Ben Shapiro's Crushing Rebuttal to a Woke College Student

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While discussing a multitude of topics at a recent YAF event, Ben encountered yet another woke college student pushing the …

25 responses to “Ben Shapiro's Crushing Rebuttal to a Woke College Student”

  1. @ianlassitter2397 Avatar

    Poor mentally ill man, so desperate.

  2. @leecourtney1225 Avatar

    The comparison may be over the top. However I like many agnostic atheists have often pointed out that male and female circumcision is absolutely mutilating a minor who is unable to give consent. It's also contradictory to religious belief as if they believe in a creator, circumcision must be in opposition to that creator as is a suggestion they 'got it wrong', why if Yahweh in the Torah or Allah in The Koran insists on circumcision did they not create man with no foreskin or woman with no Clittorus. Ben will always have a problem with his analogies when following religion. He would maybe correctly claim that there is no scientific evidence for someone being born into the wrong body so it is a mental illness, maybe fair as long as he acknowledges no evidence for a creator but deep held insistence of it's existence could too be a mental illness.

  3. @jnak974 Avatar

    I was never a religious person until lately because these people looked possessed by something.

  4. @Less1leg2 Avatar

    gotta always remember folks, when a irrational liberal gets punted to the sidelines, it becomes personal.

  5. @greenblood64 Avatar

    You tell ‘em Ben! Gosh, we love you and love the way you handle these crazy people.

  6. @schectermf350 Avatar
  7. @olivelibtards-jd7qs Avatar

    Mental instability programming

  8. @djlutz9443 Avatar

    Not even comparable. Libs are the absolute worse

  9. @darz_k. Avatar

    The guy has a point though.
    Circumcision of a newborn baby is child abuse.

  10. @user-tg6jt5ci5h Avatar

    Sad state are the universities. Harvard once prestigious now a joke. I personally wouldn’t hire someone with a university “degree.”

  11. @davegilmore7420 Avatar

    Talk about sensitivity! Sounds like a waste of a college education!!

  12. @jonnyvegasxd4058 Avatar

    Well that didn't go as planned 😂

  13. @at1970 Avatar

    There is evidence that circumcision may be protective against some diseases and cancers.

  14. @cronezone787 Avatar

    How did that guy think comparing those two instances was gonna help him? One procedure takes skin away but leaves the thing working just fine. However, the other procedure will make it to where the organ will never work the same, if it all, ever again.

  15. @JackStevenson-ql4qu Avatar

    I remember when Ben wouldn't curse lol. Now he is up there talking like Dice 😂.

  16. @KremIsis Avatar

    serves me well, I clicked and what I heard was Ben Shapiro describing the full functionality of his beep

  17. @joeshmuckatelli4447 Avatar

    woke idiots are easy to crush

  18. @DarkFumungus Avatar

    Why the student looks like Prince Humperdinck at The Princess Bride?

  19. @subaruwrx3381 Avatar
  20. @pokemontas8025 Avatar

    To be fair circumcision should be a choice made when one is an adult. You don't mutilate a baby and then have the skin sold to the elites to be injected into their skin.
    And also if it was a choice probably no one in their right mind would go through with it.

  21. @beastdude Avatar

    I'm against genital mutilations of any kind to anyone under the age of 18, or legal adult, but to compare that to genetically altering someone is completely different. The guy has a good argument, but for the wrong cause.

  22. @liberalatheist Avatar

    The guy is right. And we don't even know if he's woke. I'm anti-woke as can be, and of course I agree that circumcision is a disgusting barbaric practice and should be outlawed. The guy is right that Ben is a hypocrite on this issue. Pumping a child with hormones (in the name of a ridiculous ideology) and cutting of parts of their genitalia (in the name of a ridiculous religion) are equally morally unacceptable.

  23. @tmg5214 Avatar

    isnt funny how you never see liberal destroys, crushes, etc. a conservative with facts, or at all. You never see that, ever.

  24. @bmoores84 Avatar

    Can we dome off America Simpsons style and ban all internet/ media traffic in and out. Let us know how you are getting once a year by post it notes periodally stuck to a special location will keep tabs on by satellite. The world needs to heal and America needs to be put in quarantine.

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