Candace Owens opens up about her personal life and family

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John Rich discusses with Candace Owens the struggles and hardships she faces for being conservative. Subscribe to Fox …

38 responses to “Candace Owens opens up about her personal life and family”

  1. @MaryKnox-lb6oc Avatar

    I love Candice Owens she tells the truth ❤❤❤

  2. @oliverio350 Avatar

    People, you won't believe what happened when I tried to share this, a warning came up saying the language on this video can be offensive to some people, I'm disappointed that Canadians are supposed to be free to express themselves, but I guess not we are becoming a dictator state.

  3. @atarakay9900 Avatar

    She looks SO much like Grimes!

  4. @matta4756 Avatar

    Its amazing how its ALWAYS the people on the left that disown those who don't agree with them

  5. @lindalogston1068 Avatar

    Candace Owens is a National Treasure!

  6. @user-st5cs3fq4y Avatar

    Thank you Fox Business!
    God bless you all. God bless Candace and her family. God bless America!

  7. @amoyjoyce1117 Avatar

    I hope the lord opens her eyes to the scriptures , she has no idea how much the Lord loves his people .Candace needs to study the Bible not listens to others but truly study God’s Word

  8. @angelanetterville7650 Avatar

    I'm part Native American, but because you can't tell that by looking at me, you'll make ME prove it to gain the advantages.

  9. @CherylFairbanks-hl3kn Avatar

    Candice Owens is a disgusting human being.

  10. @XLRmusic2 Avatar

    uhhh motherhood…jeep at the border… no eagle? no jebus? not fox enough i am out

  11. @joceyrocks8840 Avatar

    She looks so beautiful

  12. @_cali187x_3 Avatar
  13. @j.103 Avatar

    I worry all the time about what we are leaving our kids and grandkids….we are being invaded at the Southern border…..

  14. @joselyn899 Avatar

    I get Olivia pope vibes from her

  15. @georgieman1910 Avatar

    Lol of course she went for a white guy

  16. @beaniegirl55 Avatar

    Im in between i dont love her and i dont hate her. I dont even really know her. I have agreements and disagreements.

  17. @user-ix9ze5mk7x Avatar

    I love watching her shows😊

  18. @rosaarodriguez9968 Avatar

    A fine lady with class and personality, education, brains and beauty. Is she an American? Blessings for her new family. A Christian now because if her husband.

  19. @rosaarodriguez9968 Avatar

    I love and admire this smart, educated woman and lm happy she found happiness with an educated smart man! BLESSINGS!

  20. @BLit11 Avatar

    It’s so important to form your own opinion about people and not let other people’s comments influence how you feel about someone you don’t even know. I use to have a negative concept of her without giving myself the chance to actually listen to her and learn more about her views. I now find myself agreeing with almost everything she says.

  21. @aprilgrant3924 Avatar
  22. @jeffreythomas2787 Avatar

    Candace for veep ❤🎉❤🎉 f j b😊

  23. @satishrabidas7097 Avatar

    'i think i lost two cousins ,i think' but 'im sooo close to them' fool!

  24. @elefanteluzvioleta Avatar

    I love Candace Owens. I am Mexican and my family and I love her and we love Donald Trump

  25. @fee4900 Avatar

    This girl is glowing, she is a very beautiful young woman. I am sure she has a beautiful family. She has a clear head on her shoulders. Make a great mom.

  26. @fee4900 Avatar

    She seems to be honest and clear head on her shoulders. With thinking of fairness and honest. I totally respect her for this reason. Not many can do that to me.

  27. @unconditionalfreedom Avatar

    Future president USA, Dont lose yourself Candice..STAY

  28. @leonietaylor7054 Avatar


  29. @debbieferguson7906 Avatar

    Ask about the naacp and how they helped her beat racism

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