Charlie Kirk And Candace Owens Debunk “White Privilege” | Angry Leftist Gets OWNED

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Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens dismantle arguments about “white privilege” from an angry racial justice warrior during this …

44 responses to “Charlie Kirk And Candace Owens Debunk “White Privilege” | Angry Leftist Gets OWNED”

  1. @Psych9589 Avatar

    The statement of “blacks was doing better during the Jim Crow Era” is vague because of how long it was. Are we talking about 3 years after the ending of slavery? Or during the Great Depression? Or when the government created redlining and racial zoning?

  2. @tommyapples8490 Avatar

    I couldn't listen to this. Had to turn it off

  3. @rtd9153 Avatar

    Can we elect Charlie and Candace as President and Vice President. Or vice versa? These people just speak the truth because they deal in facts only.

  4. @ImproveYoSelf727 Avatar

    What an atrocious woman, sorry you had to experience her. Thank you Candace and Charlie for existing.

  5. @GrimHarvestingXIII Avatar

    Im so glad I drop out of college. My teachers would’ve failed me because I’m white with these viewpoints

  6. @martinjeffery3590 Avatar

    Do they allow people that fat in the military??

  7. @Pickle2222 Avatar

    Where is this full video

  8. @ericstarkey551 Avatar

    She is crazy, lets talk about what's actually real, black privilege.

  9. @lancet6943 Avatar

    Democrats, constantly out in right field beating up grass for not tasting good. These are what fatherless or lack of masculinity homes create. The democrat know it so they reinforce fatherless and anti masculinity

  10. @nat5257 Avatar

    As a active military member, the amount of ignorance in the service is insane. She makes the military look bad and I can bet she never deployed to the Middle East.

  11. @victorreznov8626 Avatar

    0:54 “anything else really what you’re saying makes me feel better”… At this moment you realize they’re not here to try to reason they’re here to try to make you look like the hater when you’re really just using facts and they don’t like it gosh, what happened to our nation

  12. @thewatcher6794 Avatar

    She is supposedly so sick of American white privilege and yet she signed up for the military, she thinks that military pay is so horrible and yet after her first 4 years she reenlisted, she makes no sense at all

  13. @user-pd6br2tj2c Avatar

    When you all keep talking over each other you destroy the argument. Old saying "When people are talking over each other and trying to talk louder that the other, it is hard to tell who the fool is."

  14. @ALLISMIND Avatar

    Charlies smile is so adorable lol

  15. @Slothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Avatar

    Why does this “veteran” and many others along the same vein as her always feel the need to yell and talk over the speakers when they’re answering their questions

  16. @Slothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Avatar

    Is there a full video of this q&A anywhere?

  17. @Marie-Dr3amz Avatar

    This girl had been raised all wrong… she needs to shut up

  18. @thescarletphoenix_616_8 Avatar

    It’s the fact that she had to interrupt them with her delusional ramblings to try and prove an ill informed point for me. 😂😂

  19. @fernandofelis8853 Avatar
  20. @itskomp Avatar

    The stupidity from that women speaking , angers me …

  21. @peanut5773 Avatar

    After her duma** statements she would turn to walk away like it was a mic dropping moment…. Did she not know who she was talking to 😂😂😂

  22. @camilomurillo1289 Avatar

    Nobody cares about that your a black woman what we care about is how your inside is which i can see that you need GOD

  23. @Anonymous-yz9ie Avatar


  24. @jucutan Avatar

    I will pay top dollars to have Candice Owens in the White House.

  25. @coursaire2628 Avatar

    she sure don't look like it.
    perhaps she served under the burger king

  26. @luicandeias8471 Avatar

    I mean it's clear that the only racism displayed in this debate was from people coming up to the mic. Doesn't take a degree to see that.

  27. @Yipsy_Powerlifting Avatar

    8 years of military experience cannot even unfatten her. She's beyond help.

  28. @user-sv1ru4jw9m Avatar

    They can't even keep them selfs composed long enough to let her answer the question they asked. The moment emotion or cursing arise in a conversation or debate, it becomes a fight.

  29. @DoubleOhBlandy Avatar

    I appreciate her serving but damn, she's making herself look dumb. I'm black, but I'm a proud American first. My actions determine my outcome. Keep moving forward is my motto

  30. @rapunzel4117 Avatar

    Yes, black ppl only get 13% of the opportunities jobs vs 50% of the opportunities whites get, as that’s the population statistics. Check the facts ppl, educate yourself before opening your mouth. These 2 ppl served in the military then got brain washed by the libetard universities. As a female Federal Agent and the first one in my agency in the West coast and current neuroscience therapist, I got paid the same as a man. Due to not more than a handful of women in my agency, yes, I worked more hrs and worked harder. As a result, I am not a victim, I thrived. Now, working with SpecOps and having my own private practice as a therapist, with 20yrs Federal service and common sense along with an advanced degree, I can make more than I did as a Federal Agent. Free yourself from the university victim out of touch with reality professors and start thinking for yourself! Research, research, research the stats! You all got the intervention you needed from these 2 brilliant minds, free yourself an AMERICAN not an Ameri-can’t! 💜✝️🌸❤️🇺🇸🌹

  31. @colinomeara9524 Avatar

    Where's my privilege? I guess I missed that train.

  32. @NewNew-dz4xt Avatar

    She answered her own question.. when all the laws got abolished against black ppl in the 70s. Is it the 70s or early 1900s rn? No. So white privilege doesn't exist today. It existed back then yes. But everyone needs to work hard. Yes the generational wealth from ppl who got rich before black families are still rich but there are many black families who are creating that generational wealth today bcus why? Bcus the playing field is fair. White privilege no longer exists today. And she doesn't like being called black? Not everyone who is black is African. I had a friend who got offended when I said she was African and nicely corrected me and said its better to generalize and say black bcus not everyone is from Africa. She was a proud Jamaican.

  33. @1QueenMovie Avatar

    Roasted!!!!!! Girl didn't have any clear answer.

  34. @trishphillips1826 Avatar

    Leftist never answer questions

  35. @ninjaboyo3370 Avatar

    Use her as human shield asap pls

  36. @thepidgegaming Avatar

    the pathetic people who clearly lose arguments and resort to overshout

  37. @shamshamthwaites8230 Avatar

    Can you believe that some countries in Asia, especially developing countries, majority of families have always believed that studying in America for college has always been "the big dream". And now, because of issues like this that's already affecting schools. Where schools are indoctrinating children with all this liberal bullshit, now i don't wanna set foot in america anymore and i want to convince my whole family that america is a whole other planet of problems that they do not want to get into.

  38. @jacobbailey4810 Avatar

    I love Cadence Owens. I’m just curious about when she said blacks were doing better in the Jim Crow era by economically outpacing the whites?

  39. @vuville514 Avatar

    Next time some military veteran says, "I'm a veteran", just say, "Good for you". I don't need to "Thank them for their service". Nobody made them join. Most joined because of military benefits. Some need the adventure. Some just loves to shoot guns and other weapons. Some serve their country. None served to protect me and my family. If anything they serve to protect foreign policy interests. Most if not all will benefit the American people. I don't need to thank them. They did it for them. Not fore me.

  40. @AlienAliases Avatar

    I’m realizing y’all are right white privileged can’t exist cause y’all was never smart enough to do anything yourselves. You got everything by stealing killing and destroying. Thank you. America

  41. @421Niyah Avatar

    I highly respect this black queen for standing up to these losers

  42. @bodyxcount22 Avatar

    she identified HERSELF as a "black female", then has a problem with Candace saying "black"? Starting off as a hypocrite, real smart.

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