Candace Owens With The FACTS

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39 responses to “Candace Owens With The FACTS”

  1. @user-nd7in4df2y Avatar

    No they're just going to pick black because they don't want to be white because they're racist… I have half black friends and not a single one of them ever wants to be white because they're all racist.

  2. @bulmarorosales2843 Avatar

    Idk why they even ask ur race

  3. @Donna-st7rt Avatar

    She is say to smart for you out of her league!!!! Love ❤️ her .

  4. @elissarivas5829 Avatar

    I don’t know why they aske that question. They should not have that on employment applications!!!

  5. @juiceknot Avatar

    🤔hmmm. Why did Candace marry a white guy? What happens to her arguments, when she can no longer say that her kids are white &black? Just asking

  6. @kimellis8820 Avatar

    Candace Owen for VP 2024

  7. @rebeccadunn2483 Avatar

    Shouldnt ask for AGE EITHER

  8. @kalyaniramteke605 Avatar

    They are half black they are black… and ehat abouy the white ratio??? So that exposed the purity bs of white supremacy

  9. @prossynannyanzi7072 Avatar

    What why when application and there is a place asking me the color of my skin I always put human

  10. @SurprisedBoatLake-ln4yq Avatar

    One thing i don't understand, ok if a black woman have a baby for a pale face, they say the mothe😮
    r is black so the kid is black, so if pale face woman have a kid for a black man what they call the kid,

  11. @ecodor6257 Avatar

    I am so happy that I live in a country where we DON'T CARE ABOUT SKIN COLOUR!

  12. @maryloumata4904 Avatar
  13. @michaelsilguero3551 Avatar

    Lol that fool shot a water gun and she nuked his ass

  14. @oliviafranklin6036 Avatar

    Exactly! Why does skin color matter? God says everyone is equal. The sinners and the saints. People need to stop treating other different.

  15. @Jimmy-zy5lk Avatar

    Their bi racial dum dum!

  16. @MSPURDEE-jd8gj Avatar


  17. @MSPURDEE-jd8gj Avatar

    HEY MRS CANDACE!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍🏾👏🏾🙏🇺🇸

  18. @markom2135 Avatar


  19. @user-mh5hp2um6y Avatar

    She should be the president of the USA

  20. @Kimberly-uz6dw Avatar

    N believe me the half your saying is black is actually mixed with at least 25 percent something else. So how do u figure that. Also i don't believe im mixed with black but im mixed with like 4 or ,5 lighter races. So what then? Im french, native American, irish, German n who knows what else. Js

  21. @konigwurst1516 Avatar

    Like that we would all be black.. cause al mankind comes from africa..

  22. @stephenburke8059 Avatar

    Why does skin colour matter?

  23. @user-dw9ru5zi2r Avatar

    Then she should lead be example. Tell her children to check off white if she feels so strongly. But she won’t because like most republicans she’s a hypocrite.

  24. @tinatrombetto2888 Avatar

    I completely agree with you, Candace. I hate when people of mixed race just use one race to identify with. Why don't they just check both black and white?

  25. @MassBasser282 Avatar

    Trump needs to give her an interior position this second tike around. Somewhere in the interior of the administration.

  26. @FranTheOtherMan Avatar

    Mark white. Shouldn’t everyone want to?

  27. @Philgent15 Avatar

    Sorry Candice… your on this one 😂

  28. @seanp618 Avatar

    Black dude is racist as hell

  29. @seanp618 Avatar

    Finally the truth

  30. @lincolnjeon2666 Avatar

    its not the color of your skin"
    its history. lol

  31. @noraford6465 Avatar

    She lives in an ideal world…not all people of color will agree…

  32. @MandyLee-qc1cp Avatar

    That man is TERRIBLE and so is that haircut 😂🤣


    That dude wears that black all over his sleeve

  34. @neevemcgrath5588 Avatar

    If things were equal, black people would own enough schools too accept their own people and wouldn't need the white man's approval to get into schools, jobs and housing.

  35. @neevemcgrath5588 Avatar

    She must have missed the news special where Black people go into schools, jobs and houses over qualified for the job and get denied in favor of a less qualified white person… This is not up for debate this is been proven time and time again

  36. @holliebhang258 Avatar

    IN ALL MY YEARS LIVING… I have never witnessed a BLACK WOMAN so afraid of being black UNTIL I MET YOU! I haven’t met a black person yet, until meeting you Candace, who wants to be white. Every black person DO NOT VIEW THEMSELVES AS DISADVANTAGED!!!! The nerve of you. Tell us viewers WHY DO YOU CARE SO MICH ABOUT IDENTIFYING WITH BEING WHITE?!? Because you are race obsessed and MENTALLY SPOOKED because of those white whites that hurt you really bad. SMH. You are pathetic! YOUR BOTTOM LINE IS… you DISLIKE THE FACT THat YOU ARE BLACK! Funny thing is THE JOKE WILL ALWAYS BE ON YOU! Those white men continue to put you in your place very now and then and you love to ignore it. You love to pretend that racism doesn’t exist. Black people did not create racism. Funny thing is when you learn to recognize racism… people like you try to make excuses for marrying a white man AFTER BEING BULLIED BY THEM FOR YEARS… so you CONSTANTLY ATTACK BLACK PEOPLE! They really bullied you so poorly and badly that you disown your blackness by trying to be perfect and cover all the corners… do you prove to them that you hire folk can come to you and listen to you speak down on blacks! So sickening! This female has a mental issue because she was bullied and attacked by white boys growing up. They abused her so badly that she married a white guy. Now all she does is talk down on blacks! Clearly we see that Candace dislike the da t that she is black. Forever lost

  37. @davidbravorada4265 Avatar

    You are making a choice based on the race you are being racist …. Do sad how left have turn USA into a society of stupids

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