Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Trans Athlete Who Sent a Girl to the Hospital

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41 responses to “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Trans Athlete Who Sent a Girl to the Hospital”

  1. @HiJinx01 Avatar

    2000 years of evolution?

  2. @colinarner790 Avatar

    I would like to announce my run for the Paralympics, I will play basketball but not be in a wheel chair. Or even better cycling on a motorcycle. My body my choice lol

  3. @Rocker6969 Avatar

    planet of scumbags !!

  4. @Bikliy Avatar

    😂😂😂😂 america we let this happen its funny those girls let him play 😂 deal with it you wanted these things.

  5. @Ill_StageTheLastWordForYou Avatar

    Disgraceful. So sick of this crap.

  6. @doriszola8893 Avatar

    will we be seeing trans boxers and wrestlers going for the women's titles?

  7. @Nancy-px7hn Avatar

    To all the men who have the bscks of "resl" biological women like myself my heartfelt thank you.

  8. @mfb6310 Avatar

    I keep seeing the chant that women should just 'refuse' to take on their challenge. Can you imagine what would happen if all athletes – male and female – all around the world just stopped all sports until all institutions created a solution for all that allowed for safe sports and spaces like locker rooms and bathrooms? That'd be amazing!

  9. @mfb6310 Avatar

    Hmm. Let's see..feel free to join in…..Uni-sex Sport or competition the world could agree to compete on, not favoring either gender: Chess, pool, poker, auto-racing, maybe curling, horse racing, spelling bees -wait, no that might be challenged by any/all races not getting private tutoring or race-motivated or -inhibitive institutions, so, forget bees, those now need to stop too…so……… ahh..anything we call all watch and enjoy that is uni-sex, anyone?

  10. @The-Power-Of-Meow Avatar

    One day we'll all wake up from this nightmare and realise it was all a dream …..

  11. @sydmak3828 Avatar

    If I ever meet a man going into a woman washroom identifying himself as a woman and my kids are in there. I will identify myself as a tooth fairy.

  12. @speccwolf Avatar

    did he say 2000 years of evolution lol, alot longer than that.

  13. @justinemery5043 Avatar

    I am a man, when I was a freshman in HS. Our boys practice had like 20mins left and the girls varsity squad was helping us out with drills up to this point. Coach was like scrimmage. Me being dead average basketball player stole the ball from the lead point guard on the girls team 3 times in 20mins playing and we were up by 6 points when practice ended. This is the same girls HS team that had back to back state career wins. I just cannot believe people actually believe transgender sports is ok. Biology is there to prove it not going well for anyone, except the single selfish person claiming to be something they are not. Biology is facts. Your "feelings" are NOT FACTS

  14. @pansysutton4689 Avatar

    That was basically assault. Sickening that society has become so stupid to allow this.

  15. @antoniomarcos5321 Avatar

    This happens a lot more frequently than you think among biological women volleyball players; I've seen many of them hit the ball much harder than that. You're trying to make something out of nothing here.

  16. @mitchellculberson9336 Avatar

    William Thomas is his name.The best way to stop this silliness is to not give them a platform to get their drivel out.Suppressxwhen possible.

  17. @kyshaunsmith154 Avatar

    If im that girls father. I woukdve caused a major scene once i realized what was going on

  18. @stephenyardley4880 Avatar

    Why would a guy, lets face it he's a guy dressed up differently, want to compete against women.
    Something drastically wrong there.

  19. @PaulPerryArgentina Avatar

    A man that competes against women to feel like a winner is a born LOSER!!

  20. @shockkcloudd1852 Avatar

    I have nothing against anyone who is trans but some people are taking things to far, when what you do starts effecting and hurting other people is when it becomes a problem and people are getting hurt, I get that if a person feels they are a woman and they went through the surgery to change their gender that they want to be treated as a woman, I get that but the fact that a trans woman still keeps some things from being born biologically a guy that gives them a huge advantage over biological women should still be taken into consideration, if a trans woman is gonna play sports then it should be male sports and they just respectfully use her pronouns and the entire thing is on a fair playing field or they could make trans sports, trans sport teams play against each other, either solution works. cause this is ridiculous and unfair to biologically born women. Women didn't fight for their rights, some getting beaten and killed in protests to later down the line get fucked over like this.

