Candace Owens UNLOADS On Crowder’s Divorce Extortion Accusations

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Candace Owens is firing back at Steven Crowder after he accused her of extortion. Owens says that Crowder is lying and that she …

32 responses to “Candace Owens UNLOADS On Crowder’s Divorce Extortion Accusations”

  1. @thomasmills339 Avatar

    Shocking. A right-wing person who hates women.

  2. @Salvation3712 Avatar

    😂 flirty, in a time of age where men can't be kind while making a nice comment on how she looked! 😂

  3. @TheRuben_music Avatar

    you guys are the best 😉

  4. @jamessharp9790 Avatar

    Candace is a known tradcon feminist who is a proponent of the old man up panacea. Why would that be surprising?

  5. @tommy_kaira733 Avatar

    Candaice is so shock that not all white men,is not like her husband shocker😂😂😂

  6. @quakers200 Avatar

    This channel is getting like Jerry Springer without the chair throwing, hair pulling.

  7. @quakers200 Avatar

    A guy with those muscles with no reason other than vanity always makes me concerned. I cant explain it.

  8. @myliveaslaura2838 Avatar

    That you commented several videos on Crowder's personal matters, just confirm what kind of low life vultures you all are. Desperate to associate with Crowder programming just like the time you tried to sneak in with H3H3. I thought we only disagreed, but in reality, you all just miserable.

  9. @amitbelwal8552 Avatar

    Crowder is never doing the change my mind segment again.

  10. @carloscontreras3633 Avatar

    Ohhh no, the woman that says women’s sports don’t matter and that men should be able to compete against women….

  11. @chemistryscuriosities Avatar

    Keep selling your souls for clout.

  12. @cyberguru09 Avatar

    I guess bigotry is fine when the target is Christianity.

  13. @andregordon2599 Avatar

    Special shout out to Dorsey (I’m guessing?) for running Sam’s YouTube for him. The Boomer energy was real today lmao

  14. @annalisavajda252 Avatar

    Candace had words to say about The Moron Five singer cheating on his Victoria Secret model wife with some instagram model too. Sleazy men don't like being scolded for their rude and disrespectful behaviour it's largely still normalized by society in general too not just among celebrities. So Candice is going to get dragged into arguments and conflict with Crowder now because his wife has had enough of that everyday and he needs someone to degrade and accuse now can't understand why his wife didn't enjoy it but thinks some woman he doesn't even know and has no love for him will?

  15. @lewa3910 Avatar

    Unironically want candace to go gaslight gatekeep girlboss on crowder

  16. @hg1644 Avatar

    Candace Owens is a nasty witch

  17. @hks2377 Avatar

    Note: Texas isn’t a 50/50 divorce settlement state. TX law mandates a “just and right division of community property”, usually 55/45. If there are fault grounds, (like infidelity or abuse), or a disparity in earnings, the split may be 60/40. It formally bans sex discrimination for child custody, but that’s usually enforced by mediation or mutual consent, not the court.

  18. @nura1627 Avatar

    Wait, he thinks HE'S the one who "picked wrong" in this scenario?

  19. @nura1627 Avatar

    Has anyone verified if this even WAS a "no fault" divorce?
    Or are we just trusting his characterization?
    Seems he provided her with plenty of fault to base a divorce on to a court.

  20. @BuckandOden Avatar

    We all know Sam Seder had an orgasm as soon as he heard this news….

  21. @leebrewer7394 Avatar

    After the video, he is known of as SAKKUVSHYTT

  22. @YallNotWhite_YourPINK Avatar

    Nothing more conservative then abusing a pregnant woman 😂

  23. @jordan10111101 Avatar

    Talk about CLICKBAIT! Lol trash.

  24. @Dankness9 Avatar

    Publicizing this to this extreme is disgusting on all parties including Sam Sedar.

  25. @veneration1 Avatar

    Crowder spoke out more than just saying "I am getting divorced and I will keep it private" because he knew the video was coming out, he felt he had to say "there was no violence" given how the video looks.

  26. @altcoinandy1306 Avatar

    Comparing YouTube to rumble lmao. Imagine. He is killing it a new platform. You a crawling on a liberal platform. Not even close.

  27. @adelaidemarie Avatar

    Just imagine if your conversations became public?

  28. @AngelDrummer5950 Avatar

    here we go again. believe all women huh… Mr Crowder is correct. Everyone else are in their emotions. PERIOD

  29. @LovedByYou Avatar

    Not me TEAM CANDANCE 😩😩😩😩😩🙅🏾‍♀️

  30. @mtomiuk8133 Avatar

    Owens is a dishonest and immoral sack of venom who now wants to play Oprah. On the other hand, Crowder always needed to grow up and now may be a good time.

  31. @corpsmankind Avatar

    Stephen Cowards recent change my mind about women in the military was so disrespectful. His anger towards his wife is because his true love was Not Gay Jared.

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