Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Anti-Israel Student

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MUST WATCH: Student Claims That Israel Attacked Innocent Civilians In Lebanon… Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Him In Debate!

49 responses to “Charlie Kirk DESTROYS Anti-Israel Student”

  1. @TheChosenOne11215 Avatar

    A degree doesn’t mean your automatically intelligent i mean putting yourself in years of debt being indoctrinated by left wing teachers doesn’t sound very bright to me. I did higher education and realised it was a con. It’s who you know not what you know that gets you where you need to be in life.

  2. @ebd893 Avatar

    If i was charlie, talking to all these idiots, i would lose hope in humanity so so fast.

  3. @w.s8676 Avatar

    "Formal" fake educations they put so much dependence on but cant answer basic questions😂😂

  4. @alex-ze4tz Avatar

    The "legal declaration of Israels boarders" was nothing more than a bunch of western nations deciding about Palestinian territory. That in itself was immoral and wrong. But Israel has expelled Palestians and annexed their territory constantly for decades.

  5. @blastradius9136 Avatar

    Kirk is "oppressive" because he disagrees with them lol

  6. @jamestheman1962 Avatar

    And these things are hitting the street cheering for Hamas boy what and educated fool this guy is could not give one reason of the attack from Israel as a defensive measure other than the fact he was there as an American knowing he would be evacuated what an educated privelaged idiot

  7. @hudhastings1 Avatar

    Didnt win anything. He soeaks over eith a microphone

  8. @XLR-236 Avatar

    Israel launched an offensive war against Christians

  9. @BrainyWoman Avatar

    I can't believe how stupid this Jew hater is.

  10. @jackmaguire1158 Avatar

    If I had two hours with Charlie, a neutral moderator, we could discuss the whole history of the conflict. Immigration in the 20s, 30s and 40s, the 1948 War, the Suez Crisis, the 1967 War, the 73 War, the Intifadas, the Camp David Summit, and every Gaza engagement. Settlements, occupation, international law etc etc etc. I’ll make him sweat and gasp and stutter twice as much as Sam Seder did at politicon. I’m a college educated libtard. A nobody. What have you got to lose Charlie? Debate me! Should be an easy win for you.

  11. @jackmaguire1158 Avatar

    I would love to debate Charlie on Israel-Palestine. He’s a total fraud, and hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about. I’d wipe the floor with him easily.

  12. @janicecopeland9083 Avatar

    " No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot." – Mark Twain

  13. @leonari Avatar

    Always the same story. Lefty has no sound arguments, no logic, no brains, no intellect but thinks his degree will change that and anybody who doesn’t have a degree is a moron. And why do these people have that „ retard look“? Like most of them. Unreal

  14. @FunkeeDrewster Avatar

    I've known people who had degrees and ended up stacking shelves at their local supermarket. Degrees do not equate to intelligence. Intelligence requires the ability to think, reason and understand instead of acting or reacting automatically with emotion or instinct. Qualifications via college indoctrination mean nothing.

  15. @persiandoomer9249 Avatar

    "Tell me a time Israel has launched an offensive war" ok Charlie, The USS liberty. But of course, you think that's an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

  16. @sebastianhugely7035 Avatar

    They give out degrees because it promotes their establishment. I know people have people working with me with degrees half couldn’t spell their name backwards

  17. @tings946 Avatar

    Fun to see the truth

  18. @lilMissF0F0 Avatar

    The boy didnt event complete his sentence and is being attacked, the way Charlie speaks is not sophisticated enough for an argument. A lot of what he says is partially wrong and just talks and talks and talks even if u want to speak your facts you would get paralysed and then he goes, i won the argument. Seriously? For one, i wanted to hear what the other guy wanted to say otherwise that is not an argument. What an asshole.

  19. @abuzarov Avatar

    As far as I can see, these college SJWs are just trying to climb a pedestal of a "rebel". Of someone who "goes against the majority", "tells uncomfortable truth", "sides with the minority".
    They don't care about the truth, they just try to put on this heroic "rebellious" image which they saw in Hollywood movies.

  20. @ataipotv9160 Avatar

    Just Parroting from others knowledge wouldn't help you in debate, but experienced and research yourself…..

  21. @adoptada12 Avatar

    God bless Israel.
    Apple 🍎 of God's eye

  22. @Vilasheet Avatar

    USS Liberty: am i a joke to you?

  23. @sharkquisha3407 Avatar

    Where is Charlie Kirk. Where can I debate him. I wish to have a civil discussion with him on this topic.

  24. @justincase8019 Avatar

    Israel needs more multiculteralism and diversity!

  25. @justincase8019 Avatar

    Open borders for Israel!

  26. @CrypticHowl Avatar

    "Maybe if you didn't go to college you would learn more" never thought I'd hear that in my lifetime and for it to be a fact.

  27. @karelpavka7588 Avatar

    Truly frightening if this is the future generation of America.

  28. @englishman9020 Avatar

    Invading Lebanon that's what Israel has been doing since it was declared as a state.
    Israel is a rogue nuclear state that pushes western powers to fight it's wars like in Iraq and Libya the two leaders of them nations supported the Palestinian cause.

  29. @baguette7851 Avatar

    I am pro-hezbollah yeah they're pretty based

  30. @topmodell4577 Avatar

    Some of the smartest people I've met haven no higher/college education. A friend of mine is working as a car salesman and guess what, he is a member of Mensa.

  31. @topmodell4577 Avatar

    Isn't the student discriminating Charlie for not having a college degree?

  32. @LeighPogue Avatar

    Getting schooled at school. Lol

  33. @thewatcherofthings1061 Avatar

    These degrees are the dispensed on a roll.

  34. @mak2866 Avatar

    I was interviewing a college student (just graduated) few years ago….I have outlined the job requirements and asked him if he would be able to handle it…his response: I am sorry sir, I did not take that in school:)

  35. @nalien5694 Avatar

    I dont knw but ill blame somebody , i dont knw but ill make a statement , i dont knw but im better than you 🤦‍♂️


  36. @stephaniecruz9849 Avatar

    “Maybe if you didn’t go to college you would learn more!” 🤯 lol Charlie’s the 💣

  37. @Axel-hn7yi Avatar

    Charlie Kirk is BOSS!!!

  38. @gavikanter1735 Avatar

    0:21 are you pro-Hezbollah? 😂😂😂😂😂

  39. @gentlemanviking9389 Avatar

    I love how they got straight to "how educated are you". Just because they allow the schools to uneducate them lol #trumptrain is coming, best stockpile pillows for the safe space ya nonse!

  40. @evangelist6277 Avatar

    They always have slogans and fallacious statements but never fact or evidence

  41. @BostonSportsFan91 Avatar

    I think when you go to get a degree you get dumber not smarter

  42. @noneofyourbusiness792 Avatar

    One of the problems I have with college students is that they think that by going to college that they already won. Because of this they have developed huge egos full of arrogance. The real truth though is that college is going to educate you about what they want you to be informed about. The other thing is that I have those with college degrees do nothing with it and they find themselves selling shoes or working as a waitress. Drop the ego and drop the arrogance. You college students have not won anything. Some of you students actually think having an education is the purpose of college. It’s not… making money is the purpose of college. That is the root of why you are in college. It’s to help you make more money. If you don’t got your money game down you just wasted your college game. It’s that simple. Oh and by the way… arrogance stunts your ability to be open minded which also stunts your ability to learn. All you are doing is inflating that ego. It will pop and that’s when reality hits you hard. Stop being arrogant and keep an open mind before you wreck the highest potential you have in yourself and you produce near minimum wage for the rest of your life during the process.

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