Ben Shapiro Speaks On Candace Owens Defending Kanye West For His Antisemitic Tweets

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Ben Shapiro steaks out about Candace Owens defending her friend, Kanye West, antisemitic comments. Shapiro goes on to focus …

38 responses to “Ben Shapiro Speaks On Candace Owens Defending Kanye West For His Antisemitic Tweets”

  1. @Wonderer473 Avatar

    The difference between a congress woman like Omar and a singer is huge. A congresswoman is elected by the public and should be 100 time smore responsible than a mentally sick singer.

  2. @todaysevents7503 Avatar

    Ben is a disgusting creature

  3. @petradp Avatar

    Of course she defends him! She is katholic. Replacement theory 😉
    Romans 9-11 rebuke this🙏🏻🇮🇱🤍

  4. @CodyRyanDovStJohn Avatar

    Ilan Omar isn't Palestinian, she's Somalian. She hasn't experienced apartheid.

  5. @danielhchung Avatar

    Their analysis of the argument is so intellectually dishonest. And the types of fallacies and numbers of fallacies that are rampant in their counter argument is distasteful.

  6. @TedKelly-wi6tl Avatar

    Majority report only getting 280k views a year later lmao

  7. @bigsyke342 Avatar

    What did Kayne or Ms. Omar say that was anti-semitic?

  8. @jesussaldana711 Avatar

    What I am seeing is them saying it’s okay to be racist for someone who had a bad experience

  9. @kapushthethird Avatar

    Did I just heard of Palestine apartheid? Where? 😮

  10. @kapushthethird Avatar

    She is disgraceful. I heard her talking about vegans , about 1-2 years ago. She talked at the level of a five-year-old child, saying such nonsense, which I was embarrassed to hear. And now she fills her mouth with words that come directly from Hamas' propaganda. I don't know if that bias or ignorance, but is embarrassing. Shame on her.

  11. @chelseapoet3664 Avatar

    On a relatively trivial note, it's amazing how many people, including the presenters of this show and Shapiro, pronounce it SemEtic, when it is Sem-i-tic.

  12. @BP-ke5qs Avatar

    The host here doesn't get that crazy people's opinions are due to them being crazy?

  13. @talibhussain5357 Avatar

    Does it mean, she will be fired soon, and forced to say, she quit on account of her pregnancy or something?

  14. @StudioGalvan Avatar

    Back Seat Drivers always drive so much better … (In Their Own Minds) 😅

  15. @AshleyVailuu Avatar

    ….. this didn’t age well.

  16. @lrn_news9171 Avatar

    Both sides are stupid

  17. @Marcus-pi2jg Avatar

    What happened Ben??? Now she's disgusting, interezting..

  18. @blackthought6133 Avatar

    Its time to shoe Candace who we are 👁️👁️

  19. @mattpage2228 Avatar

    defcon is defense condition…

  20. @user-rm8fp8nh5b Avatar

    Just FYI. Mental illness does not cause racism.

  21. @suhayla2016 Avatar

    Ben is trash
    Everyone is anti-Jewish to Ben Shapiro.

  22. @GritHappens Avatar

    Candace continues to support antisemitic leanings.
    Ex: college students.
    First it was Ye….and now it's the college students who 'do stupid things'….as she puts it.

  23. @coronamae8246 Avatar

    Shapiro is a whiney baby who takes jewish victim mentality to a new level. Antisemitism has become the new nazi, commie, racist, name calling that try to control what others say.

  24. @zentenn9665 Avatar

    I thought that Ben was a trans man, listen to his voice and see his little feminine body. Cool, cool.

  25. @TheL4LMusic Avatar

    sam nos what he is doin

  26. @TheL4LMusic Avatar

    revelati0ns 3:9 .. (((you))) can't stop the great awakening.. your wicked nature is what's waking up all the sleeping gohy

  27. @TheL4LMusic Avatar

    (((SAM))) has that look, I knew he was one of em. not to mention they all have the same play book, which is a dead giveaway for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.. (((THEY))) actually trying to fulfill Talmud prophecy like we don't know… so wicked. It's like they never thought deep enough to know where they're headed if they don't repent… like Jesus isn't God. Every knee will bow, revelations 3:9 sam

  28. @vegas7023 Avatar

    Wanna know who your overlords are?! Find those who have made it illegal to criticize them……

  29. @thomascolby8578 Avatar

    now he gets into race because he is jewish, but when it's about blacks he he has a whole different view! big phony!

  30. @user-cl6uj5bn2f Avatar

    Unbelievable how Shapiro still somewhat makes excuses for both Kanye and Candace🤔 The hypocrisy is unreal

  31. @muthalicious Avatar

    Says the khazar 🔯 mossad 🔯 agent 🔯 …
    Although, kanye west has sold his soul for khazar gold. He is a member of satan freemasonry & has more than likely lost his mind due to the subhuman things he has done for money & fame.

  32. @Milah92513 Avatar

    Funny he called Kanye just bibolar instead of calling him mentally ill.. he sure calls trans mentally ill though

  33. @Antibenshapiro Avatar

    Ben Shapiro desveres to get his account hacked forever

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