Candace Owens – The Adam Carolla Show

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Candace Owens sits down with Adam for a one-on-one conversation about becoming a powerful, yet controversial voice among …

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  1. @mitcheldavisel1505 Avatar

    Cardi B. Has the most sales and popularity.

  2. @mitcheldavisel1505 Avatar

    If it don't make dallors it does not make sense.

  3. @jakBNimbull Avatar

    This human female just got 10X more attractive.

  4. @csparrow42 Avatar

    Rice lied to the US public after Powell lied to the US public and UN. Even smart people act like puppets for white people

  5. @Love4thesky490 Avatar

    Just love you Candace!!

  6. @yarsivad000.5 Avatar

    I'm not a fan of Tucker and his Putin love

  7. @jludovico12345 Avatar

    SO MUCH TRUTH. Candace is breaking the Matrix.

  8. @debraparsons4317 Avatar

    Candice says what is right. A lot of people don't like to hear what's right.

  9. @MrDinger60 Avatar

    Both of these people are fantastic. And Candace is beautiful to boot. I once called in to Adam Carolla's radio show and had a humorous conversation with him about my ex wife. People at work came up to me that day and asked, "Hey, was that you on Adam Carolla's show this morning?" LOL.

  10. @aminuaidara8601 Avatar

    Just like someone said in their country people who don't have brain the stupid ones the government give them degrees so they can feel they have made it this is what is happening in some schools

  11. @brisjemalone3205 Avatar

    A man wearing a skirt is perverse. She argues there’s a line beTween Diversity vs perversion. She wants to maintain normalcy which is what? Interracial couples used to be perverse, yet now she is married to a white dude. Let’s be thankful for those that step outside the bounds of normalcy, otherwise who knows where your two faced self would be. #cancelcandace she’s just another sell out

  12. @chinaexpertdennis6371 Avatar


  13. @chinaexpertdennis6371 Avatar

    Candace….Way too much blame on China. I lived _ worked in China for 10 years.
    Not that China is not totally blameless. But you are Reaching

  14. @donnabowman1259 Avatar

    I'm glad there are people still making sense. Because wow the extreme left is like a disease and we need a Vaccine quick. I mean men in dresses, elementary schools trying to confuse our children. Completely crazy !!!

  15. @katevand Avatar

    eh. i'm still a progressive lib but i'm glad i listened

  16. @langdonbiggs1596 Avatar

    I love her. So sharp and honest.

  17. @peartfaldo Avatar

    Candace rules. I love her;-) Adam is cool too.

  18. @peartfaldo Avatar

    33:48 she just defined politician. thats why we have to get rid of them.

  19. @DLEE-vl8zp Avatar

    – I tend to find her abject religious superstition rather agitating due to its cancerous ability to brainwash good people into doing bad things. I wish Christopher Hitchens was here to expose people like her.

  20. @DLEE-vl8zp Avatar

    Is she still living in climate science denial?

  21. @calvinrivera5463 Avatar

    this interview was great. Adam, you're at good at engaging real from a conversation.

  22. @calvinrivera5463 Avatar

    Adam and Candice, are one of the same.

    i appreciate both, so much

  23. @KillerDoc42 Avatar

    She is on the biggest bed winches that this country has produced! LOL

  24. @vickielawson3114 Avatar

    Excellent conversation!

  25. @JFromAcc Avatar

    Did Candace Owens just claim that she can't be a racist because she's black?? 😂 People say she's smart. I'm not seeing it.

  26. @bossman1944 Avatar

    Candance is simply amazing. Been a big UK fan since the start

  27. @MOSTGHALONE Avatar

    Why does she dress like Harriet Tubman?

  28. @darrenmiller6927 Avatar

    Sorry on e the USA is part of China…what hope does the rest of the western world have. Not " parent of China. Like anyone cares lol. Sorry about the rant,. I think you ate a great interviewer. Seriously, great show !!!

  29. @darrenmiller6927 Avatar

    Oh, and she's right about china! It's only people like her that keep me from learning Chinese. I mean the left has everyone, including the media in there pocket. And communistala Harris!?! What a nightmare. And I am independent that voted for Biden! And boy have I lived to regret that! No I would never vote for that lunatic Trump. But now?!? But I will die before I help put these left wing nuts back in power. What a mess we are in! It just scares me that anyone who is now against Biden, or GOD help us Faucci, is having there life destroyed. How is this not terrifying. Without people like Candice…. But it may be too late. China is winning. The whole country has their nose up china's ass. Plus, the media follows Trump at the expense of all the other news going on in the news, or the world. Trump is a left wing dog and pony show of the left wing, while they train our kids to hate America and love communism. Communism china, remember the connection. Once the USA is parent of China the rest of the western world doesn't have a prayer. Mean while these right wing racist nuts think the Chinese are stupid?!?! God help us, china had us destroying ourselves without a shot fired.

  30. @darrenmiller6927 Avatar

    Candice is great. Thanks for having her. Great interview. Never seen you before, but I'll be back. You bring out the best in Candice. Actually she is quite sane. She is just saying what a lot of people want to say. I'm an independent and am more than sick of Trump, aren't we all? It's just that the medias blind following of Biden is scarier than the insanity we had under Trump. Now it seems that the government has the media in their pocket. Isn't that terrifying?!?

  31. @xthatwhiteguyx Avatar

    Has Candace learned yet that Condoleezza Rice isn't on her side? She's an establishment, uniparty communist.

  32. @erikalagos9223 Avatar

    46:45 Kids are WAITING for adults TO BE ADULTS !!!!! Well Said.

  33. @bruceleroy8063 Avatar

    It's the guilt of their soul they're trying to escape, not the guilt of their race. Anything to distract them from their human responsibility.

  34. @troy9er Avatar

    What a Superstar she is. I subbed to her years ago then was told she was a shill and I in subbed. Then I woke up and thought I’ll just watch her and make up my own mind about her and I re subbed to her. Keep going Girl, you are great!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🎄🎄👍🏻🎄👍🏻

  35. @jschapp77 Avatar

    I’m old. Call me grandpa. But every single time in my life where someone did something racist. They were called out for it. Hated for it. And there were repercussions for it. So…. America does actually hate racism. I’ve seen it and it has happened. Just saying.

  36. @agricolaregs Avatar

    I really respect Candace Owens but I disagree on some things she says here and there.

  37. @durrty8 Avatar

    She is trying to get people to think

  38. @dimitripudzianowski854 Avatar

    I have a crush on Candace….there I said it

  39. @marielouis674 Avatar

    There is a lot of codes in that interview… That strange language won't bring u no where just judgement!!!

  40. @marielouis674 Avatar

    If they knew they could build everything on this land by them self why they send to got us in Africa… You guys are acting up now… Let me tell you something we wasn't Africans people… You guys brought the Hebrew… The true Ysreal people, you guys did a big mistake👑👑👑 the king is going to fight for his people!!!

  41. @gregmcnair7929 Avatar


  42. @himurahaibara1459 Avatar

    The country has come to a point where you normalize oppression by minority as a way to satisfy the minority. I don't know how it always come to the extreme spectrum to solve any problem.

  43. @mmc1086 Avatar
  44. @jessegarcia5386 Avatar

    Love you cadence..💪😎🤘

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