Candace Owens REACTS to Her FIRST Ever YouTube Video

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42 responses to “Candace Owens REACTS to Her FIRST Ever YouTube Video”

  1. @salomesalo7473 Avatar

    I admire you Candace❤ I was not liberal but I always respected people’s lives when I was lost and mentally Ill. I still respect them but I do not agree with it. It horrifies me to think of this generation

  2. @incognito595 Avatar

    I like watching her. She's very smart. And very interesting.

  3. @seliar7586 Avatar

    Respect for your integrity !

    Love you Miss Candace
    From an French Algerian American « Muslim » Republican and conservative

  4. @kaltrimi Avatar

    Very funny even now that you have become part off our families and we know for a fact that you are funny and SMART..we love you Candace and we want to see you leed..

  5. @MyDancer1996 Avatar

    Hey! I have that same couch!

  6. @deanstarks4736 Avatar

    She truly is a beautiful woman

  7. @Muddmanz65 Avatar

    OMG I remember that video, I was rolling on the ground then and still am today! 🤣🤣
    Then who could forget the Red Dress video with Candace talking about getting off the democrat plantation!? My jaw was on the ground, partly for the lovely red dress haha, and also for her incredible wit, humor and bravery! Beauty, brains and a free thinker. No wonder why the wacko's on the Left despise her and constantly attack her.

  8. @SusanRichardsDay Avatar

    Hysterical !!!! Great job Candice , you should try acting .

  9. @feralkat9370 Avatar


  10. @windowsrefund Avatar

    I remember that original video. Nice to see the world took notice of your brilliance and talent. Keep up the great work.

  11. @jupiterroyalty2176 Avatar

    😁😆😅🤣😂, "Sweetie please….. just be Gay".

  12. @walesikorovulavula Avatar

    I actually searched for this video to see where it all began 😂
    The mum is the funniest " just be gay" 😂😂😂
    Hillarious Candace😅

  13. @user-yp7nc7dn4m Avatar


  14. @linathompson5060 Avatar

    lmao I’m so happy I found this !!! Too funny

  15. @jse1958 Avatar

    I miss those videos

  16. @starboy2013 Avatar

    That was pretty funny.

  17. @ladypatriot2094 Avatar

    Before finding this video, i had looked up your first video because it is my all time favorite. Ive been following you for awhile and lately I've been watching your podcast YT channel. Great fun video.

  18. @lawrencebrown8161 Avatar

    When i want to see something stupid and funny i love watching cadace hitler owens lol

  19. @kleinosim-asu7428 Avatar

    Why can't you just be gay is a different request non is the face of transitioning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. @jonsampearson Avatar

    Followed you from the first video, you were always smart, attractive, funny, and truthful. I'm really glad you found your husband and success.

  21. @bb3ll07 Avatar

    I pray one day Candace Owens comes to MISSISSIPPI where it all started to get blacks to #WalkAway

  22. @keithwitcher5130 Avatar

    Wow@Candace Owens legs at 1:13. I wanna kiss Candace feet, lips. Candace, Grace Gealey, Caryn Ward, Zaza Ali, Karrine Steffans, Jamie Valentine, Melyssa Ford are hottest black women.

  23. @ehrldawg Avatar

    LOL !! What with that painting behind Candice??

  24. @ElenaVasilenka Avatar

    Candace I hope you will become a president… or lead America in even better way then that ( not sure presidents have the true freedom that you deserve as a leader )

  25. @jaylawilson2532 Avatar

    This wasn't her first video…

  26. @DeyonneHoward1221 Avatar

    This is hilarious 😂🤣🤣 the mom character is great! You should do more

  27. @bostonhayworth1264 Avatar

    I was one of the fist viewers of that video and I told everyone I could. Watch for Candance Owenss. She is going to be a SUPERSTAR! I was SO right.

  28. @bluesky7288 Avatar

    What is with the red lipstick? Eeew!

  29. @tblk1860 Avatar


  30. @tblk1860 Avatar

    WTF, I wasn’t subbed!!!!! I corrected that immediately!

  31. @xdrfox Avatar

    remember a video before this, I saw of you, I sent the link to Alex Jones and days later you were on his show.. always love your laughter…

  32. @Yesica1993 Avatar

    Oh, goodness, I remember this! Somehow my brain forgot that it's this same Candace!

  33. @beatles7238 Avatar

    Lol that's the first time I've seen your "first YouTube video" who knew that you could act!! A lot better than Amber Heard did on the witness stand… 😀👍💖🙏

  34. @huh2275 Avatar

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