Ben Shapiro VS. 2024 Emmy Awards

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47 responses to “Ben Shapiro VS. 2024 Emmy Awards”

  1. @advocate_of_HAKAI Avatar

    Who even watches any of these shitty events anymore?😂

  2. @nursejose3339 Avatar

    I know who watches these events. Biden voters.

  3. @user-nu2fm5gf9p Avatar

    How funny is the expression of disgust on Ben's face during a kiss

  4. @jamesplymire5342 Avatar

    Could you imagine if a white person, more specifically a white guy, stood up and said "I'm doing blah, blah, blah for all the white people"? 😮 There would be riots RIGHT AWAY. 😢

  5. @paulbork7647 Avatar

    We see, once again, a woman exercising woman privilege. Sad, sad thing and person.

  6. @agatasuszycka3410 Avatar

    Oh, I just realized that Emmy is not this same what Grammy xD

  7. @grahamscott1547 Avatar

    Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but people were born gay, lesbian and bisexual etc way before Christianity, Jews and all other scriptures and books that came before. Ergo, the biblical books, Quran etc that you know of today!!

  8. @rachaellynnmaddix8753 Avatar

    Don't read to my children!!!

  9. @jonathantrauner3742 Avatar

    In front of my eyes, I see the greatest heroes and superheroes to ever rise up. Greatness and excellence lies in us all.
    Imperfections and flaws make the mightiest and strongest heroes and
    triumphers ever. I will never be perfect.
    Everyone in the universe especially my greatest enemies critics haters doubters
    and naysayers say I will never succeed.
    In response to my greatest critics enemies haters and doubters, to
    them I tell them I am the greatest.
    So what if I am on the Autism Spectrum,
    all non disabled people of America and
    the world. Does that make me weak? NO.
    So what if I am permanently disabled?
    Does my disability make me worthless,
    NO. My songs and symphonies are gold.
    The greatest songwriters singers filmmakers storytellers and artists
    exhibit perseverance and positivity.
    It is up to us on who we aspire to
    become. Nothing is impossible in
    the world because we are resilient.
    Everyone's films songs symphonies
    and verses matter. Overcome and
    persevere when we deal with pain.
    In front of my eyes, I see the strongest heroes and superheroes to ever exist. I
    will never give up on Earth. I will triumph.

  10. @wolf-uv7cs Avatar

    Ben you are the best! love you from israel!

  11. @OverRuledAgain Avatar

    ThanQ Ben for watching the "I'M ME, A WART" so we don't have to.

  12. @pamelasmith9379 Avatar

    Were the emmys on ? Who knew.?

  13. @danielkinney6325 Avatar

    I wonder if she bothered to ever call any of these black lives matter people who actually died did she call their family or send a care or flowers or any food probably not. These people amaze me how they will get up in these awards show speeches and start using politics and news stories regardless of right or wrong and lecture people just using it to get more likes

  14. @danielkinney6325 Avatar

    Hey Ben. FYI: not sure if you knew this but when RuPaul first started this show he was against these trans people competing on his show. He didn’t allow it and said they were not drag performers. Then he hit a huge back lash from trans and even some drag performers got it now he had to change his mind and allow and welcome them in the show. Since then 2 trans have won. But if you look up the controversy RuPaul idea of a drag queen was a man who dresses up like a woman and performs. But he had to change even some words on the show like for example RU MAIL was called She-Mail and the trans people waited until 6-8 seasons into the show before they started complaining about it then he changed so much because of their back lash. Just some info for you. I personally disagree with trans folks about them trying to compete on sports teams. And the bathroom thing. They need their own bathrooms & their own sports teams. And sometimes these queens do dress way to provocatively for children and some of the performances are a little graphic. I’m not sure why they are pushing this thing onto kids.

  15. @user-qh4qz5tx5t Avatar

    These heathens love to rub their degeneracy in our faces. No reason to watch these people stroke each other's egos

  16. @hippywill Avatar

    we need more of this so that discrimination stops no matter how much of a snowflake religious people are.

  17. @slightlygone Avatar

    Goo Goo Ga Ga folks 👶🏻

  18. @tiggerificable Avatar

    I love BentKey for the very reason Ben stated. I do not feel like i need to pre-watch everything or be sitting right by my 5 year old so I can mute or turn of the show at a moment's notice.

  19. @derricksteyn860 Avatar

    Watched this, then started watching The Bear, just so I could get to Season 2 and watch the Forks episode. I have now rewatched that episode 3 times in the last 2 days. It's amazing

  20. @lmpnizkit Avatar

    Better Call Saul was still a fantastic show. Btw Ben… Spoiler Alert for those that haven’t watched Succession huh?

