Candace Owens' Thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr.

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40 responses to “Candace Owens' Thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr.”

  1. @Orto-jj2di Avatar

    I hope she meant THE REAL LUTHER KING not whitewashed version. The real thing was a radical guy with radical movement which britalised by police and was staunchly anti establishment who hated his guts.

  2. @jamesholland1271 Avatar

    She's a puppet being used by right wing politicians , She hates BLM and hangs around with white supremacists – She's a traitor to the black race , Joined with people who still embrace racism and scream hate. Vile human being

  3. @Weduboey Avatar

    And your an uncle tom just like the rest because what your talking about is appeasing people when mlk was against police brutality, but instead you want to appease and be subservient to white america i gotcha kool

  4. @Greyareas27 Avatar

    "We must do something about this problem. And I say that it is not just one party, but all of the political parties have a responsibility here. Actually, the Negro has been betrayed by both the Republican and the Democratic Party. The Democrats have betrayed him by capitulating to the whims and caprices of the southern Dixiecrats. The Republicans have betrayed him by capitulating to the blatant hypocrisy of reactionary right-wing northern Republicans. And this coalition of southern Dixiecrats and right-wing reactionary northern Republicans defeats every bill and every move towards liberal legislation in the area of civil rights."

    "Desegregation and the Future," Address Delivered at the Annual Luncheon of the National Committee for Rural Schools


    King, Martin Luther King Jr.

    Date: December 15, 1956

  5. @Greyareas27 Avatar

    That talk fails to address why you are opposed to the thousands of Americans, black, white, brown and yellow, who peacefully marched arm in arm in protest of police violence against unarmed black people. Just as people of all races did the exact same thing with Dr. King in the 50's and 60's. The far-right despised everything Dr. King fought and dies for.

  6. @arevalosole91 Avatar

    If America produced a person who was born in 1929 speaking the truth, we must not lose faith that till this day the lord will bless us with people like Marther Luther King

  7. @bigboiswag-yu2nr Avatar

    SEGREGATION is the best thing to happen to black people and we gave it away. Lets not forget dr.king had another speech about leading us into a burning house trusting these devils…. Don't let them fool you stay WOKE my people!!!

  8. @morriselliott7004 Avatar

    Thanks for paying respect to the people who compelled me to shed blood, sweat and tears for my place at the table. We were poised to enter a golden age and then it completely fell apart because the generations after us dropped the ball and decided to not aim high. They instead decided to embrace ignorance and fulfill every negative stereotype we fought to make go away. Every other group who came to this country before and after us has overcome obstacles and been successful. The fact that the media tries to represent our failed generations as representative of our communities when they know better piss@s me off daily. The problem I have is that we passed on our hard fought knowledge and ended up with this pathetic cluster@uck. Still SMFH.

  9. @verlandousmitchell2308 Avatar

    To me there is something sick about convincing people to sit defenseless while being killed.. More sickening is leading them to slaughter.

  10. @Otterom Avatar

    Very precise and eloquent ,her words and ideals are heartfelt truths humble ,empathetic , the heart and mind of a true American patriot God Bless Her and her wonderful family for raising this incredible person

  11. @wildcathawkins Avatar

    These leftists are a bunch of wolves in sheep's clothing pretending to be for peace

  12. @jamesprice532 Avatar

    Unfortunately you have organizations like the nation of Islam who are wanting to be separate, and Martin Luther king knew a separate and isolated people, will never have the opportunities of the rest of the people

  13. @thomasnappo6309 Avatar

    Sadly will always be division…there's a top…and a bottom..

  14. @touchofgrace3217 Avatar

    I have a great deal of respect for Candace and people like her who can overcome early life conditioning with critical thinking. Most people tow the line they are taught without questioning it. It is so hard to overcome that.

  15. @navi5309 Avatar

    Wasn’t he a womanizer

  16. @pocketzp5025 Avatar

    She wise before her time💯

  17. @ruafraidoftruth..3408 Avatar

    Candace with all due respect as one of your subscribers: you say america.. The land of divisions, Lesbianism, homosexuality, pedophilia, thieves, robbers&Murderers is the Only way to the Promise Land Hub?.. Which Promise Land is that?.. I know it has to be far from the Promise of Truth,Peace&Righteousness Correct?.. Otherwise what are you saying?.. Better yet who are you?..

  18. @johnstewie5720 Avatar

    Gives me chills and great love to hear MLK speak. He was and will always be a Great American.

