Ben Shapiro Debunks Every Feminist Talking Point In 9 Minutes

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A montage of Daily Wire EIC Ben Shapiro systematically debunking every idiotic argument posited by 3rd wave feminists.

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  2. @ek82047 Avatar

    3:09 oh my god 😂😂😂

  3. @RIMIDALVism Avatar

    It's hard to win an argument against a smart person, but it's impossible to win an argument against an idiot! 😂😉

  4. @davidmueller9342 Avatar

    Babies arent the property of others to comment on.

  5. @davidmueller9342 Avatar
  6. @vikassughand5652 Avatar

    Common sense is feminists biggest nightmare

  7. @Tru3_Detective Avatar

    Ben is the modern day Chuck Norris…. but in the real world.

  8. @stevenvialpando8365 Avatar

    I hope Ben Shapiro turns to Jesus Christ. Because he won't be able to debate his way into heaven.

  9. @sherrywhitmore7594 Avatar

    He will be sleeping on the couch with no blanket.

  10. @Duzzzzzz Avatar

    Feminism has embarassed itself so much, tries to indoctrinate youth, is wrong about 99% of things. That blogger talking about her sons is disgusting

  11. @rishikamishra6901 Avatar

    We can all be just 'humanist' and follow humanism. Rather than this masculinism and feminism. We females should try and understand that men are not all like that. This man-hating and telling that women are superior and such and such. And we can also expect the male community to respect these notions and put forward positive masculinity. Let us all become humans for the sole reason of being born with a brain that thinks and functions better than other species on earth. Let us all become humans and leave the toxicity behind.
    I as girl strongly believe that whatever men do, is thoroughly thought-about and given time to (unless they are having any psychological traits in extremes).
    And I don't understand what rights are these feminists talking about. Equal payment in jobs – do the equal jobs and you'll get paid accordingly. Voting rights – wherever there is democracy, women have this right (accept the apology of I'm wrong in facts).
    And Major Vivek Jacob of the Indian Para SF said that women can not urinate and take a shit in public (and this is better understood than said) that's why there are no women in the para forces. And also various other reasons. So I think of we don't take these extreme cases then women are pretty much everywhere given the same rights, the same opportunities, the same platform to educate, perform, flourish themselves just as the men are doing.

    P.s. – No hate speech. Just my honest opinions

  12. @javierjrdeniega2514 Avatar

    This Guy will is a future senator of the USA

  13. @deannesanv8931 Avatar

    Good stuff, but I have one question…

    How do “birth control”pills work? It has been years since I was looking into it, but from what I remember, when a person takes “birth control” pills, conception takes place, but the tiny cell is aborted before it implants in the uterus because of the chemical effect of hardening the lining which does not allow the natural process to continue.

    Is conception the fertilization of the egg or is it implantation? When does life begin? Is it when the egg and sperm join or only when that cell attaches to the lining?

    Personally, I think that using chemical “contraception” is a method of early abortion. Religious, “pro-life” people justify using it, saying it isn’t abortion, but I suspect many of them wouldn’t want to look into it too deeply.

    BTW, I am not Catholic. I align most closely with ancient Jewish tradition and belief.

  14. @inturn23 Avatar

    Dude, it is not a man's job to protect women, period. You don't decide your personal morals on the rest of us men. And women don't need it. That's your own bubble. You go do that.

  15. @bmacster1985 Avatar

    Unfortunately this works with the Bible. The translations. Nkjv verses Old Testament and others

  16. @aaronhuff2813 Avatar

    I love his explanation of the historical meaning of words vs intent. It is one of the primary reasons traditions should be observed, taught, and understood.

  17. @D_A-G Avatar

    I agree in this subject, but I lost respect for this guy after Gaza genocide.

  18. @jackburton9235 Avatar

    Third wave feminism is going to leave a lot of lonely cat ladies in the future.

  19. @Ourlandnotyours Avatar

    Don't send your kids to college in America.

  20. @RilaAudio Avatar

    Americans are uniquely talented at butchering English phrases:

    It's "Err on the side of caution".
    You don't "side on the air of" anything.

  21. @MichaelVance-el5mz Avatar

    There's no such thing as " rape culture"!! I less you mean it being culturally acceptable fr feminists to accuse someone they chose to get with of rape to further the cause of their bullshit narrative!?

  22. @redhammer9910 Avatar

    Feminism is the lie. You cannot build an empire on assumptions, half truths and blatant academic lies and that is all it's ever been.

  23. @mickcollins204 Avatar

    He holds a mirror up to people and lets them see themselves as the rest of the world sees them. They may not like what they see but…that's their personal choice isn't it?

  24. @untouchedsports8296 Avatar

    Condoms or any birth control is way cheaper than kids. People are so fucking stupid. I knew this when I was 13 lol

  25. @MarkVickers-xq9si Avatar

    Man , he said a mouthful .

  26. @fahadasif8257 Avatar

    i mean this chick has taken over the heart of all men and at the same time she has bambooed all women who wanted to Rule over men and now they see them drifting away from WOMAN CONTROL

  27. @mgr001 Avatar

    With a husband like Bill, could you blame Hillary for being anti-male?

  28. @luxyfluxy Avatar

    I’ve never felt victimized “as a woman in the US”. These femenazis keep saying they are targeted as a whole. Individual people, yes. Definitely yes. It happened at one of my jobs. My boss fixed the problem too. But on a national scale, no…

  29. @thatrandomguycommenting1261 Avatar

    White girls have killed more babies than the Nazis. Let that sink in.

  30. @woman2251 Avatar

    I am a woman and I open the door for everyone, men women everyone..
    I think people forgot how to be just nice and human.. without too much talking or terms.. and honestly i don't understand much about feminism or woke or anything actually..
    and I would love to be protected by someone doesn't matter who if I am in I don't see the problem..
    Just be reasonable kind human.

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