  21. @teabag7772 Avatar

    I'd rather commit suicide then watch another Acedemy Awards, Emmy Awards, or another Grammy Awards show – ever.

  22. @F1rstWorldNomaD Avatar

    So dragqueens are trans now?
    Ive been told, buy trans people, that the difference between trans and drag is the drag still identify as a man.

    And here is RuPual, misgendering them on a world stage.
    Get you pitch forks boys, its canceling time.

  23. @OliveBooboo-ur1ne Avatar

    Is Ru Paul not aware that drag queens are men?

  24. @tlo3571 Avatar

    Ohhhhh. The first time here. Now I know to waste my time somewhere else. 😂

  25. @berry6467 Avatar

    Also what the police did to Breonna Taylor was disproportionately irresponsible from the very beginning.

    “Breonna Taylor was in bed with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shortly after midnight.
    Mr Walker fired a shot from his licensed gun, later telling police he thought that Ms Taylor's ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, had broken in. Officials say Mr Walker's bullet struck Mr Mattingly in the leg. The three officers returned fire, discharging 32 rounds, according to a ballistics report from the FBI.”

  26. @berry6467 Avatar

    Black women are under heard, I know this is part of your political narrative to undermine the legitimacy of black issues, but as a a British black person, I can attest to what she saying is not entirely propaganda. It’s a reality you’re not privy to. Everything else in your video I agree with.

  27. @jay._04 Avatar

    This shit is why i became a homophobe

  28. @Teramorley369 Avatar


  29. @Teramorley369 Avatar

    Ben … sometimes I Wonder with you…maybe nicely Nash doesn't have family…why are u so judgmental sometimes….who cares….she proud of her accomplishments, and ya!!! She did it ..she just giving shoutouts, your VERY bais at times….not everyone is like YOU….be more open minded …stop being a hater at times…bad look

  30. @technana3.141 Avatar

    It seems like youve never heard of Niecy Nash. She's a comedienne who's been around a long time. She's actually very funny and quite humble. That was just her humor. She has a right to be proud of herself. She's accomplished a lot. I used to love to watch her in Reno 911 and a comedy bit she did with Bonnie Hunt years ago was one of the funniest I've seen. I wish I could find the bit on YT. They kept running around with their glasses of Chardonnay putting it on top of people's cars and stuff. Does anyone know where I might find it? I always loved Bonnie Hunt too. So funny. 😂🤣 By the way , Ben you did a super job in the rap song. Wish you would have played violin it it. That would have been hilarious..

  31. @idontexist1252 Avatar

    Thank you Ben Shapiro!! Love your content! 😚😚😚Always good to remember that even though I suck I don’t suck as much as you 😍😍🥰

  32. @dshodaw Avatar

    🤣 Trevar Noah won an Emmy? I thought the guy recently lost his job? Something about Steward going back to the Daily Show? 😅

    Again, thank you Ben for watching this crap so we don't have to! You're a champ! 🏆

  33. @jkperdue1109 Avatar

    I'm soo glad, i didn't see it. Bad enough watched everybody speak about political issues. But that kiss, my god. What the F

  34. @LauraMartinez-bu7vp Avatar

    Grammy Awards used to have interesting glamourous celebrities. *Grammy Awards, are now lame & gross. 😵‍💫🤮

  35. @justachick7761 Avatar

    Haven't watched any awards show in at least 20 years 😅

  36. @Jervisdude Avatar

    Btw, RuPaul has a net worth of $60 million. Good on him. He’s hurt no one, except snowflakes.

  37. @Jervisdude Avatar

    Way to go RuPaul. I’d rather my kid be read an innocent book by a drag queen than some hateful bs by a religious fanatic.

  38. @31tmdavies Avatar

    You could have said spoiler alert for those of us haven't finished Succession, Ben!! Wtf?

  39. @31tmdavies Avatar

    Bob Edernock from Better Call Saul is becoming the Susan Luchi of the emmys

  40. @ThinKwiQ Avatar

    How do you people listen to this child without vomiting???

  41. @eddiethemexiii Avatar

    Better Call Saul and The Bear are the only worthy

  42. @janeflip1 Avatar

    Listen to her? If it’s a her, then it’s not a drag queen! A drag queen is a man who likes to dress up like a woman!

  43. @lagina1111 Avatar

    Succession is pretty mediocre, to be honest. I had rewatched House Of Cards before, which made Succession pretty dull.

  44. @samuraijack1371 Avatar

    When you are critical of everyone around you except your own self you start looking like Shapiro. Believe it or not, it is the truth

  45. @danetteperez3863 Avatar

    All ego trippers.
    All about me.
    Why are the black women so loud? Just curious. My opinion

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