Candace Owens Unleashes DISGUSTING Rant Against Disabled People

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Conservative bigot Candace Owens spewed a hateful rant criticizing a company for using a model in a wheelchair to advertise …

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  1. @LisaHale-yl2vr Avatar

    Candace Owens is vile, she is a disgusting human being… I became disabled at 41 years old, I suffered a disabling spinal cord injury, from a spinal infection. It could happen to anybody. And we deserve to be seen, to be heard, to be included because we exist. All the different kinds of people in the world, make the fabric of society stronger, because we can learn from our differences, we can develop empathy and learn from each other, learn the true meaning of compassion because that is what strengthens a society. If we don't have representation, it only perpetuates xenophobic and ableist views that weaken the fabric of society.

  2. @ImperviousPixie Avatar

    These underwear are especially designed FOR PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIRS. Candace, this was stupid. Maybe read about the product before you go critizing the ad campaign.

  3. @roberthall6609 Avatar

    Candace, this was a fuck up!

    This isn't WOKE Candace you just went to war with the disabled and for no reason.

    I love you for testifying before Congress on behalf of real equality however this was an absolute fuck up. No one was talking about this why would you tarnish your brand and for nothing?

  4. @lottorabbit Avatar

    I have been a Wheelchair user for 30 years. Candace better hope I never see her. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  5. @SarahSmirnova Avatar

    Sorry, but Candace is right. The delivery of her criticism may be a little abrasive but the principle of what she's saying is still correct.

    Not everything needs to be inclusive, and in fact, some things should not be inclusive.

    The purpose of modeling is to market individuals who are in the upper echelons of society in terms of physical beauty. They are exemplars, aesthetic ideals which the average person strives to emulate. That's why they are called models. When a domain that's supposed to be elite, like modeling, becomes too egalitarian, then it loses its value as an art form.

    Victoria's Secret became an absolute joke when they went on the "inclusivity" bandwagon and started featuring morbidly obese women as well as ugly masculine women like Megan Rapinoe in their advertisements. No one wants to see that.

    Not everyone can be a model. If you're not objectively attractive and you don't meet the beauty standards for modeling, then you can find a different vocation. Develop monetizable skills that are unrelated to your physical appearance and go from there.

    That being said, I don't agree with approaching a disabled person and bullying them, like some people would, because that's not nice. If someone was born with a musculoskeletal conditon which rendered them wheelchair-bound for the rest of their life or was born with mental retardation, well, those people were dealt some bad genetic cards and accept that reality. But a person's immutable qualities, for which they have no control, doesn't entitle them to a modeling job or the like.

  6. @TheNewb187 Avatar

    i love this woman….shes smart and real.

  7. @TheNewb187 Avatar

    dude in the future i shutter to see what kind of abominations are walking the streets and on the tv saying its ok to be this disgusting thing thats far from how they were born…, and for the lady in the wheelchair nobody looks at anybody in a wheelchair long enough to think they are hot so just get off it and leave it alone…

  8. @jimmymorris5321 Avatar

    Candace is 100% right. Her point is that these companies hire young snowflakes to do this stuff and it is like they try to outdo each other. It's pandering at its best. Let's all pull up our big kid panties and lighten up a bit. Nobody was offended or even had their feelings hurt.
    Hey we need to make a commercial!!! Let's make sure we have a woman of color. Also an Asian. We just have to have a gay or Lesbian actor too. Wait, we need a Trans person also. Oh, how could forget about LatinX! Well this sucks, we just have to have a amputee!
    Really, this is what we have turned into. I'm not watching a movie because a black person wrote it, or a Latino. Because I dont give a crap what color they are. I just want to watch a damn movie. I dont want to be panderered too, like most people.

  9. @catherinevaughanpoet Avatar

    Candace should be cancelled for this. She gets away with so much. She’s disgusting.

  10. @saminabukhari7336 Avatar

    Thanks you sister for soeaking out ♡

    Candice is way off here- having friends and family with disabilities shows me how important viability is 🤍

  11. @lorenamares1427 Avatar

    It's not against disability but against a cult of attention for EVERYTHING that's wrong or difficult for us.

  12. @Preah3 Avatar

    Candace speaks to get a reaction. It's as simple as that. She is a perfect example of a "pick me" and ALWAYS WILL BE.

  13. @sarahball-ruck846 Avatar

    This was very sad – I use to (use to) follow & subscribe to anything she did… but as a person w/a disability in a wheelchair … very saddened

  14. @jeffrhorer1811 Avatar
  15. @jessicaj2017 Avatar

    Why do people care what she says? She talks to get reactions

  16. @luciangmail827 Avatar

    She said "I really don't get it, and if I am wrong educate me."
    Well Candace: first how does including people with a disability impact you? It doesn't but second there are many who ask the same question about including blacks. What is your response to them?

  17. @iamthebroker Avatar

    I love Candace. She’s the best. Has a great sense of reality. All the haters are jealous big time. I support her 100%

  18. @rogersammons7115 Avatar

    You are a horrible horrible person, disgrace to black race


    She's deeply confused.

  20. @binnad7091 Avatar

    "I didn't know that we had to see that IN OUR FACE" (emphasis mine). WTF?! She couldn't be more clear.

    Remember the 1990s when people started to "not mind if someone is gay, I just don't want to see it in my face."


  21. @bobdevreeze4741 Avatar

    There are different kinds of disability. Hers is a mental disability.

  22. @grantparke5452 Avatar

    Candice Owens, is the most delusional , hateful and uneducated moron on this planet. I think it’s disgusting that America is giving this pathetic excuse of a human a platform, where she can spread her, uneducated and moronic dogma. You can tell she is a try hard for views.

    I would rather be friends and be in a room with people in wheelchairs than be in a room with a sick pathetic narcissistic moron called candice!

  23. @lisaderuyter8173 Avatar

    Well I got Candace beat…. I don’t want to see any women in her indecent underwear or any man, etc. Today there are so many people making excuses to run around just about NAKED IMPURE disgusting with no holy shame. Repent so God can heal our land!

  24. @nash1328 Avatar

    She does know what discrimination feels like, there’s a whole lawsuit about it, she’s chasing money, she’s using her identity as a shield to spout nonsense to a conservative audience for money. It’s shallow and it’s obvious.

  25. @stacykidd926 Avatar

    😂 she is an idiot with a microphone

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