Candace Owens: Why Are Men Not Getting Married?

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27 responses to “Candace Owens: Why Are Men Not Getting Married?”

  1. @n8RADIO Avatar

    all these girls saying it goes both ways probably have they ass on IG

  2. @calliekeeton9126 Avatar

    Babes the fact she’s on a talking point and that cracked out women abusing minion is in the video at all shows me she’s a shitty person no matter her views

  3. @darrynaustin6379 Avatar

    I dint care about a girls bidy count as long as shes liyal to me

  4. @sharamusica Avatar

    Women don’t want Andrew Tate.

  5. @laurenwood9084 Avatar

    Whether it's a man or a woman, don't go for a body count. It's nasty and demeaning. Save yourself for someone that will love you for the long haul.

  6. @mistermyself1128 Avatar

    Media hype isn't conducive to normal people reality. 99% of women aren't Kardashian clones. You don't see 700 bbls a day. You see the few people with them in media all day. Since everyone isn't driving a Maybach were just going to say cable TV shows aren't reality.

  7. @cashmererose1101 Avatar

    I completely agree with her, but equally woman want men who are not lead by their sexual organs and can refrain from temptation. Discipline and self control as well as respect for your woman is desirable.

  8. @br__o__n Avatar

    Maybe that man should have some self-respect and not sleep with someone they only have shallow intentions with

  9. @lucasdavis2233 Avatar

    The problem is women don’t listen and the powers at be know that. We never asked for these things but the women did they own move

  10. @Egg-wt1pk Avatar

    like seriously these women monkey branch among average and below average men expect commitment from top small percentage of men while sleeping with them and lossing there pair bonding as result of it. And make below top men suffer as a result of these women bad decision. majority of women sleep around with top 10 percentage of men the so called average and below average guy don't have much easier option due to which most guys demand long term relationship as it difficult for men to get in one relationship and to another as women are choosy and it's very easy for women to monkey branch from one man to another just based on her beauty. That's why majority of men develop love close to unconditional love and women breakup majority of time. Because when they sleep around with top 10 men these women loose there pair bonding.

  11. @livfiss Avatar

    how can she not recognize that not be modest and promiscuity are completely different things? and as a woman who couldn’t be less promiscuous i want a man who is the same. much harder to find yet they never feel the need to bring that up.

  12. @user-fr2dg2gk9h Avatar

    Dating apps are so disappointing you message hundreds of ladies get zero responses.

  13. @brookebyrd2484 Avatar

    To men: you are hardwired, so it’s only natural for you to wanna have sex immediately. Women, however, don’t have desires, they’re just a soiled or unsoiled prize, and whor*s if they do anything. But men, you men, you just have it so hard and what you do is totally understandable because….wiring

    Candace’s views are DISGUSTING

  14. @SNOWGLOVE123 Avatar


  15. @user-yg4jh5ql1k Avatar

    This Queen is so conscience and aware

  16. @paulrogers7725 Avatar

    Perfectly said… bravo Candice 👏

  17. @kjvonlydude6565 Avatar

    It's better to stay single and celibate, sex is way overrated and life doesn't revolve around your crotch!! Get a clue idiots.

  18. @NathanMoy-ex3zx Avatar

    This is what I'm baffled about sexual exploitations happens on many levels even in the workplace,the average marriage or even. A relationship,has practically 20 plus sexual encounters but our eyes only see tbe obvious

  19. @user-mr4cd5ts4j Avatar

    Men love gay sex , but only if its secret

  20. @1952sexy Avatar

    She's not desirable aunt Tom

  21. @nickcub5730 Avatar

    Kanye has left the chat

  22. @Adel-O.4324 Avatar

    I want a respectable man for I'm a respectable woman with boundaries and respect for myself and my body ❤

  23. @user-pz7cf3cd7c Avatar

    When evey body become kim kadishm then people life spent decreases life its decreases life peistctuton destroy age means people died in eary life its

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