Charlie Kirk Destroys Liberal College Student Advocating For Segregation

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Charlie Kirk Destroys Liberal College Student Advocating For Segregation AMFEST2022 REGISTRATION: …

44 responses to “Charlie Kirk Destroys Liberal College Student Advocating For Segregation”

  1. @wndylov Avatar

    I wanna see the whole video lol

  2. @FlyingPumpkin56 Avatar

    Why bro got the lighting bolt on his hat ☠️ it says it all

  3. @SilverGram Avatar

    That student is an idiot.

  4. @via-anghelmagahum2586 Avatar

    Segregation is now social justice… we’re so sorry MLK

  5. @williamlynch1929 Avatar

    Yes, it is!! You yourself have been so indoctornated by it you're too stupidified by it to realize you have been!

  6. @margoreid7094 Avatar

    If whites want it, it's segregation and that's wrong. If blacks want it, its culture and community, and okay? Why is it NOT community and culture if whites want it? Y'all just make stuff up as you go along. Aka: LYING.

  7. @allenz6828 Avatar

    It's truly Sad to hear the Brainwashed Child defend those who Brainwashed him. Parents need to stop allowing other People to raise their Children. Do Better

  8. @MRJuiceB0xxx-yc6rc Avatar

    Getting rid of these brain dead kids will save our country

  9. @timothymcginnis4258 Avatar

    These kids are so dumb they don't even know what racism is.

  10. @mttom9703 Avatar

    I am thankful for liberalism so I can recognize what it is and the harm it creates. Humans have to go thru this in order for it to not happen anymore

  11. @alexshapsenzon254 Avatar

    colleges are not for smart people it seems, more like overpriced daycare for idiots.

  12. @realberla2518 Avatar

    you know what this guy has got a point

  13. @jlc9914 Avatar

    I want an all white dorm "for culture"…

  14. @macazootie Avatar

    he's right that it's not being taught to kids in elementary schools, it's being implemented, practiced, and forced upon them

  15. @matthewbooth9265 Avatar

    jesus. So this kid agrees that multiculturalism doesn't work and races should be segregated. Get this kid a KKK member ship stat! Is there a point at which intellect goes around a circle from being clever and able to rationalise to a point where it loses that ability to function in a rational manner and actually makes a smart person the dumbest most dangerous person around?

  16. @tyreeabdalah Avatar

    rebellious people shall not inherent the kingdom of GOD! as their father satan has done so shall they too!

  17. @mrjohnnybond Avatar

    Totally agree. Let's have white-only neighbourhoods.

  18. @DomainofInsanityA113 Avatar

    "Patrick, your racist is showing"

  19. @jamesfisher9224 Avatar

    This kid needs to shut up cuz he does not know what he's talking about maybe he will learn something during this seminar

  20. @sterlingarcher1962 Avatar

    Wen I was his age we were taught segregation was wrong…. guessing the melting pot idea didn't pan out huh?

  21. @basedbane787 Avatar

    Race is not irrelevant

  22. @basedbane787 Avatar

    Wake up to the anti white agenda

  23. @jacobgossett-vw3yc Avatar

    “I would like to separate white people from black people”

    “Sir, we’ve tried that before and decided it wasn’t a good idea”

  24. @mikecollins5261 Avatar

    Culture? You're suppose to embrace others culture and learn from it. So basically HE'S racist. He doesn't want others to learn other's cultures.

  25. @anyone1704 Avatar

    Uurrgghh these people go to "uni" and all of a sudden know everything….absolute imbecile

  26. @davidowen-iw3ih Avatar

    Young man you need to do some research. If you did, you wouldn’t be starting your mouth off this something you don’t know about.

  27. @chantelcaprice4119 Avatar

    This type of thinking thinks that segregated dorms and organizations based on race are fine. But not gender because woman are men and gender fluid and that’s transphobic and what not.

  28. @plantman1093 Avatar

    When you go so left that you go around the world and end up on the right

  29. @ernest9606 Avatar

    These children is our future. We're doomed

  30. @anniesue4456 Avatar

    Sebse of community. .. wtf are they telling these kids. Historically, when people are too homoginous and do not encourage or tolerate different races, religions, etc, they always leads to segregation, then hostility, and then violence. World History 101!!!!

  31. @carljeffery7914 Avatar

    Garlands son in law is the head of the crt department

  32. @yourselfdotcom Avatar

    These kids have mental illness

  33. @MaeseAzrael Avatar

    i heard this before, in South Africa, USA and others.

  34. @somepeoplecanthandlethetruth Avatar

    I’m pergola with segregation. Please segregate he entire school system again. I guarantee you the white race will benefit exponentially more from it!!

  35. @johnlenin3549 Avatar

    There's a youtube comedian that had a video on where the woke left and racists agree on topics and the main one was segregation lol

  36. @kelleymanning1137 Avatar

    Typical virtue signaling…but he has no clue.

  37. @countorlok333 Avatar

    they are literally acting like nazis, just white to black.

  38. @joshspicer4615 Avatar

    Correction. It SHOULD only be taught at the higher academic levels as a theory. But it isn't! That is why it's indoctrination! Do you really think children are going to grasp complex race theory? Of course not! So why are they being taught it?

  39. @hunte_1221 Avatar

    We are literally watching the decline of the human race 😂😂😂😂😂😂what a jackass

  40. @methag-mm1he Avatar

    Ignorance of history proves it repeats itself.

  41. @ElonaldTrusk Avatar

    When he grows up hes gonna hate this video 😂

  42. @Neopulse00 Avatar

    He doesn't even hear himself

  43. @juliebraunschweig2108 Avatar

    Jim Crow is alive and well in this kid…

  44. @devils_rebellion5332 Avatar

    Ok Harry Potter calm down with the racism…. Lol… He is a wizard charlie!!!!

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