  19. @bo_arrow Avatar

    "Martin"Luther King Jr wasn't and isn't his REAL NAME. His REAL NAME is
    /was Michael Luther King Jr. his dad was a member of that "black" boule which were created by the KKK. Michael/Martin was implant by the government. His "dream" speech has blinded the colored folk communities for decades. notice they've constantly reiterated that speech and vision over n over. they want us blind and stupid and in line with the agendas. be a good boy/girl and obey. his dream has been the nightmare by Satanists and luciferians. YESHUA HAMASHIACH The Christ is THE REALITY! He's roaring from on high and is set to return. these high places are coming down…THE REIGN IS COMING!

  20. @oguun_garvey6531 Avatar

    And this is where my beliefs dissect from yours. One of several sources of the problems that the black American community has, is lack of pride, in a broad sense… And one of the side effects of that was an unwillingness to fight when it mattered most. The founders of America fought for 10x less egregious circumstances than black ppl were only willing to march for in the 50s and 60s. If history hasn't taught us anything, it is that white european culture or we could even say the Judeo-Christian value system, respects bloodshed for a cause. Even the Taliban gets our respect… And even tho we (the black community) are far and away removed from war being sensible, here in the 21st century… I believe not going that route cost us gravely, in the department of progress. Our heroes are mostly peace loving peoples, for starters. Which no other culture would/should respect for their own. Our pride is (generally speaking) restrained to streets, neighborhoods, and every now and then cities and even more rare, states. And not often enough in a respectable way. It's just "hood shit" 9x outta 10… If we had subscribed to fighting more and separation, we probably would've gotten our asses handed to us. But we would've shown the powers that be that hell is to be paid for oppressing our community. George Washington and them went to war over "no taxation without representation". And if you really dive into it, the elites wanted to take more Indian land (George had big time prospects for Ohio) and Britain and the Proclamation of
    1763 was in the way of that. Ijs. They were treated like princes and dukes compared to black folks. Even in the 60s. But the government suppressed, oppressed, and murdered our most sensible leaders. The ones that knew that "turn the other cheek" stuff was comically stupid. And also just what the white population wanted. And now we're in this silly situation where we collectively value progressivism and government help and handouts but at the same time don't trust the government… It's ass-backwards because our freedom and "equality" was begotten in an ass-backwards way

  21. @JesusLordOfLordsKingOfKings Avatar

    I know a lot of people celebrate MLK but I'm starting to understand that they truly don't know what he stood for.

  22. @natel7382 Avatar

    Imagine having your whole persona wrapped up on a political party that doesn't give two shits about you. Both sides are trash. But you also apart of the grift. How much did you charge to speak during this ? See the problem.

  23. @nigelralphmurphy2852 Avatar

    Fighting for peace? When was that ever the objective of black Americans? Oh God she is such a toxic influence on everything.

  24. @kingvan143 Avatar

    MLK was a sellout. Mr "I fear I've integrated my people into a burning house" smh.

  25. @aaronblake1467 Avatar

    What is the number 1 hate group that commit violence. Quite "let not talk about Brono No No No" KKK and others. Politics tell you what to be concerned about and what to ingore then your getting played.

  26. @CoreyChambersLA Avatar

    MLK was the real deal. He was for peaceful protest, coming together, judging based on character, not color. That's why MLK was successful in making big improvements.

  27. @tilp964 Avatar

    dang thats a very good way to put it

  28. @hughesmentor3043 Avatar

    America is the greatest country in the world? How?

  29. @sandyhardin5617 Avatar

    So true Patriots who cared about freedom, facts and truth! God Bless them and God Bless America 🇺🇸

  30. @darrenlewis7001 Avatar

    Most black Conservatives would have hated the real Dr. King. He was labeled a Communist by the right.

  31. @mcnowski Avatar

    Happy people don't fight wars.

  32. @MsFeliciaG Avatar

    I need to hear this…I’ve scrolled the comments

  33. @theworldisastage3425 Avatar

    MLK was a Marxist plant like Gandi and Mandela. The only thing accomplished was making a word taboo enough to ruin lives if uttered. #truthfreedomhealth

  34. @kmaze1204 Avatar

    MLK was a humanitarian, Great Man

  35. @tatendadune171 Avatar

    I can tell you're around a British person a lot. Your tone sometimes slightly leans to a British one. I guess cos your hubs is an Englishman.

  36. @benjaminingram4857 Avatar

    The way to avoid history from repeating is to educate one self and others alone the way racism is an mentality that must be fought against.

  37. @CraigDohner Avatar

    I love Candice. But MLK jr was a false prophet. He didn't believe in the virgin birth, and he claimed to be a baptist pastor. Just look at the now released FBI docs on him. You'd be surprised

  38. @singersunite9785 Avatar

    Imagine if young black girls looked up to Candice owens rather than cardi b

  39. @laptoptweakingtips Avatar

    In the case of Candace Owens I think history is indeed repeating itself, what an inspiring woman you are. Keep doing what you are doing.

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