Candace Owens & Matt Walsh LOVE Projecting Pdf

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50 responses to “Candace Owens & Matt Walsh LOVE Projecting Pdf”

  1. @user-rz7vi2bn2e Avatar

    what did Dave Cullen asks candace owen in Tweets?

  2. @Lita-yr4wt Avatar

    Onset of adulthood for Walsh: 18 for boys, 12 for girls. Get em married.

  3. @gambitbeats2154 Avatar

    4% of the church in the 90's isn't even close to the celebrities that he hangs out with and lives next to.. z list actor

  4. @therrydicule Avatar

    I come here for the PDF

  5. @Speedy9079 Avatar

    Matt, teens aren’t mature enough to be married, that’s just it. And they aren’t old enough to have kids💀

  6. @randallholloway8686 Avatar

    Everyone: "… anyone gonna look into this or nah?"

  7. @elizabethellis9062 Avatar

    They got married and had kids young cause most people only lived to be 30 or 40. Technology has advanced and our live spans have increased and you don’t wanna be married at 16 if you live to be 80 or 100.
    You have your whole life to be a grown up let them be kids and figure stuff out. Matt and the other creeps need to 🤬 off.

  8. @squirrelnutz7651 Avatar

    Conservatives identify pedophiles. You're out!
    Democrats identify pedophiles. Let's have a parade!

  9. @jddiggy2343 Avatar

    Right, Left it doesn't matter your all weirdos to me.

  10. @emcats84 Avatar

    Leftism is a mental illness.

  11. @fullyfb3847 Avatar

    Why don't you all stand against pedophilia? It's a pretty big red flag…if you understand what is going on here, it's that the blue team thinks children can consent because that is what they have been conditioned to believe. We see youuuuuuu

  12. @glennyates2194 Avatar

    It was that way because people only lived for about 40 years. That's why.

  13. @channelhismojo Avatar

    I hope you lying lefties get sued.

  14. @channelhismojo Avatar

    Whataboutism rather than fighting pedophilia? How left of you.

  15. @twill9278 Avatar

    Candace Owens is despicable

  16. @adarshp4634 Avatar

    Yeah …just like joe biden became the wokest president when he said in the past "a marriage is bw a man and a woman"

  17. @earlydoc6122 Avatar

    He’s talking about becoming an adult and learning to use what you have been taught. Jews go through it at 13…

  18. @ronin4580 Avatar

    Matt is an expert in sociology now?

  19. @fishbiter9409 Avatar

    Walsh gets closer to outright saying "Age is just a number" every day.

  20. @thecorzofamily9483 Avatar

    that was written about 10 or so years ago. he's then testified that if we were serious about the question, we would change the age to 25 since it is at that age that the brain finishes developing. I wonder why you would leave that out? and from the looks of it, most of your supporters are living in a bubble unaware of what the other side is up to, instead they turn to you guys and get a washed up point of view to defend your wickedness.

  21. @NoThatRyan Avatar

    One of these days, hundreds of toddlers' shoes or something are going to be found in Walsh's attic or basement. It gets no creepier than this guy without being a confirmed predator.

  22. @biekgiek Avatar

    Observation: Matt Walsh acknowledged 160,000 years of human evolution.

  23. @chrischurch5404 Avatar

    Public schools are far worse than the meme of catholic churches but don't expect to hear a word of it from sAm

  24. @alwayswanted2884 Avatar

    What a ridiculous argument from both sides. Leave the freaking kids out of it!! I don’t care if you are using that as an excuse to justify the ideology you want to push. What Matt Walsh said is wrong and you are wrong! Let kids be kids and deal with kid stuff. Handle adult stuff like freaking adults! We know what’s right and what’s wrong stop justifying a social grey area. It’s black and white that’s it!