  21. @josephformelio143 Avatar

    Prime Shaq in the WNBA- laughing at the situation works best for me

  22. @bradsmith9341 Avatar

    Instead of Republicans blocking all ideas,maybe they should work with the democrats to get something done. Think about America instead of yourself for a change.

  23. @Molandria Avatar

    1:28 they already had a UFC man beat up a woman and give her permanent damage… and they didn't stop doing it…. so yes, it will take a death.

  24. @jesuslovesyou9781 Avatar

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have
    everlasting life. John 3:16

  25. @AmonAmarthFan609 Avatar

    You know, I can think of 2 solutions to this issue

    1. If a trans woman wants to play sports, she can play in a man’s league. If she has a issue with that because her competition would increase in difficulty from inferior to equally-matched, then she has horrible sportsmanship and shouldn’t be playing sports in the first place.

    2. This one is less realistic and harder to implement, but theoretically would be less controversial: we can eliminate the concept of absolute gender segregation in sports, and instead, every organized sports league can test the fitness and abilities of each individual athlete that tries out (basically like an NFL scouting combine) before deciding what division they should compete in based on where they rank along the entire spectrum of human athletic ability. Gender doesn’t matter anymore—the only factor considered is everyone’s individual personal skill level, period.

  26. @suizidschlumpf2 Avatar

    i dont get it tho. this can happen to a man as well.
    he doesnt have more muscles in his face than a woman to protect him.

    yes, men are stronger, faster and can jump higher. but this is kinda a bad example for me.

  27. @silverwing4048 Avatar

    Ben Shapiro is a dumbass

  28. @pnutbutrncrackers Avatar

    The only trans issue I'm still contemplating is whether or not to buy the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am down the street.

  29. @jesperwall839 Avatar

    2000 years of evolution? 😂 Try 200000 years 👍

  30. @oibrisimftr9840 Avatar

    what I dont understand is, how come only we as men are against this trans players in women sports. Where are all the feminists? This should have been group of women discussing it.

  31. @patriciavarela578 Avatar

    Funny how we don’t see “transgerder men” taking men’s places on sports 🤔 I wonder why😂😂😂😂

  32. @user-ul3bj3ix9n Avatar

    Every single woman should walk onto the playing field, (what ever the sport) and at the start of the event just walk away. I cannot believe that they have to endure this!!

  33. @robingarvin-mack Avatar

    ???QUESTION???… Do the female teammates of this faux, PSEUDO-FEMALE MAN share their locker/changing rooms and women's toilets & showers with him!!!…???

  34. @rosemariemann1719 Avatar

    – 5 min's 10 :
    They keep laughing !
    This is no
    laughing matter.

  35. @phalanx-it Avatar

    "That's 2000 years of evolution coming at you…." Errr… Estimates do vary, but from between 125,000 to 250,000 years, and that's just homo sapiens, not including any of the other hominids. Still, great clip, and facts might not care about your feelings, but your face sure cares about your facts when it gets smashed by a ball.

  36. @user-cg9lr2ek2w Avatar

    As a guy this is totally unfair to women who have worked so hard for years. They put the effort in for so long, it is messed up. It actually disrespects women. They are great athletes and should be respected, which is not happening.

  37. @diogotranslator Avatar

    2000 years of evolution? missed a couple million years there

  38. @phils6733 Avatar

    I guess all the guys who don’t make the men’s team will just join the women’s team, and we will ultimately have a men’s league and a men’s 2nd league.
    Makes sense!

  39. @carolynjoyner7695 Avatar

    Lea Thomas in no way looks like Michael Phelps. There is no was you could compare the two. Michael is a man, swimming with men and wins. Lea Thomas is a man who wants to be a woman so he can intimidate the woman swim team, because he’s not man enough to swim with or against men and win.

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