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22 responses to “Charlie Kirk DESTROYS College Student's “White Privilege” Argument | TurningPointUSA”

  1. @brianmckenna3915 Avatar

    As a military recruiter I was instructed 30% of the qualified applicants I put in the service needed to be minority or female regardless of test scores.

  2. @scottmesser4400 Avatar

    She probably wants reparations also 🤡

  3. @lgs888 Avatar

    everything she said before making her statement is irrelevant. u can be a military vet and be a dumbass. i know cuz i served too.

  4. @Theninja112 Avatar

    Isn’t she being awfully elitist in saying how dare Charlie sit there “uneducated” and debate things?

  5. @basmith123385 Avatar

    poor girl. she's part of the middle class and will do well. she's so oppressed. ridiculous!

  6. @matakali78 Avatar

    These kids are little snot nose rats!

  7. @B190 Avatar
  8. @nicholasmccoy2098 Avatar

    She just added herself to the dnh list for every company

  9. @williamhoover8546 Avatar

    The most financially successful immigrants to the US are black Nigerians with an average income of $70,000. Attitude and aspirations are critical.

  10. @radjsson2023 Avatar

    College student, now ask me to give you a hand out

  11. @lorettathomas3994 Avatar

    Wow! Black privilege much!

  12. @TeamVenture88 Avatar

    "I'm a black woman" = I'm a victim.

    Being right is not privilege. It's just being correct. And it's amazing how many dumb@ass kids graduated college. College by itself doesn't automatically equate to intelligence. It means they followed through, but it doesn't automatically make someone smart.

    I could go on and on with so many examples of what she hasn't acknowledged. Oh, but those truths would be quite inconvenient and her head would explode out of anger had I did.

  13. @jessa1895 Avatar

    As a veteran myself the only time I feel like a victim is when I go to the VA. Otherwise I make disability pay that covers my bills, I get my schooling paid for TWICE OVER, I got to buy my house with zero down because of the VA home loan, I don’t have to pay property tax, I’m now a warrior with a garden instead of a gardener in war. Thank god for for all I’ve been given in this beautiful and bountiful country.

  14. @mountainmangaming808 Avatar

    Walking down the street without getting looked at by police

  15. @paulflemming3075 Avatar

    There are many black people in Africa who wish they had her privileges

  16. @apollo507 Avatar

    "I'm an 8 year veteran…who still talks with a vocal inflection like a sixteen year old girl… showing just how immature I really am despite my age…"

  17. @pharoahreyo9913 Avatar

    Her entire argument stems from the fact that she's black. I'm black myself and honestly she fails to understand that she's creating the narrative that she's a victim because of the color of her skin. She's no victim. To be able to serve in the military is an achievement. What exactly is she not able to achieve that he isn't able to? Because it seems she has more opportunities because she's in college, has a degree or is working towards one after serving for the military while Charlie has not gone to college. If anything, she's more likely to succeed in life because of her good choices.

    Wanna know why we believe in the white privilege idea? Because we continue to believe that a past that we did not experience still affects us deeply. It doesn't. It will only affect you the more you believe it does. I didn't live it so it has no effect on me. I made the right choices in life to not be a deadbeat father, a drug addict, a thief, a felon and an ex con, all things my father is and was.

    If white privilege truly did exist like so many believe, there wouldn't be grants dedicated to only minorities or people of color, I wouldn't be able to have the same opportunities as so many white people today (especially since I dropped out of college) and I wouldn't be able to have a decent job that gives me a sustainable living. I am not a victim. I am a person living in this world who made good choices to get where I am now. The more you believe you are a victim, the more you blame everyone else for your own downfalls and what you can't do. I am a descendant of African slaves but that doesn't make me a victim or oppressed. It only makes me proud that I'm able to be seen as a human and able to live the life my ancestors hoped I would be able to.

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