Candace Owens calls out LeBron James' 'lie'

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Podcast host Candace Owens and civil right attorney Leo Terrell discuss media enabling ‘left-wing’ lies on ‘Hannity.’ #FoxNews …

22 responses to “Candace Owens calls out LeBron James' 'lie'”

  1. @martinr8278 Avatar

    Lebron and his I promise school in Akron….anyone look into how well the students are doing there. Yikes. Not good. Sorry lebron…you are not my king. Christ is King.

  2. @CashCowz962 Avatar

    How racist is Lebron James..on a scale of 1 to 10

  3. @FortessofShred Avatar

    LeBron is as fake as Lee Press-On Nails.

  4. @jetnight88 Avatar

    Racist , homophobic , sexist , transphobic , narcissistic , toxic , Snowflake , right wing , and anti-Semitic

    All them words they use and cards they play

  5. @respectbigman3133 Avatar

    Candace Owen useful idiot. I don’t see rich white folks living In Trailer park. Did you do your homework or just parroting white supremacy talking point ? Allegedly

  6. @daniellejackson8572 Avatar

    What is her UNHEALTHY infatuation with Lebron James? She continues to speak on him and blame him.🙄

  7. @richardturner1063 Avatar

    if more back peple was like Candace Owens the world would be a better place 🤡

  8. @derekmiller9141 Avatar

    Candace Owens call out Jerry Jones. Let's hear your comments now. Oh he was there just standing around to do what? Help these black children go to school? What do you say?

  9. @dubiousjesse Avatar

    2:17 is so true. My friend was killed in his own house by his younger cousin's boyfriend when he intervened in a quarrel they were having. Nothing was done. My brother was also killed in his house a couple of months ago, and all they did was write a report. It's very unfortunate that we live in this cruel world.

  10. @jakeharmon8767 Avatar

    Black privilege is a live and well. Given to thugs by weak white liberals!

  11. @Tarantulisimo Avatar

    Is Candace Owens still doing stuff? White folks turned their backs & dropped her with a quickness

  12. @dennisfboston4543 Avatar

    But Candace back up from hershal he's as dumb as wood. Too many hits to the noggin

  13. @dennisfboston4543 Avatar

    I can't stand Hannity he's old n out of touch. Buy Candace she needs to switch seats with him. Come on foxchange with the world. It's all Candace

  14. @mikadotanh9396 Avatar

    Speaking from a non religious context, people use strip clubs and girls, webcams to relieve stress.

  15. @michaelraymond9274 Avatar

    As an old white man, I deeply appreciate and respect Candice. She tells the truth, is straightforward and to the point. This takes a lot of courage, considering most of the liberal woke community is against her. She is not appreciated for the forward thinking person she is. Candice I just want to tell you you are appreciated and respected by more people than you will ever know. I too have a mixed raised family and the woke radicals left, scare me for their futures.

  16. @tristanriley1694 Avatar

    Lebron James IQ is low as ball!!!!

  17. @carlsharpe2714 Avatar

    Candace what a breath of fresh air? Tells facts and truths,truly most outstanding truth telling black citizen

  18. @vonniespeck9284 Avatar

    LeBrons is a child trafficking, and owes sweat shops in China working children!

  19. @jasondavid2269 Avatar

    Because black and white people coming together is what they fear the most so they play us against each other on the news ,and people are buying it smh

  20. @carlsharpe2714 Avatar

    Le bron James a disgrace to America? Multi millionaire criticizing u s I don't watch NBA because I like college football NBA boring to me sorry ps James please leave u.s.yiu want be missed by by

  21. @robtobiassen5485 Avatar

    Thank you Candace. Thanks Leo.

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