Charlie Kirk DEBATES College Liberal Wanting To ABOLISH The Electoral College *full clip*

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Charlie Kirk’s FULL debate with a liberal college student during his Q&A session on TPUSA’s #LIVEFREE tour! Subscribe to …

43 responses to “Charlie Kirk DEBATES College Liberal Wanting To ABOLISH The Electoral College *full clip*”

  1. @jeffswingdancer8302 Avatar

    It's amazing how so many people think allocating two senators for each state doesn't make sense. If representation was by population alone, the small states might as well not bother voting. A handful of large states with enormous populations could dominate the government.

  2. @TheDude68305 Avatar

    Anybody who wants to get rid of the electoral college just wants to make sure that their side can win all the time. It evens things out between large cities and rural areas states with a big population against states that have a small population. Libtards and those farther left don't like anything fair They want it all to themselves!

  3. @scottbrantley483 Avatar

    'Democracy' is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

  4. @PaulPavloPablo Avatar

    You cut off the part where she grabs the microphone and refuses to leave lol

  5. @michael-hf7tn Avatar

    If men didn't exist women would have no voice

  6. @michael-hf7tn Avatar
  7. @hrcleuna3591 Avatar

    In theory a candidate can be down by 20 million votes and still become President of the USA. What an abomination, pure perversion of election system. I find it incredible to hear someone arguing for it. Geez..🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  8. @deep5811 Avatar

    How ignorant are these people.

  9. @R._Thornhill Avatar

    She is totally uneducated and ignorant. The US is a representative republic not a democracy.

  10. @user-iz9ku6rc9f Avatar

    Electorial college is up for sale to the highest donors. That's called an oligarchy. Not Republic, nor a Democracy. Charlie gas-lit that woman knowingly because his donors are the same ones that fund other super pacs.

  11. @EE-qn4ks Avatar

    We are a republic.

  12. @jdtravels5140 Avatar

    If the electoral college is eliminated, the nation must be split into two countries. Lower population states will no longer have a voice in how this nation is run. States with large cities will rule the nation.

  13. @lindickison3055 Avatar

    Excellent speech/explanation!!!!

  14. @markwhitacre3888 Avatar

    Repeal the 19th amendment

  15. @markwhitacre3888 Avatar

    Project Mockingbird is to blame for 85% of America thinking they live in a democracy, when the founding fathers hated it. We live in a constitutional republic.

  16. @KennyWagnon-jo5et Avatar

    The electoral college is unconstitutional why because the original duties were if the population didn't vote then the e.c.would vote a president in against the voters and
    The e .c. can change parties at will

  17. @busker153 Avatar

    the slow, arduous process of a constitutional republic reveals the will of the people. Democracy only reveals the whims of the people.

  18. @dyates6380 Avatar

    So, she just totally ignores his very direct and succinct questions completely and asked hers without any thought to what he just said? LOL. Priceless. Ladies and gentleman, a typical sheep who believes that if fifty one people out of a hundred want to just TAKE your property, they should be legally able to because that is the "majority" of one hundred. We are in DEEP shit with this type of stupidity on campuses.

  19. @Viola5501 Avatar

    If a politician keeps using the word democracy to describe America, i believe they’re part of the problem ether they are that stupid or they know exactly what they’re saying, ether way don’t believe everything coming out of their mouth, America has always been a republic not a democracy.

  20. @oddjobbob8742 Avatar

    1:53 why doesn’t Kirk hold that bleeder’s feet to the first and demand an answer? What a putz.

  21. @markrothenberg9867 Avatar

    The first few questions she responds generically because she doesn’t either understand the question or she doesn’t know the answer. When asked, “Is the United States a democracy?” she didn’t quickly respond with, “No, it’s a republic.”

  22. @zarfvreex8260 Avatar

    If you want to see what happens when there is no electoral college, look north to Canada. Three cities decided the fate of the entire nation and elected a left-wing dictator wannabe. Look at the damage that has been done.

  23. @johnw8984 Avatar

    The USA
    IS A RERESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. Corrupt to the core.

  24. @MrPrincetrumpet Avatar

    When you answer four questions in a row with four questions in a row, you lose.

  25. @faithfulknightfonvratha9871 Avatar

    And this is why stupid people should shut up! Especially since majority of women are stupid. They don’t think they feel and they speak on feelings. And because of the way the world is now we have over emotional women like men talking from feelings instead of logic.

  26. @whiteypiraro6242 Avatar

    And that's why a woman belongs at home, and never should be in an authoritasrian position over any man, Even the sick men in dresses, Leave the man's work to the man!!, Now, Go home and make some dinner!!

  27. @chrish5791 Avatar

    At least she was polite enough to listen to Charlie’s answers which is something seldom seen on her side of the political spectrum.

  28. @user-cc2hq8rs5g Avatar

    Those of us in Montana deserve a voice… 😎

  29. @ohiowalnut Avatar

    She thought she was quite clever avoiding answering any questions at all

  30. @zayacz123 Avatar

    The Supreme Court is also not democratic, thank God!

  31. @zayacz123 Avatar

    For some reason the founders didn’t trust a centralized government. I wonder why? 😂😂😂😂

  32. @lawrencemarocco8197 Avatar

    The electoral college prevents the imposition of mob rule. In a democracy there are no minority rights or opposing voices. There's a line in the film "The Patriot" where the Mel Gibson character asks, "Would you exchange one dictator 3000 miles away for 3000 dictators one mile away?" That's the best explanation for the necessity of the college.

  33. @foch41 Avatar

    She didn’t hear a word

  34. @stanmcdonald4083 Avatar

    The you so very much for for providing such clarity. I’m an elderly Canadian that lived in the USA for a significant period of time and loved the country as much as Canada but we like a lot of your countryman have become disillusioned by our disconnected leaders. Charlie what you do is vitally important to the nation. For all our sakes you must stay the course. God bless you !

  35. @charlywested6465 Avatar

    Why does she keep answering questions with a question.. she didn't answer one of his questions. This is what liberals do all the time. That's why is almost impossible to have a conversation with them about anything

  36. @ARain6500 Avatar

    If the electoral college was abolished, New York and California would determine the elections every time. Flyover states would never have a chance.

  37. @chadshultz9578 Avatar

    Gotcha bitch as Dave would say. LOL

  38. @johnnya9001 Avatar

    We already have a one party system. It only seems lately to get worse. And the libs love it.

  39. @danastulce4707 Avatar

    Kudos to Charlie on delivering the goods to this inquisitive questioner😊

  40. @timber72 Avatar

    This fool doesn't know how to answer a question. YES, the votes of those in Montana "hold more sway" in the EC than California, which is balanced out by the fact that California has FAR MORE SWAY in the House than Montana does.

    This is on purpose.

    If the Nazis got their way, Montana would have NO representation at ALL.

    And there's nothing preventing her from moving to Montana to take advantage of that fact.

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