Candace Owens Is SO Dumb

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Candace Owens pushes Vladimir Putin’s propaganda lie that Russia created Ukraine: “Ukraine wasn’t a thing until 1989,” Owens …

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  1. @jansmolski9294 Avatar

    The ignorance of history is staggering. In response to this nonsense, we can say that there is no point in worrying about statements from the USA because the USA does not exist yet, because according to Candance, similar people say that the American continent does not exist. Unbelievable ignorance. If you want to say something, learn it yourself first. May you, woman, never teach children.

  2. @dormedinaDK Avatar

    OMG.. she believe in russian propaganda.. she is even more stupid

  3. @JordanGollub-rz1ec Avatar

    Candace Owens is no scholar of Russian or Ukrainian history. She simply repeats certain right-wing talking points she plagarized from associates of Tucker Carlson and Glenn Grenwald. As much as I dislike former KGB agent Putin, at least his view of the historic role of the great Russian people and Orthodox Christianity is informed by a real scholar like Alexander Dugin.

  4. @hydrolito Avatar

    Not every republican agrees she talks nonsense. Canada is a different country. It is farther North it is one of coldest countries most of the Canadians live close to the United States border.

  5. @hydrolito Avatar

    These people take what she said out of context.

  6. @hydrolito Avatar

    Ukraine was country before world was 2. She can be wrong about things but is not dumb.

  7. @hydrolito Avatar

    No she's not she was accused of calling someone stupid when she didn't even say it. So person that accused her was stupid or thought the audience was and didn't pay attention to what just was said.

  8. @TheRaininghope Avatar

    Have any of you guys came back and realized you guys were idiots?

  9. @robertjericho6291 Avatar

    Ukraine officially declared independence in 1991 but unofficially about a year before. Candace is simply Not wrong about what she is saying. Genocide is a word and words have definitions. You guys are morons.

  10. @kpax45 Avatar

    Who funds this woman? She is getting paid by someone to spout her nonsense

  11. @closetglobe.IRGUN.NW0 Avatar

    No fn way
    Btw Ukraine used to be part of poland lithuania commonwealth
    And probably others. So yes. They arent Russians.

  12. @RayPointerChannel Avatar

    I do not completely agree with Candace Owens, but she does say a lot of important things regarding Black culture and its problems. She should not get into political issues, however. So give her some slack, she can slip up and make sense at times.

  13. @playa1877 Avatar

    They'll never accept you Candace come on home.

  14. @orangeorangeness2116 Avatar

    She has crazy eyes. Whatever unresolved issue she has going on within her that causes her to aggressively give her point of view despite being wrong most of the times is tiresome. The only reason why I have painfully listen to any of her content is because the web keeps trying to jab her down my throat, Even a few seconds of her second hand anger and chaos is enough to nauseate me.

  15. @kkeegan32 Avatar

    Saying Russia is not committing a genocide on Ukrainians because they are racially the same is like saying the lrish never experienced genocide by the British because they are also white. I am reminded of whoopi Goldberg and her comments about the holocaust. White on white crimes don't matter. Nobody cares.

  16. @jeremiahjohnson1513 Avatar

    Gotta lot the way MR calls Candace "dumb" because she doesn't have command of basic facts but show little command of them themselves. First off, while Candace may have demonstrated limited historical context her basic premise is still correct. The West should not be interfering with Russia and the Ukraine. MR is adopting the standard "Russia is an evil monolith invading a weaker country in order to reform as the USSR" mantra which is absurd. This conflict would never have even began if the West hadn't trying to pull Crimea and Ukraine into NATO and the West economic sphere. Imagine if Russia was up to the same monkey business in Mexico, imagine the outrage. Putin warned if Ukraine joined NATO he would take action, and he did exactly that. It's simple economics folks, access to ocean shipping is vital to a major countries economy and Russia has two access points to ocean shipping, St. Petersburg on the gulf of Finland and Crimea on the Black Sea. There is no way on this earth that Russia is going to allow the West to cut off 50% of it's ocean shipping access, no other major power would allow the same thing either. 3/4th of Russia's naval fleet is located at Sevastopol Naval Base in Crimea and those ships can pass through Bosporus strait into the Mediteranean and then into the Atlantic Ocean. It would be crippling to Russian naval power to lose that access. Not that they might actually be kicked out exactly but it would be an unacceptable loss of power and control for a country with an economy the size of Russia.
    The Ukraine has less than a 10th of Russia's military power, they have no bombers, Russia has over 100 bombers, Ukraine essentially has none. If the Russians wanted to demolish Ukraine and it's military capability, it would simply annihilate the country with bombers. Russia has a 3 million man army, Ukraine has less than 300,000. If Russia mobilized to WWII levels, Ukraine could not stand against it. If you look at all maps of the "invasion", Russia carved out a corrider to Crimea and the Black Sea along Ukraine Eastern border and have not advanced beyond that point. The "war" is Ukraine attacking Russian emplacements along that corridor trying to pressure Russia into leaving and creating a "war" for the world to get excited about and start sending money and military equipment. Ukraine doesn't have the power to get Russia out and if the West was stupid enough to commit actual troops and enough military equipment to push the Russians out, then they would got to that WWII level war footing and things would get way uglier than they are now. Ultimately, the Western powers couldn't win a full land war with Russia on their border, it would be idiotic to even try but the war is immensely profitable to military contractors in the West and could bring another area of the world into the West's economic influence which makes this a win win for the Western banks and globalist profiteers.
    But then there's the risk of WWIII and nuclear conflict which makes this insanity on a level that defies human reason. The people responsible for this are insane to take such a risk to feed their lust for profit and power.
    But MR isn't talking about any of this because they are so damn smart and Candace is just a dumb beatch.

  17. @Eric_Bassett Avatar

    Owens is a deeply troubled self righteous woman.

  18. @Eric_Bassett Avatar

    Her opinion on putins actions are DISGUSTING

  19. @garyscarborough4346 Avatar

    genocide does not just include killing people. You commit genocide when you deliberately try to erase a culture. Russia is destroying all the libraries and museums and churches in Ukraine he can, after having stolen as many children as he could. Those children are now being raised as Russians, taught that Ukraine is evil.

  20. @GamingPlanet2077 Avatar

    she is like the ones who claim that all african countries are the same

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