Ben Shapiro: Politics, Kanye, Trump, Biden, Hitler, Extremism, and War | Lex Fridman Podcast #336

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Ben Shapiro is a conservative political commentator, host of The Ben Shapiro Show, co-founder of The Daily Wire, and author of …

30 responses to “Ben Shapiro: Politics, Kanye, Trump, Biden, Hitler, Extremism, and War | Lex Fridman Podcast #336”

  1. @lexfridman Avatar

    Here are the timestamps. Please check out our sponsors to support this podcast.
    0:00 – Introduction & sponsor mentions:
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    2:01 – Kanye 'Ye' West
    9:41 – Hitler and the nature of evil
    17:47 – Political attacks on the left and the right
    23:31 – Quebec mosque shooting
    33:26 – Elon Musk buying Twitter
    46:29 – Trump and Biden
    51:03 – Hunter Biden's laptop
    1:02:36 – Candace Owens
    1:06:15 – War in Ukraine
    1:16:24 – Rhetoric vs truth
    1:21:19 – Infamous BBC interview
    1:24:35 – Day in the life
    1:39:31 – Abortion
    1:52:26 – Climate change
    1:59:48 – God and faith
    2:10:58 – Tribalism
    2:15:34 – Advice for young people
    2:19:20 – Andrew Breitbart
    2:21:50 – Self-doubt
    2:23:52 – Love

  2. @rayzhonte Avatar

    Ben Shapiro is racist because he agrees with the genocide of the people of Palestine so he is the last person anybody should listen to.

  3. @rayzhonte Avatar

    First of all Ben Shapiro is the last person who should talk because he supports that genocidal regime of Zionist Isreal.

  4. @kschulz76 Avatar

    Why does this garbage keep playing after a video?

  5. @SallyAlmito Avatar

    15:27 You’ve failed the test ben.. This aged like milk.

  6. @brettlueckfeld6248 Avatar

    Ben Shapiro thinks Trump lost & that is negligence on his part & ultimately I believe he is on the side of evil while playing good

  7. @underconfident_asmr Avatar

    I wish I were a relevant enough human to warrant a chat with Lex, he is so intelligent and wonderful to listen to. Definitely a master of the interview game.

  8. @kevinlynch5925 Avatar
  9. @Naz-M Avatar

    How can lex sit there and listen to this nazi?

  10. @Dave_167 Avatar

    The hypocrisy in this viewpoint is in the agenda. When he cries the left does not allow alternative viewpoints to exist he is projecting his conservative dysfunction and hatred of humanity where conservative political accountability does not exist in the extreme view of a future where a dictator rules and billionaires are gods.

  11. @backbeatz5201 Avatar

    I love Lex, but he’s so naive about politicians, and hunter biden.. it hurts my heart that he misses the whole thing with thay

  12. @jje984 Avatar

    Anyone who jumps into the water of the democrat/republican divide in the US, and makes a living doing it, can't possibly be doing the right thing. It's ontologically impossible.

  13. @ritasunarti Avatar

    Uy UT yang tidak bisa wkakakkkak 73 dolar as the wab dan lab Sucofindo original dan hutang piutang yang tidak bisa wkakakkkak 73 ditutup X dengan D 21 kudu apal aing ke Amerika tidak ada yang mau Nerima yang sangat

  14. @JoeBlow-zr2ru Avatar

    Given what the past should have taught us
    It seems incredibly naive to think that any deal made with Putin, will be kept by Putin.
    It's also naive to think that Putin will take any security guarantee seriously.
    As we have seen already, Putin will call the bluff of any such guarantee, and he will be right.

  15. @JoeBlow-zr2ru Avatar

    Shapiro, in trivializing Trump's actions over the classified documents, seems to have conveniently forgotten about defying a subpoena for their return. If I'd done that, I'd have been arrested, but apparently with Trump everything is all good, because "Trump looked at the papers […] and decided to keep them". That's one hell of a detail to sweep under the rug, Ben.

  16. @raven_pheather4509 Avatar

    Yes! White people do you feel you're doing evil? Are you capable of doing good?

  17. @MicahChristiansen-iv3mm Avatar

    bro ben is straight fire he says what we all be thinking

  18. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    After twins being birthed I looked in the mirror down there with total destruction mentally. I’m sorry of your pain. 🙏❤️‍🩹

  19. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    Lex, to say to you in any case is a close your mouth. No respect.

  20. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    For those that love mythology I’m thinking ot narcissus that could leave the forest for his reflection in the pond, sorry he’s a politician.

  21. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    Does this man think a human can be exalted without his beliefs ? He needs to understand other cultures as mine have good and bad and a personality that leads in a narrow culture mind will bring destruction. We are tribes culture and different beliefs. Good? Aristocracy lol

  22. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    I have never ever been the heavy rape, overly push a man into sex but men have primary the dominant everthing. Who’s on welfare .? Females! Who’s raising the children? Who ran? So this man just wants woman to be the sole responsibility unless your a virgin or married. Lol 😅 sorry I’m snarky ❤

  23. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    Thanks Lex, I’ll just refrain from this guy. I’m following you now. I’m a little mouthy hope you don’t mind. ❤

  24. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    Lol he needs education on “Wrapp. I’m actually enjoying how nervous this guy is. I telling my age but wow the lack of culture this guy has experienced on a real level. It hurts .

  25. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    Poor guy doesn’t understand a million apology doesn’t work when your stabbing a persons life without being correct.

  26. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    Didn’t anyone in the 80s have this conversation controlling man in debate? I was amazing in debate and his personality is like trump. He just uses negativity to pull in his angry spirts of peoples pain.

  27. @nail928 Avatar

    I hate this guy Ben

  28. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    I like the beautiful words of calling out hate. We all have it and the relationship between friends is important. It difficult to be friends with people that are extremely black and white thinkers and hypocritical people are the worse. Cookies for those who can love and support these personalities

  29. @lisacox4609 Avatar

    I have to say that this guys voice grates on my nerves so hence I never listen to him. No I’m sure it’s not just his voice. I think his friends help with his true perspective. He is pretty scary.

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