“Ben Shapiro Videos” 🎤: Will Foskey

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Watch Will Foskey’s full Don’t Tell Comedy set here:

46 responses to ““Ben Shapiro Videos” 🎤: Will Foskey”

  1. @syphwarrior Avatar

    Hell is hot 🥵 and not funny. 😢 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and those who love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21 (The Human Manual…the Holy Bible)

  2. @Bropatlibeledsiskelleyleigha Avatar

    i'm not really a producer.. i do a number of things.. lol.. but will you would be great on tv eh.. or film.. stand up is lonely!

  3. @azaelia2000 Avatar

    So you just watch videos of abortions?Wow😮 satanic to the core.

  4. @leviyk7 Avatar

    Dude watched a video a thousand times and still doesn't know what was said in it, that's genuinely impressive. Congratulations on being that dense, I guess.
    Maybe your nose ringed girlfriend could use some facts and logic in her life.
    YouTube doesn't allow videos of abortions, because of people see what an abortion actually was, there wouldn't be a single abortion clinic open.

  5. @darkroomstudios054 Avatar

    No one is going to address that Jordan Peterson impression?😂

  6. @Nico.di.Angelo128 Avatar

    I fight with a bunch of ignorant mfs on ONE video about time blindness and suddenly the algorithm has decided that I am a faith and flag conservative when I am in fact a queer feminist who is just very centred in their views.

  7. @justtwobrotherspokemon Avatar

    😂😂😂 I'm in the same boat. Not just the stupid wap interpretation but conversations where I feel like he's getting owned in a debate and it thinks I'm a fan. Yeah no

  8. @keydaniels Avatar

    I died when I saw that video🤣 Ben ain't never had that moment of bliss when friction decreases to 0.1%.

  9. @elaizakaguya4631 Avatar

    I watched one short on the rainbow mafia community and now YouTube suddenly decided to recommend trans shit to me like bruh I haven't hit rock bottom yet

  10. @JeremyS.-ug3sp Avatar

    All the algorithm's of the major social media platforms are literal garbage at their stated goals. I got so frustrated at being spoon fed this conspiracy garbage by people that once or twice I commented on their vids they posted. Big mistake because now its all I get. On facebook I even commented one time on one of those videos asking if anyone "knew how to get this hot garbage out of my recommendations?" Facebook literally offered me a top fan badge for that one single interaction with that page, calling it hot garbage. I wish I got paid for making a garbage product that clearly doesn't work.

  11. @xdmztryvsvedine2773 Avatar

    Lol the next video I scrolled to was Ben Shapiro talking about the burning man festival flooding.

  12. @JennyJeong425 Avatar

    Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are, indeed, the worst.

  13. @charlesr7269 Avatar

    When did mr beast start doing standup?

  14. @khazngray Avatar

    This short put so many of thoughts into words and immaculately so.

  15. @drewbles22 Avatar

    Jordan Peterson is the man

  16. @princessr6051 Avatar

    Am in the same process, I knew I had gone too right when you tube recommended Candace owens interviewing/fan girling Andrew tate. Now am pushing it back in the middle probably hence this video.

  17. @gagglegames Avatar

    I keep getting shown Jordan Peterson and it pisses me off, theyre always presented as such wise advice but hes an absolute nob.

  18. @wordzmyth Avatar

    I love this guy! Where are the hilarious equality minded men like him?
    Also youtube is trying to convert me to that culture war male stuff and I'm a feminist green woman from NZ. I think the algorithm has been redpilled

  19. @peterjames777 Avatar

    I died laughing at this… Not

  20. @DiverRetard Avatar

    How is virtue signaling now comedy? What is this world man

  21. @johnnybravo2873 Avatar

    Im a Ben and Jordan fan and this shit is the most true joke I've heard involving politics.

  22. @hollyobaby6949 Avatar

    Ben Shapiro being freaked out by wet pussy was something I also watched about 1000 times.

  23. @lanareed214 Avatar

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that damn algorithm

  24. @HarrisonHollers Avatar

    Nick Mullen is the only Ben Shapiro I will accept. “Uh, Mr Shapiro?” – Mr Feeny

  25. @DarkoMoz Avatar

    Liberals just aren't funny.

  26. @wheelzwheela Avatar

    I think I got this guys crappy act for the exact same reason.

  27. @dr.noname1234 Avatar

    I think it's great anyone that is anti Ben Shapiro it's never about his actual political beliefs

  28. @cflotronsong Avatar

    Bro same my youtube algorithm thinks im a political science major. I want funny videos. Not ben shapiro or tiny dicked fake as alpha males mansplaining what a woman is, to ratchet ass woman.

  29. @SkoomaFish Avatar


  30. @ThatMadCat Avatar

    Now I will have to watch videos of funny comedians so YT doesn't show me more of this.

  31. @rpswimmer4242 Avatar

    Is it just me or does he kinda look and sound like Mr Beast

  32. @marcelobenattoferreira2998 Avatar

    Male feminists are worse than women at comedy. Women at least have the excuse of being women for not be funny. This guy is just sad to watch.

  33. @MrVad3r Avatar

    i have the same feeling about youtube algorithm and this video. no idea why i am here

  34. @knatehleigh2010 Avatar


  35. @TD-ug4mg Avatar

    my sympathies on having that as your girlfriend.

  36. @goose020 Avatar

    “…videos shutting down feminists!”

    *some mf in the background*: “😩”

  37. @GOL_D Avatar

    😂 soy boy beta cuhk

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