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Ben Shapiro, aka the Grim Reaper of the debate world, reveals the three biggest societal problems we face as Americans, …


  1. @AnnF1555 Avatar

    I felt bad for the guy on the left. Ben would answer his questions but had a hard time looking at him when he was talking. While his sentences were much better presented.

  2. @Vhigh27 Avatar

    I love this podcast but the constantly moving and zooming camera is annoying 😩 just keep it still like every other podcast!

  3. @jeffgrove6568 Avatar

    Why is Paul Logan still relevant? He had his 15 minutes – let's move on!

  4. @isaachener9687 Avatar

    I just have to say this. I don't really watch your content. But to the camera guy. If possible, try not to scroll your Zoom so much.

  5. @JohnGagliano-ye6gz Avatar

    Guy to left is werid bet you he’s a lib

  6. @RuthlessSpartanB320 Avatar

    Nahh this isn't Ben Shapiro, he's talking at a understandable pace.
    I'm doing 1.5 speed

  7. @AJ-zq8fr Avatar

    My take on Climate change: there is no scientific experiment, that proves the greenhouse effect and as long as there isn’t, I won’t do anything against it.

  8. @luvnalaska44 Avatar

    I’m amazed at the irrational thinking of some of todays young people.

  9. @wwindwwalker3536 Avatar

    Why should a woman have to share a bathroom with a man or trans? Why can’t trans people have their own bathroom? I’m not going to share a bathroom with anyone other than another woman.

  10. @dr.clubby547 Avatar

    I'm pro-homosexual marriage….I don't care if you're gay or not, if you want to marry, go ahead…no I'm not gay, I'm heterosexual

  11. @dr.clubby547 Avatar

    males claiming to be trans female or a woman via feminists or feminists saying men can be women isn't coherent…so I agree with you Ben

  12. @jessicagoodall1458 Avatar

    Ben could be a comedian 😂

  13. @aaronb3225 Avatar

    Ben is so clueless about the environment – essentially feels that the environment must be able to financially justify itself or it must be monopalized. Merely believes that a net-zero emission processes should only be adopted if its completely solved and ready to launch, ridiculous.

  14. @Poppa99 Avatar

    The answer to their first question is "No! Absolutely not." Their three brains against Ben's. No.

  15. @cfish3865 Avatar

    Too many keyboard warriors out there that say horrible things and hid behind that monitor and keyboard for sure have to looked at yelp lol so many professional food critics came out of nowhere so suddenly to my horror

  16. @chrisfchi Avatar

    For Ben to go on Logans podcast is the biggest F you to all the sheltered people.

  17. @Mr.Genius.666 Avatar

    This was actually a nice episode cause Ben didn't let the jackass to be jackass a lot.
    The only logan video I will watch probably.

  18. @mandyrahier2892 Avatar

    Number 1 podcast 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. @Joker-11B-SYLV Avatar

    It doesn’t take much to silence Logan Paul… he’s too ignorant and dumb to know what’s even being talked about… guaranteed he doesn’t know half of what Ben said in this podcast…😂

  20. @JamesL5150 Avatar

    Camera man needs replaced. Quit zooming in and out.

  21. @KatlynHaydon Avatar

    I hate it when idiots act like they matter on Ben Shapiros podcast. 🙄

  22. @Dr.Spoofs Avatar

    IF you had went 4 hours, I would have watched it. Until the next time you have Shapiro on.

  23. @Dr.Spoofs Avatar

    I don't need a POTUS to be ANYTHING but great at elevating my country and protecting my country and its' people.

    I don't know him personally and we don't go out drinking together, IDGAF about him personally. Trump DID and WILL DO what we need as a country.

    Every corrupt politician IS the problem, I will vote for a citizen running to perform their civic duty over politicrooks lining their pockets funneled through BS bills.

  24. @jugglalee1918 Avatar

    Came here for a Ben talk… got it… cant believe its here

  25. @enchiladasqueretanas Avatar

    I am so sorry about people being nasty jnfront
    Of your baby. I don’t agree with everything you say but I like you. I found you after watching the movie Barbie, you were channeling my thoughts on the content of that awful movie! Sending love your way
    To y’all! From Savannah, Ga.!❤

  26. @TheL4LMusic Avatar

    what is the talmud, ben..

  27. @pelu1015 Avatar

    Intriguing hearing this years later.

  28. @baliles112 Avatar

    Them tryin to troll Ben. Yall are so under him u cant even keep up!

  29. @baliles112 Avatar

    U can tell logan aint even paying attention. Why is he even there?

  30. @patriciafrancis9134 Avatar

    You're hilarious! I give you credit for spending more than a nano-second on this song once the three-letter title was revealed. Getting a differential diagnosis was magnificent. Ascertaining the top choice as Trich sublime. The women in the video thought they were delivering a shocking WOKE message only to have it reduced to an STD

  31. @mickc6347 Avatar

    Ben Shapiro the Jewish king douche

  32. @mickc6347 Avatar

    BEN SHAPIRO and LOGAN PAUL 2 douches.

  33. @jamessnow885 Avatar

    This is the first time I’ve seen your show and I am now a fan

  34. @chanceneck8072 Avatar

    14:00 what drugs has your camera guy been on? 😅🤭🙈

  35. @kylesheumaker7407 Avatar

    @loganpaul Ohio represent! Everything you touch is gold. Congrats. I wrote a book and cant market it. Its amazing what youve done to market yourself and products. Love seeing an Ohio boi do it!

  36. @jaybull9574 Avatar

    I lost brain cells listening to everyone except Ben

  37. @navinavi1062 Avatar

    I wonder what spectrum Ben is in and how much the rent there is. I want to move.

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