Charlie Kirk Destroys Leftist Berkeley Students' Belief That Men Can Give Birth | TurningPointUSA

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Charlie kirk destroys leftist Berkeley students’ belief that men can give birth. There are no ‘birthing persons.’ There are ONLY …

24 responses to “Charlie Kirk Destroys Leftist Berkeley Students' Belief That Men Can Give Birth | TurningPointUSA”

  1. @turningpointusa Avatar

    XX Chromosomes = A WOMAN

  2. @eatadlibs Avatar

    "Your delusion should not be recognized by society." Truth!

  3. @gerardkienstra1441 Avatar

    Who is teaching these idiots

  4. @Anthony-no9ji Avatar

    Why are they so adamant to make the case for madness

  5. @AvalexLLC Avatar

    But they are paying good money and invested lots of sweat into their marxists professors dysphoria treatments. And they want to get their monies worth.

  6. @suckafatone Avatar

    The next world war will straighten these gen Z mental cases out

  7. @filbertovandette Avatar

    Man…..imagine spending all that money to become a dumber person than you were before you paid….

  8. @BLane-xr1ic Avatar

    If it was just them presenting themselves, we wouldnt even be having the discussion. The problem is lying to children and trying to force as fact on society, that a human can change their gender.

  9. @the_general7393 Avatar

    Being infertile is a problem only WOMEN have.

  10. @BedsitBob Avatar

    If I present myself as the US President, does that mean I'm in charge of America?

  11. @derejesisay6212 Avatar

    Indians r soft landing on the moon meanwhile in America….this

  12. @heromax17 Avatar

    Keep this guy in us only… No need of sending him back to india..

  13. @Ursuchahoyo Avatar

    I cant believe how these institutions fail these kids and how easy it is to indoctrinate people. It's incredibly interesting how people will willfully accept falsehoods and defend this liberal dogma

  14. @scubasteve1968 Avatar

    So easily deceived when you depart from the true God and His word, the Bible

  15. @LocoNeedAChickenWing Avatar

    Unfortunately humans have not evolved to the extent that we can change our dna to recreate who or what we are. Men are men, women are women. The dna remains the same no matter how much you mutilate your body

  16. @estudarelegal8473 Avatar

    College: place of idiots!

  17. @garnettgravelle7696 Avatar

    That's what I've been saying, having XX chromosomes is the only way you can be a women. Having a sex change to make yourself look like a women still doesn't make you a women. Can't change your XY chromosomes with any surgery!

  18. @ivanatrip4504 Avatar

    These kids are brainwashed.

  19. @CaRlOSRoShI Avatar

    Damm there really making the kids stupid

  20. @tmoney2923 Avatar

    There wearing mast, that says it all.

  21. @ProWrestlingGamer Avatar

    Imagine taking a student loan and putting yourself in debt for years so in the end you can come out an idiot anyway ๐Ÿ˜‚

  22. @TheStephepps Avatar

    Institution of higher learning. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  23. @MrZenmancer Avatar

    I love how leftists say their are no gender roles, but then go and say a man is a woman of he pretends to do all the female gender role things.

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