    Most of these woman don't seem to even give a thought to God or morality or the fact that we have a creator we will answer to someday. So disturbing.

  15. @michaelszczys8316 Avatar

    Listening to this and suddenly Madonna started playing in my head
    " living in a material world and I'm a material girl "

  16. @Ivan-dc8nr Avatar

    Listening to these "women" shows how weak this world is.

  17. @carolinagallardo560 Avatar

    But if he was the one being disrespected by him , all this dirty things would have being crying.

  18. @user-ri2gl6sn7u Avatar

    Wow these women are def mentally challenged wow! Molly is prob also gonna end up in a dumpster after a shoot one day from being all used up

  19. @paulj2948 Avatar

    Please get a male porn star panel together. Straight and gay mix.

  20. @auroragomez5583 Avatar

    I really enjoy listening to Charlie Kirk.

  21. @yakoreg Avatar

    girl in glasses pregnant?

  22. @adamlaird7556 Avatar

    Nothing has pushed me to comment until the laugh track during the boyfriend/girlfriend courtship. I think the note under the ear plugs in the bag was romantic and sweet and not overly sappy. If someone really values and hopes the relationship they are in and hopes for progression towards marriage etc I think some romantic behavior is called for and needed. I think this kind of stuff is missing nowadays. To me it shows they respect and really care for the other

  23. @DavidDiaz-tw8wz Avatar

    Love this topic, but Brian why Charlie Kirk is against four feminists with a bunch a questions from different directions, it is not fair. Please bring Miss Candace Owens to respond . Of course Charlie Kirk can handle, but those women don't let him finished the answer.

  24. @otpont Avatar

    This show is proofs toxic femininity.

  25. @mynewdirectcars1841 Avatar

    I feel like Pixie is trying so hard to look like a knock off version of T swift

  26. @Yourenotsmart1999 Avatar

    God Charlie is genuinely a moron. This was so hard to watch.

  27. @Rainman99684 Avatar

    Its sad but you can tell that Molly is a deeply disturbed individual by all of her input/responses and her expressions. Notice how when Charlie said he didn’t think he was missing much 24:28 that every person at the table laughed and had a smile on their face except for Molly, who’s face turned blanker and immediately took a nervous sip from her cup.

  28. @Realeffort Avatar

    Dont wanna work .. " I will do anything that makes me stay in bed"""" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @Realeffort Avatar

    You know they dont know the answer when they start the answer with "" Basically like"" so stupid

  30. @Realeffort Avatar

    Its so sad to see the young people think this way.

  31. @darkfatekod3962 Avatar

    Disappointing representation for men, on this Pod, Brixan. Brush up, or get someone to do it for you.
    If I don't see the correct points being represented, I'll change my viewing habits.
    Big "L" Brixan, BIG "L".
    And against a subpar panel.

  32. @arunsarkar5085 Avatar

    Molly might be the most STUPID person alive.

  33. @rapdichotomy Avatar

    The conversation is over as soon as she says she doesn’t think porn addiction is real. 😊

  34. @rapdichotomy Avatar

    These girls are lost as lost can be

  35. @michaelmegyeri5903 Avatar

    Pixies adorable when she’s nervous about talking about sexual stuff

  36. @michaelscherer8172 Avatar

    Would love to see Charlie back, what a well-spoken guy

  37. @jenniferflanagan9558 Avatar

    Do these normally go on for SEVEN HOURS??? I mean dam

  38. @jenniferflanagan9558 Avatar

    Why do I feel like this chick in the glasses is full of rage and that her vision is actually fine 🕵️👀😄

  39. @laurenrobinson3364 Avatar

    The conversation is interesting but the host of this show is so boring and odd.

  40. @BeTheChange223 Avatar

    That was great. "Jesus has gone to work in my life."

  41. @declanstewart5690 Avatar

    They shouldn't have stacked this so heavily against charlie kirk. They need atleast one more person to push back against the thots harder than he did.

  42. @annamineer2521 Avatar

    Why are you having sex if you aren't having orgasms? What's the point of giving yourself away if you aren't even reaching completion? Random hookups can't be fulfilling in other areas, so what is the point at all?
    Most of you women have no self-respect and that is truly sad. You needed daddies to raise you and teach you that you were of value and should save yourselves for someone worthy.

  43. @annamineer2521 Avatar

    Twenty years old with a body count of over 100? That's really sad.

  44. @Autonomous15 Avatar

    45:00 wow, I can't believe murder is something to decide if right or wrong. what is wrong with this society?

  45. @Emily-nr2xd Avatar

    Listening to women making a mockery of women is disgusting. How can anyone say a man can get pregnant, or anyone can be a woman?!
    People are still believing this shit?

  46. @jacobmiller6375 Avatar

    it’s funny when you ask about love is that some of the girls are thinking what can i not say that would go against what i’ve said

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