  25. @Jedi_Vigilante Avatar

    It is almost like the average life expectancy for the vast majority of human history was closer to 30 years than it was 100…

    "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation,
    commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain."
    -John Adams

    Every time these people argue against the next generation having any advantage, even the same ones that the previous generations had, they are arguing that we never should have progressed beyond warring tribes stealing breeding slaves from each other and fighting over who gets the best caves…

  26. @Rydonittelo Avatar

    In my country Scotland the age of consent is 16.

  27. @MDM8998 Avatar

    He's fckn sick. I'd love to see his search history……🤢

  28. @caro241177 Avatar

    He was talking about how immature are young adults… You may not like the guy, but this comment is misleading.

  29. @edom.warlord7540 Avatar

    metzitzah b'peh LOL. projection? LOL.

  30. @jamesdelrogers542 Avatar

    The age of 18 is the line in the sand that was drawn win the age of industrial warfare came into existence. Boys reach matcheraty around 18 and girls around 14 are 15 , it has been common Throughout most of history That they would be married off at these ages, Because she's gonna end up pregnant with somebody's baby , Oftentimes in tribal settings are monarchies , It would only marry into certain families , And although they were prearranged marriages they were not necessarily specific to 1 individual , The others would start matchmaking early in the childhood , Picking up potential mates for each other , This is actually the pattern of nature , We have Super imposed Legal statutes , But remember it's really about pawning young men off as cannon fodder , If when civilizations began to overpopulate And their economic systems begin to fail , This really should be taken into consideration , win i was in high school in the 80s it was common for the. Freshmen girls to date seniors ,it pissed us off but what could we do ,the truth was that they were much more mature than we were , i dond remember Anyone making a big stink about it back then , except me

  31. @TheHoldout Avatar

    these idiots acting as a real show.

  32. @Snarf_Music Avatar

    just an FYI the age of consent in Germany is 16. I don't agree with it, but that's what it is in Germany. Not that anyone see's Germany as the ideal role model anyways.
    I just want to make the point that he isn't the only one advocating for this.

  33. @cindy3218 Avatar

    MW has issues with modernity. He is horrifying a horrifying human being

  34. @barbarahartlen4052 Avatar

    That is so bull, a woman is adult at 25, a man 30!

  35. @Djnoname246 Avatar

    In the recording he never advocates for older people to have sex with a 16 year old he states you should be married before having sex. He seems to advocate for two 16-17 year olds to get married before having sex.

  36. @ferko6 Avatar

    People make the mistake of blaming organizations such as churches, schools or political parties for this problem but in reality it rests with the individual that is using a position of authority and trust to get access to minors. Yes more should be done to prevent this and all organizations should have a zero tolerance policy towards these individuals

  37. @Btx931 Avatar

    Being obsessed with children’s genitals is pretty pervy. Candace seems to miss that point. She works with people who can’t stop talking about penises and children’s genitals

  38. @Matt-ru5rw Avatar

    Catholic priests, Baptist preachers, youth pastors, those pedophiles?

  39. @hotstixx Avatar

    Every instinct any decent grown man possesses knows it is absolutely wrong to pursue a 16 year old.Its farcical I have to even say it because it would never enter my head.They are children..they possess children's faces and children's emotions.That walshe thinks he can somehow rationalise this is extremely concerning.He should be under surveillance at the very least.

  40. @SmilingIbis Avatar

    We also used to burn witches and thought smelly air caused disease. We had no problem moving on from that garbage. Somehow they always want to make the kids available. Gross.

  41. @Coupedevillain Avatar

    She-males are a disease

  42. @Lady.Lisabobisa Avatar

    PSYOP. Stop twisting context

  43. @jaypristell3871 Avatar

    Nice cherry pick! Can't wait until you actually have a debate against Matt. I bet you won't. 😒😒😒

  44. @joeegg124 Avatar

    Its obvious that, that hoe with the glasses on is a map

  45. @PeytonOver Avatar

    "You guys do it tooooo" is a pretty poor argument guys. Pedos should be stopped on all sides.

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