Ben Shapiro Reacts to Traditional Wife TikToks

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Trad wives are women who dress up as 1950’s classic television wives and adopt traditional gender roles. This trend seems to be …

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  1. @lifescalling8080 Avatar

    Love the editing!😂 I’m a traditional wife who cooks, cleans, and contributes to our family in many ways, even-believe it or not-monetarily, at times. I have been accused, by ignorant fools, of using my disabled child as an excuse not to work and taking advantage of my husband by staying at home to care for our disabled son. My response to that is, Get a life and stop judging other people!

  2. @marygaskell5885 Avatar

    I have always worked 😢 I had too xx to support my family

  3. @DestinyFate-tg6el Avatar

    Pro CHRISTIAN trad wife! +
    Pro CHRISTIAN husband! =
    Pro CHRISTIAN white, black etc family!!

  4. @lee4094 Avatar

    I absolutely love being a SAHM for our 5 yr old and 11 month old. I love raising our family, watching our children grow, being peace to my husband, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m happier more than ever now being blessed to be in my situation. I have no problem making my husband a sandwich at anytime if he asked, he can have whatever he wants. My kids are my world and I am truly blessed. I just hope one day women will see what a wonderful life this can be instead of 40 no kids not married but yet I have an expensive bag. 🥴

  5. @Sexysnackcakes Avatar

    Is it just me, or do all of these crazy ladies look crazy, too?😄

  6. @teresalawson3732 Avatar

    Some of these people are truly sad. Girls, put your woman panties on. Not a thing wrong with choosing traditional values: partnership, working together, helping each other through rough times, building a relationship with each other, choosing to love even when you have a time of not liking everything, choosing to love even if you don’t “feel” like it. If you don’t want traditional lives, fine; but you don’t get to try and force others to give them up just because you don’t understand.

  7. @Blinkyoureyes Avatar

    I would not want a wife with zero income. I would like a doctor, like Ben

  8. @bobbobbington3615 Avatar

    There's no such thing as a Tradwife when the entire legal system will back her the moment she stops larping.

  9. @karenacton3854 Avatar

    I’m sorry, but where did you get your info on marriage in the 50’s?! Did you come from there? Do your research and be prepared to quote your sources.

  10. @melodypipkin3855 Avatar

    I am a 57 year old wife who works full time (with a great job for a wonderful company with a good income) to support our household (my husband is disabled). I was also former SAHM for the first 20+ years of our marriage. It is SO stressful to be in this position- even in the best of circumstances. The mental responsibility of being the provider should not be mine and the weight of it is heavy. I miss my home and having the time and energy to care for it properly. We are blessed that our children are grown. I can do this and will but it is so obvious the traditional roles are a blessing and not any kind of bondage.

  11. @Kil23Joy Avatar

    On paper I have the things a lot of women want

    35yr old marine veteran
    5’10” 200lbs
    Work out 5 days a week
    I don’t drink/smoke/party
    Have a house, 4 dogs
    Capable of protecting and providing for a family
    (and want to as well)

    But I’m called a predator/incel/sexist/controlling for not wanting to waste my time/money/energy on the sea of thots in our society, instead wanting a younger height/weight proportionate woman who wants to take care of the house and have some kids

    So hopefully Ive got another 40 years, but I doubt I’ll find my unicorn, which is kind of sad because it’s so easy to be a unicorn and have a dude WANT to buy you flowers and be chivalrous/commit give you everything and make sure youre taken care of

    Don’t be a whore, don’t have a bad attitude

    everything after that is easy

  12. @MitWahremHeldensinn Avatar

    Every day that I need to go to work feels like being in slavery. Because it doesn't feel purposeful at all. Even teaching and taking care of other people's kids doesn't feel right to me because they are not my own. You are spending more time with those kids than their parents do who actually neglect them to fit into the system.

    What those feminists don't get is that their propaganda is making life for women so much harder because traditional women need to justify themselves constantly and find it harder to find traditional husbands – because most men grew up in this sick system.

