Ben Shapiro talks about Jesus! 👀

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27 responses to “Ben Shapiro talks about Jesus! 👀”

  1. @stevenbledsoe4186 Avatar

    Why does the bible use a false name, why are there so many anglo names that should have been middle eastern? Why do all the visual representations show Him as white…looking just like King James…?

  2. @tongpomegatron Avatar

    Thats if u can prove the bible is true other books differ

  3. @vjvijay6429 Avatar

    Jews don't believe in new testament

  4. @joeegg124 Avatar

    The irony is rhat Ben Shapiro doesnt believe that Jesus was the messiah and he certainly doent believe that Jesus is God.

  5. @Mr.Fishsnake Avatar

    Apparently John knows better than god himself?

  6. @Mr.Fishsnake Avatar
  7. @moe8742 Avatar

    The Bible is not reliable . The Quran is

  8. @user-ey5tc9yv9x Avatar

    All u guys r bums especially u YouTuber

  9. @threadoflife Avatar

    The Jews are forbidden/persuaded not to study Isaiah 53 I know this because of my messianic Jewish friend that lives in Tel Aviv. Their own Old Testament clearly speaks about Jesus Christ not by name yes, but you cannot read Isaiah 53 and conclude anything else about the fact that it’s speaking prophetically about Jesus Christ the Lamb of God.

  10. @treflon0078 Avatar

    Lmao. Dude prove he did what they said he did. He was just a person who happened to be a motivational speaker per say the written words of others. That’s all. Did he walk on water? No. Did he change water to wine? No. Come on dude.

  11. @I_dont_know_what_to_put704 Avatar

    What did you expect from people who messed their own religion?

  12. @azikazikazik Avatar

    My guy why are you quoting the NT to a Jew 😭😭😭😭😭

  13. @toddturkin766 Avatar

    Who cares what your Bible says. The Torah is the truth.

  14. @quicktipsranger762 Avatar

    Jesus is not God, you’re wrong about that because most people even religious people have not researched the semantics of those days, the only reason it says Jesus was a god is because we don’t have another word for “god” in English but in the ancient writings the way God (almighty) is written and the way god (Jesus, not almighty god) was written is different, they have different meanings but the translation is simply God and god. You don’t have to believe me you can do your own research, and yes all the religions teaching Jesus is God are wrong

  15. @dizeldz8721 Avatar

    Jesus is not god
    God is one and he sends prophets to earth all the books were changed by men hands so god sends the last prophet mouhammed and protected quran from any change.

  16. @jr9083 Avatar

    And I say he's a fairy tale

  17. @HaremScarem5254 Avatar

    Star of David
    Star of the Anti-christ?

  18. @theforexgang Avatar

    😂 muslim would never read off the screen for verse quotes

  19. @dinglesworld Avatar

    Jesus really should’ve just written this stuff down. I get that vlogs weren’t a thing, but I’m pretty sure autobiographies were.

  20. @jade00 Avatar

    Here – everyone has the right to believe in their own faith. I’m born white I respect Christianity. But my faith is Lord Krishna . For me krsna is god🙏

  21. @chrissarris3470 Avatar

    Isaiah Saldivar I love you man I love the way you preach about Jesus with such passion and love I love you for that I keep listening and I keep learning thanks to you I have been closer to God than ever you are an amazing person God bless you and your family with the best of health strength joy happiness and wealth you deserve it all I love you thank you so much happy new year to you and your family always in my prayers God loves you you have been chosen to teach us and share your knowledge of God with us I believe thank you

  22. @paulchambers4431 Avatar

    I like Ben Shapiro, I think he's politically and socially intelligent, but his flippant comment about Jesus absolutely made my blood boil.

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