    Taking care of my home, decorating it nicely, doing some gardening, preparing meals, home schooling and taking care of children and dressing up nicely is what feels easy to me. I can structure the day by myself and don't need to do things that don't serve a purpose. And by the way: you can have plenty of hobbies when being a stay at home mom. All of my friends who are stay at home moms have hobbies – actually way more than the typical business woman because being in the feminine energy actually gives energy and unlocks creativity. Ideally you also have a group of like minded women to meet up with so that you don't feel lonely.

  13. @user-gh5fo1zh1m Avatar

    his facial expressions never disappoint!!! 😂😂

  14. @liannapfister8255 Avatar

    86.2% is such a specific number 😂

  15. @sl2ner Avatar

    Funny how many people are offended that some of these women WANT to have a traditional relationships….

  16. @Jstudio. Avatar

    I love to be in home.. my boyfriend is the one who tell me to go out… and I’m like: Baby I love my cave…so let me be here. 😂😂😂😂

  17. @MrJamespeyton Avatar

    I’m an 80 year old man and can tell you that most married couples were much happier and content in the 1950’s than they are today. I have been happily married for 56 years and I know my wife feels the same. We are both very comfortable in our relationship which is the traditional relationship which was prominent in the 1950’s. We complement each other in very different ways. If your relationship is based on dominance, it will fail. Women today think it’s their responsibility to change and “educate “ their husbands. This will only cause resentment by the husband and frustrations by the wife. Traditional marriage is meant to complement each other, not destroy each other.

  18. @priscillalongworth1720 Avatar

    This is so silly. My grandmothers actually lived through the 1950s. Hers probably did to. She should ask them what it was like, not some blue-haired feminist who has no idea what which way is up.

  19. @priscillalongworth1720 Avatar

    'Cause that boss is going to be right there for you when you are old and have dementia, and have no children.

  20. @biblicalgarden Avatar

    That was fun but it looks like the team created an animated Ben made up of separate body, neck and head. It was a little hard to watch. And what t-shirt was Ben really wearing?

  21. @FergusonBrothersYT Avatar

    Bro, I think the black haired girl is my aunt…..🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮😟

  22. @cristyrobertson9165 Avatar

    My identity is so in so’s mom or so in so’s wife, it has been my choice for over 30 years. I’ve fought for that privilege when there wasn’t social media making it cool. I’d not change it for anything, I don’t need a bunch of strangers to raise up and call me blessed, amazing or what ever because some career choice I made. Honestly I could care less what society thinks, my kids grew up well, my husband feels loved and cared for, and I honor God. Guess what my husband isn’t trading me in and it’s sick to think because he is male he will and has no honor. Feminist give women a bad name the reason they think men are like that is because it’s exactly what is in their own hearts, they project who they are.

  23. @atsavvy6.0 Avatar

    Thank goodness we have choices now .

  24. @a.t.r.societymember1685 Avatar

    Oh man, the editor(s) for this vid were on FIRE! 😆😆😆 One of Ben’s best in terms of content, too.

  25. @bookworm3005 Avatar

    Instead of telling a leftist that I'm a TradWife, I'll just tell them I'm in a D/s relationship and like getting tied up with a rainbow flag. They won't bat an eye at that 😅

  26. @dawnasjourney5046 Avatar

    My husband and I follow traditional roles. We have been together for 15 years with two kids 4 years and 1.5 years. I hate how the people really don't understand a functional relationship.

  27. @justsomeone2832 Avatar

    I hate that around 1:16 all the way to 2:10 ben and I were doing the same reaction to the female on the video

  28. @lizarcher7143 Avatar

    Marriage is a partnership. In service to each other, as one flesh, we make each other better. He’s there to pick up the slack when I’m floundering, and I do the same for him when he’s struggling. He’s the rudder, I’m the sail, and that’s how our boat moves and stays afloat.
    Married 20 years this year, 2 wonderful boys that are the absolute joy of our lives!

  29. @fireninja6956 Avatar

    Dang, that editing is on point! Just like Ben

  30. @debiklotovich1933 Avatar

    These women are nuts. They don’t want families. Heck they just want to complain because they’re miserable.

  31. @sherrisuhr8438 Avatar

    The 1950s at least knew what a women is…..

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